Omni-Magician – Chapter 151, This baby must drink the milk!

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As far as Ye Chui was concerned, the Dragon Egg was nothing but a ticking time bomb.


Once the Dragon Egg hatches and the Dragon Baby is born, the Servant Contract that the Snow Dragon cast will be complete, and he will become the Dragon Baby’s slave until he dies.


He tried various methods to avoid that result since he returned to Stan City… even destroying the Dragon Egg.


But under the restrictions of the Servant contract, the moment he thought of doing such a thing, he experienced soul-piercing pain.


Even if he wanted to ask for help from others, the Servant Contract would prevent him from exposing this secret; as doing so would endanger the life of the unborn Dragon. One should remember that a Dragon is a paragon existence in this world and one would go to any length to get their hands on such a treasure trove.


The only way left is to either break the Servant Contract or modify the Servant Contract reversing the positions of Master and Slave.


Every time Ye Cui had any little time on hand, he would study the Dragon Language with diligence. Although his method is as difficult as it would be to read an English article using English Dictionary, it still increased his understanding of Dragon Language Magic. In the past, ten or so days Ye Chui had gained a certain amount of understanding of how the Servant Contract worked.


There is similar Magic in the Aigen-Dazs Continent. Those come in the forms of Contract Magic like those used in Master Disciple Contract, Slave Master Contract and etc. Although the Servant Contract is executed with Dragon Magic, Ye Chui is confident that with enough time and resources he can crack the Magic Contract.


But… the dragon egg was starting to crack open…


Ye Chui was shocked… [Why the hell did it have to be now!]


Initially, he thought that he still had around a year of time before it started to crack…


Legend has it that a Dragon Egg needed anywhere between a Decade to some Hundreds of years to crack before a Dragon was to be born… right?


Why is it only ten days now!?


[What kind of Divine Beast are you… to only taking 20 days to hatch!?]


With a slight movement of his hand, the Dragon Egg appeared, which Ye Chui held with both hands. He can feel the egg tremble with life and on the egg’s surface was a slight crack.


And in Ye Chui’s Mind appeared an intense desire to submit to this Dragon Egg.


Just imagine, once this Dragon was born, Ye Chui will no longer have is freedom and will end up being a pitiful slave.


This is an outcome that Ye Chui is not willing to even imagine.


[I must destroy this Servant Contract right now!] Ye Chui forced all his spirit power towards breaking the contract, even though he was exhausted due to his research all night, he knew better than to keep procrastinating in a crucial moment as this….]


[Destroying the contract as of now is impossible, that leaves the only option is to control the chains that are linking my neck on one end and the Dragon Baby’s wrist] Ye Chui was able to deduce the issue at hand to a certain extent.


Unless… unless the Dragon Baby were to voluntarily gave up…


Ka! (insert Cracking sound)




More and more cracks started to appear on the Dragon Egg and an inexplicable aura started to spread from the Dragon Egg.


Ye Chui in the center of the courtyard with sweat sliding down the forehead … this was the most intense moment of his life after rebirth.


“Huh?” Debbie, who came back from outside along with Vivian, “Hammer, what are you doing out here so early in the morning instead of sleeping? … what is that in your hand?”


How could Ye Chui say anything right now?


It is almost a ritual for Vivian to wake up early and jog, and because of some ‘unknown’ reason, Debbie had started to go for a jog along with Vivian and jog. And after her jog she would practice her Sword Skills with her Great Sword and come back. But today by the time she came back, what greeted her was Ye Chui who stood dumbly in the courtyard holding an egg. To top that off, he would not even reply when she called so the two of them went close to him.


“Hammer…. What kind of egg is this …? Is it going to hatch!” Debbie exclaimed.


“Is it a Chicken Egg?” Vivian asked naively.


“Vivial, you dummy… how can a chicken egg be so big…?” Debbie corrected Vivian, “It must be an ostrich egg of legends.” She looked at Ye Chui, “Hey Hammer, where did you get this ostrich egg from?”


Ye Chui: “……”


During the time that conversation was over the entire eggshell was filled with far more cracks to the point that the whole egg was covered in dense cracks… ka… the top of the eggshell fell to the ground… toot… came out a plump and pink arm … it was eerily like a human hand but it only had four small fingers…


As the arm stretched out the eggshell rustled as more and more broken pieces started to fall revealing the Divine Beast inside to appear.


