Omni-Magician – Chapter 149, Ad Alert

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The warm sunlit the streets as the Star Square buzzed with crowds of people.


People gather at the square to look at the recently completed Iron Swordsman statue with reverence, some wandering poets singing ballads about him and his heroic acts across Stan City spreading his glory to the entire world.


Right then everyone got excited and started chanting: “Iron Swordsman! That’s Iron Swordsman!”


Everyone looked to the direction where the voice came from only to see a whole-body armor suit, Swordsman slowly walking towards the square. Finally getting a glimpse of their reversed savior, more people started crowding around the Star Square. They were split into two different groups, those that we’re excited and others with questions.


“Are you really Iron Swordsman?”


“did you save our Stan City?”


“You are our Hero, please receive my utmost gratitude!”


Iron Swordsman stood firm amongst the crowd, he looked around, slowly moved his hands towards the mask part of his helmet. When all those present saw this, they became breathless in anticipation to see if Iron Swordsman would announce his true identity.


Finally, this was the moment they had all been waiting for.


But what the saw was Iron Swordsman taking of his mouth gear to put on a tall and slender cigarette to his mouth, preparing to take a smoke.


The people nearby saw that and immediately offered: “Iron Swordsman, let me light it for you, here, I got some matches!”


“Ah, wait… wait… let me light it for you, I have with a miniature flame magic scroll. this is one of the most luxury goods that I bought from Diego’s Magic Store!” a man wearing Luxurious clothes stepped upholding a miniature magic scroll. It was not particularly powerful; at most, it can be considered an expensive and luxurious version of a matchstick.


Some more of the citizen came up to Iron Swordsman and offered to light up the cigarette for him.


But all they got was a wave from Iron Swordsman rejecting them, he moved his hand with a rectangular silver thingy appearing in his hand. It was very exquisite; he flipped the cover on top and inside was a strange wheel with a wick at the stop. “kchta”, Iron Swordsman twists the wheel with his thumb, a spark flew over and flame jumped out immediately. Iron Swordsman lit the cigarette and puffed out one satisfied smoky breath.


[What was that?], the crowd thought.


“That… what is that thing? It’s so strange!”


“That certainly is an enchanted item……”


“It must be expensive.”


“This thing is called a magic cigarette lighter, the latest addition to Anthony Magic Cottage of Stardust Avenue right next to City Lord’s Manor!” Iron Swordsman started to speak as he held the magic cigarette lighter for the people to watch, “this is a newly created enchanted item, costs 198 copper coins only…not to mention it’s so cool. What do you say? Come to Anthony’s Magic Cottage and get your own magic cigarette lighter. I am Iron Swordsman, and I vouch for this model of a cigarette lighter, both in quality and price, See you all at Anthony’s Magic Cottage.”


As soon as he said those words, Iron Swordsman cast a transmit scroll and Bang … he vanished into a flash of white light without the trace.




“That… can we really buy that at Anthony’s Magic Cottage?”


“Where is this Anthony’s Magic Cottage? I never heard of it!”


“If this magic store is by City Lord’s Manor then it should certainly be opened by someone with a huge background. I must buy this type of magic cigarette lighter!”


“I can now light up my cigarette with any worries”


“198 copper coins…… less than two Silver Coins, that is an absolute bargain!”


“Oh, do you want to go there now?”


“Of course! we must get there fast. If we end up late the there might not be any left!”


A major part of the crowd at the square started to run toward Anthony Magic Store.




After a moment, in another buzzing block…. This is Stan City’s famous “Shaving Street”, as the name suggests this street specializes in Hair Stylists.


Iron Swordsman’s appearance suddenly causing chaos in the block. All the members in the crowd filled with dirty beards waiting to get a clean cut and shave started to surround him in a swarm and started wishing him, inviting him for parties… for this was none other than Stan City’s very own hero.


This time, Iron Swordsman took out an exquisite cylinder. Which had a thin shield-like thing with many holes all over it… like a net or a sieve. After that Iron Swordsman pressed some switch and the thing started to make a buzzing sound. Iron Swordsman opened the mouth part of the helmet and started to shave his face.


Once he finished shaving, he held this exquisite equipment for everyone to see.


“The thing is called the magic razor, it can let you shave or trim your beard anytime anywhere, no man needs to be worried about how he looks anymore. If you want one, then you can buy it at Anthony’s Magic Store on the Stars Avenue right next to the City Lord’s Manor. As an introduction special this magic creation can be yours for 1998 copper coins only. Not to mention it is convenient, easy to use and gives you the look you want. Hurry up while the stock lasts. I, Iron-Swordsman stand by as a guarantee for the magic razor’s quality and price.”


As soon as he said those words, Iron Swordsman cast a transmit scroll and Bang … he vanished into a flash of white light without the trace.




After a moment, in a luxurious high-end restaurant.


“This thing is called the magic watch, it will let you know the time every time anywhere, look, now it is 11:03 and 12 seconds. Now you will be on time every time and do what you need to do and need not worry about getting late. You can buy this at Anthony’s Magic Cottage on the Stars Avenue next to City Lord’s Manor. You can buy this magic creation only for 1998 copper coins. This is the symbol of luxury and elegance, perfect for the men and women of status and for those that value punctuality. Please visit Anthony Brand magic watch, I, Iron Swordsman vouch for this model of magic watch, both in quality and price.”




Iron-Swordsman spent the entire day promoting enchanted items from Anthony’s Magic Cottage all over the city.


The usually empty Anthony’s Magic Cottage was filled with people to the point where there was no place for air to move. The Boss, Debbie, and the temporary helper, Vivian, were busy at work to the point of death. Debbie was a food-crazed maniac. She would never forget to miss her meals. The only thing that could possibly distract her was money. It could be said the miracle of her forgetting her meal right now was a testament to the Iron Swordsman’s famous reputation.


Finally, at 10o’ clock in the night and the magic store closed. Debbie brought the money box with her hugging it to the table. She slurped noodles away as she looked at the money, she got from today’s sales…from selling 149 cigarettes lighter, 67 razors, 19 watches, 46 flashlights… a total income of 21 gold coins!


That was 15 gold coins after removing Dwarf Dov’s commission and materials for making all the enchanted items.


15 gold coins!…. that is a huge sum of money for any ordinary family to have in this day and age…


Debbie’s entire face started glowing with vitality… as the future was looking brighter and life would be so much sweater. 


“don’t forget Iron Swordsman’s fee for advertising.” Ye Chui poured cold water on Debbie’s excitement as he reached out his hand. Although he is the Iron-Swordsman, he was also the one who created the enchantments on these products. Yet, he could not possibly bring himself to ask for money, enchanting. So, he can only ask of the money for Iron-Swordsman.


Debbie wrinkled her brows immediately: “Will not pay!”


Ye Chui: “Debbie, how can you say that he helped us so……”


“He looked at me when I was vulnerable, so I have yet to settle that matter with him!” Debbie was holding a money box, “this is the payment for the trauma he caused to me!”


Ye Chui: “……”


[one of life’s misfortune is to have a greedy wife… that saying must be true…] Ye Chui thought, knowing full well that it was useless to rebut. 


[Let go of the negative energy… take in positive energy…. Be happy with what you have, and you will be happy….] 



Alfea walked in just then with a jubilant face: “Debbie, you are rewarded for the fight in the beast tide for killing 304 magic beasts, each magic beast is worth ten gold coins. So that makes your reward obtain 3040 gold coins. I brought the amount to you.”


Debbie opened her mouth so wide that it seemed as though it was about to tear apart and she stared at Ye Chui with an eye as though they were ready to pop out. She forgot the breath to the point where she was about to faint.



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