Omni-Magician – Chapter 152, What Kind of a Divine Beast

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


[What…] Ye Chui felt like an eternity has passed when he was under the Slave Contract, attempting to re-form the Contract. Though, in reality, only a few seconds have passed. 


As of now, Ye Chui was completely drenched in cold sweat and he was standing still, staring at the merry little chicken winged porky. Yet, neither of Debbie and Vivian even noticed any of the changes in Ye Chui’s expression. Well… why would they concern themselves with Ye Chui when their attention was fully consumed by the Little Baby Dragon. It was only after a while, that Debbie noticed his condition. However, her first thought concerning his appearance was that the boy was so concerned about the hatching that he was overwhelmed with anxiety.


Debbie: [Such a caring guy!] 


“Gu Ji Gu Ji!” the Dragon Baby kept jumping up and down in front of Ye Chui spreading his tiny hands towards Vivian and looking at Ye Chui occasionally. Although it was not clear as to what the Dragon Baby as saying because of the slave contract that Ye Chui had with the Dragon baby, he was able to understand what the Dragon Baby was feeling and could barely make out what it was saying, [This baby wants milk, give me milk!]


“Boss, what is it?” Vivian asked Ye Chui when she saw the strange look that Ye Chui was giving, and the reason that she called Ye Chui Boss was that Debbie told her to.


Ye Chui’s head was still muddled because of all the commotion with the Slave Contract being lifted and it being reestablished in reverse, does that not mean that this Dragon Baby was an idiot.


Ye Chui understood what the Dragon Baby was saying when Ye Chui saw what the Dragon Baby was pointing at. It was none other than the magnificent and grand bosom. He knew what this dragon baby wanted from this pair of gifts from heaven; he wanted MILK!


What happened was pure coincidence. The Dragon Baby was very hungry the moment he was born. It was then, that he was supposed to eat the eggshell fragments. Reluctant to eat it, and having an alternative ‘juggling’ at the corner of his eyes, he quickly gave up eating the eggshell. It was at the moment he gave up, that broke the Servant Contract. Meanwhile, the moment he decided to eat, which helped Ye Chui reestablish the Slave Contract.


Right now, Ye Chui felt like Vivian was his savior who saved him from the clutches of slavery.


“Hammer, what is it?” Debbie asked Ye Chui anxiously.


“The baby wants milk…” Ye Chui said with a bit of shame.


What Debbie said next shocked him even more: “Let me.”


[WTF… when did she…] his muddled head started to get a seizure because of how confidently Debbie spoke. Though it was not what he expected as the very next moment, he saw Debbie run to the kitchen and reappear with a bowl of milk in her hand which she placed near the Dragon Baby to drink.


Truthfully speaking, Debbie hated milk. But after she listened to how Vivian was brought up in the church after she was adopted and that she always had to drink milk every day, she went to the market and bought two barrels of milk and kept them in the magic refrigerator.


Dragon Baby kept staring at Vivian’s chest even after the milk was placed in front of him grumbling all the while, as if to say, “This baby does not want this milk…” but after a while, he could not resist drinking the fragrant milk ‘reluctantly’.


Dragon Baby let out a satisfied burp and pat his stomach with content sitting on Ye Chui’s palms once he drank the entire milk in the large bowl within a single breath of time. Ye Chui could not wrap his head around what was happening [You were complaining about how you wanted to suckle milk from Vivian and now drank the whole bowl of milk the moment he is put in front of you… what kind of…]


“Hammer, what kind of baby is it? Where did you get this cutie from?” Debbie asked as she stood by looking at the lovable thing Ye Chui was holding.


“This…” Ye Chui thought rapidly and answered in a hurry, “the person that sold the egg to me said that they found it during the beast tide, so he should be some sort of Magic Beast. Well, I thought I could buy him, so I paid 10 Copper Coins to buy him.”


“Ten Copper Coins?” Debbie was surprised then she pats him on the shoulder, “Hammer, you have become so smart!”


Ye Chui: “……”


[How did I become smart… how can I say that I bought him for 10 Gold Coins when my pitiful pocket money is only 10 Copper Coins…]


For the scrooge Debbie, the act of Ye Chui buying the egg for such a small amount was like a dream come true as she no longer needs to worry about Ye Chui’s ‘survival’ in this world, on the contrary, Vivian did not even understand the concept of money yet.