This Divine Beast was Fat with four small protruding parts, which are its limbs… and on its back were two wings tucked in which looked like chicken wings. It was very much similar to the Snow Dragon Beast with similar chicken wings… but with smoother skin with no scales whatsoever and its face was not fierce at all, to be frank, it did not even look like that of any magic beast or any animal that Ye Chui or Debbie have ever seen. The only thing anyone could say about this thing is that… ‘it’s soo cute!’


On its forehead was a patch of black hair… which only accentuated its cuteness.


This combined with its plump plushy body… this is the epitome of cuteness… Debbie and Vivian’s eyes shone brightly: “What is this Hammer? It is so cute!”


Ye Chui: “……”


Right now, Ye Chui’s spirit has been stretched to breaking point. In his hands held was not a small house pet, but instead, his master… 


“Gu Ji?” the cute little sprout in Ye Chui’s hands raised its head to look at Ye Chui as if he could feel a familiar aura coming from Ye Chui. Though it knew nothing, this pleasant feeling made it comfortable enough to lazily stretched its waist.”


It had been trapped in the egg and had to spend time alone in it like a prison. After being in it for so long, it was exhausted when he attempted to break out. 


The little creature’s attention was soon caught by all the broken eggshells on the ground and intense urge to eat them came over it.


That was the instincts of the Snow Dragon Beast droned inside its mind. Those broken shells were part of the Dragon Egg, and are far from ordinary. They contained the knowledge and the completion of the slave contract, that would be implanted to the baby dragon once it has been consumed. Furthermore, the instincts that the little one is experiencing now is something that the Snow Dragon left it before she gave the dragon egg to Ye Chui. Since she knew her time was up, she had a backup plan to deliver all necessary knowledge to its baby; till it became strong enough to protect itself.


The Dragon Baby moved over to the eggshells, and it cast a loathsome look at these things. In its mind, he thought with disgust, [I am a baby, why must a baby like me eat something so hard?]


Its small hands pick up a piece of the debris and were prepared to eat it…


But, it suddenly noticed Vivian and Debbie… the pair of chubby big eyes were locked on to Vivian’s ‘body’ for God knows why, along with a sudden strong urge. Now, all it wanted to do was to rush forward and plant itself between those great holy mountains


So, it dropped the Dragon Egg fragment in its hands.


It gave up …


[You gave up?! What?!]


Ye Chui’s whole body was drenched in a layer of cold sweat and suddenly he got a pleasant surprise. Once the baby dragon lets go of the egg fragment, the illusionary lock on his neck was released as well!


The Servant Contract was released just like that!


It has only been a few minutes since the Dragon Baby was born and the way it thought was simple: [If I give up, I give up]. Although this kind of thinking was simple, it also had its merits. A simple thought like that is powerful when combined with emotions. It was at this point, where once its decision was made, Ye Chui was free.


Ye Chui relaxed, the Servant Contract was a Dragon Language Array. Even though it no longer exists, it was present between him at the Dragon Baby for a short while and Ye Chui cannot help but think: “If I can reverse this array and establish one between me and the Dragon Baby, then the Dragon baby would be my servant this time!?”


[The Dragon Language Array looked very much like the Master Disciple Contract scroll. If I research that scroll then I might be able to deduce how to make the Servant Contract that the Snow Dragon had established.]


With that thought in mind, Ye Chui took the end of the illusory chain and put it on his wrist and took the other and tried to lock it on to the Dragon Baby’s neck.


However, for a contract to establish both parties must agree on it.


The same would apply for the Servant Contract unless the one establishing has a huge advantage in power level and force the other party into submission, but Ye Chui was not powerful enough to force the Dragon Baby into submission. So, he had to make the baby take the shackles willingly


This so-called consent should come from deep within the heart…


If Ye Chui failed the first time, then the illusory chains would dissipate…


Suddenly, the other end of the chain locked on the Dragon Baby’s neck by accident!


Meanwhile, the call from Dragon Baby echoed in his heart.


I want milk!


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