(Satya: Speak of all the hardships Debbie has to go through… just when she thought she had straightened Hammer out, she has to teach Vivian of the value of money…ahh.. life is so unfair.)


Vivian looked at Ye Chui with big puppy eyes pleading as she reached out with her hands: “Boss, can I hold him?”


“umm… alright, here you go.” Ye Chui smiled and gave the little thing to Vivian. After all, the little thing had been clamoring in his mind to allow him to go onto her bosom; as though it was a haven.


Ye Chui: “……”


For some reason, he felt a tiny bit of jealous.


“Let me hold him, come on!”, Debbie said with a look of joy.


However, the Dragon Baby turned and looked down at Debbie’s flat chest and turned his face away, as if to say,  [How can this baby let a milkless person hold him!]


Debbie: “……”


Understanding her pain, or at least, pitying her, Ye Chui places his hand on Debbie’s shoulders to comfort her. It was at this moment when Ye Chui noticed that this Dragon Baby appeared to be nothing special. He rubbed his eyes if what he was seeing was real. The fact was that this baby did not even have the aura of an ordinary low tier Magic Beast let alone the aura of a Dragon Beast, which caused him to feel like any other normal beast.


Does that mean that this thing did not inherit the purest Dragon Blood?!


Was the Snow Beast mistaken?


Well, looking at how things thing acts, it could be that he had not matured completely before he hatched.


As Ye Chui kept going in this line of thought, he noticed the Dragon Eggshells, cleaned it up and conveniently stored them in the space ring.


That was when he heard Debbie say with concern: “Hammer, go and take a bath. You will catch a cold if you stay drenched in cold sweat for long.”


Ye Chui looked at the ‘Divine Beast’ that was snuggling in Vivian’s bosom and tried to sense any magical fluctuations from him only to find out that there was no sign of him being a Divine Beast. He felt relieved that no one would connect this plump thing to any Divine Beast.


Although he could not understand why this Dragon Baby had not developed to becoming a Dragon, it works out well as his identity would not be discovered any time soon. Afterall, this world was strange. There were occasions where Magic Beasts would breed with ordinary animals. The offspring would normally turn out to be ordinary animals as well. These offspring would have a stranger appearance, which made them to be exotic pets that the nobles and the wealthy families would keep. So, this Dragon Baby would not be easily suspected.


Thinking up to here, he nodded inwardly and said: “I will take a bath and go to sleep… I barely slept last night.” 


He as tired as a dog, because he was working all night on the Holy Bible and then he had spent all his Spirit Power trying to break the Servant Contract to the point that he was about to faint.


Then, he walked towards the bathroom and when he reached the door, he turned back to see the Dragon Baby clutching Vivian’s shirt to the point tearing as if he was making every effort to stay out of the clutches of ‘sinister’ Debbie….


Ye Chui entered the bathroom after he had his feast for the eyes.


It was noon by the time Ye Chui woke up in his room after taking his much-needed shower.

Rubbing his head Ye Chui went down to the dining where he saw Debbie and Alfea were feasting on the freshly prepared meal in accordance with Vivian’s Special ‘Abundance Diet’. While Vivian was somewhere else, looking after the shop most probably, and the Dragon Baby was sitting listlessly on the table with a bruise on his forehead and a mess of a hair in the place of his original princely hairstyle.


Dragon Baby looked at Ye Chui as if he was wronged and now that Ye Chui was the master, he wanted Ye Chui to take revenge for his suffering!


Ye Chui shocked: “How did that happen?”


“I don’t know why but when the baby saw the pet chihuahua that came in this morning along with some noble Woman they both started to fight…” Debbie answered while she ate the vegetable soup.


When Ye Chui heard that there was a chihuahua in this world and that it was similar to the one from his previous world, he was surprised. It was considered to be a pet for the super-rich in Stans City, but if it died he did not know how much he would have to pay for it.


Ye Chui asked with concern: “And then?”


“Baby lost…”


Debbie facepalmed with shame.


Ye Chui: “……”


It took him some time to understand what Debbie said and looked at the Dragon Baby with disbelief.


[How in this world could a Divine Beast with Dragon Blood lose a fight to freaking Chihuahua? All the face that the Great Dragon Clan had, was lost by you… just how the hell are you a being born from the lineage with the Great Dragon Blood?]



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