Omni-Magician – Chapter 153, The Mysterious Woman Walking the Golden Road

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


“Gu Ji, Gu Ji…” the Dragon Baby cried out as he looked to Ye Chui, pleading his master to avenge him.


[Not only do you lose a fight against a chihuahua like trash… you want me to ‘avenge’ you to vent your anger? You might not care for your Dragon Pride, but I cannot abandon my face as a human!]


[How I wish I can meet this Great Dragon ancestor of this lousy pig… He was waiting to see the terrifying Dragon of a pet of his and how awe-inspiring it would be to have him by his side, only to see this… this… to think that I would have been a slave to this thing…]


It was only thanks to Vivian’s developed assets and her timely presence that he was able to escape and reverse the Slave Contract. Just when he thought that he had gotten an almighty Dragon as his steed, it turned out that all he got was a being worse than that of a pathetic Chihuahua.


[Pay me for the emotional trauma you caused!]


All Ye Chui could do to this piglet is to huff and puff around… he could not even bother to voice his thoughts out.


Debbie comforted Ye Chui: “Hammer, a loss is a loss. That chihuahua is expensive, so it is best you do not think of revenge.”


Ye Chui: “……”


[Revenge?… What revenge are you talking about? A chihuahua trashed this ‘dragon’ and you expect me to take revenge for him? Why would I want to lose face for this thing?]


As the conversation started heating up Alfea ran inside and came to a sudden stop inside the hall, and what greeted her eyes was the sobbing face of the Dragon Babysitting on the table. Alfea was surprised and said pointing at Dragon Baby: “What happened!?”


Ye Chui was surprised the Alfea appeared now of all timing. He grew concerned about the Dragon Baby’s identity once more. Though Debbie and Vivian could not identify him, Alfea was different. She was the daughter of the City Lord so it was possible that she was more knowledgeable. It was especially her surprised yell, which led him to suspect that part of the Dragon Baby’s identity has been compromised. If anything else, Ye Chui must find a way to hide the Dragon Baby’s identity right now!


But before he could say anything Alfea rushed to the table with a pleasant surprise: “Waa… it is so cute!”


She held the Dragon Baby in her arms as she said that.


The tear ridden face of the Dragon Baby turned to that of extreme happiness once he was close to Alfea’s bosom and started to rub his head against ‘them’ 


Dragon Baby: [this baby is happy].


Ye Chui gawked. He was expecting Alfea to have discovered the identity of this Dragon Baby but it turned out that her explosive reaction was due to him being cute.


Though, the fact was, Ye Chui, need not be worried at all. Many ordinary Magic Beast would develop features that resemble Dragons. Even for Great Dragons, which are also known as Dragon Beast, Dragon Beast male offspring would have a different appearance from their ancestors. Therefore, their identity is not discernible.


There is no way of telling what kind of Magical Beast this Dragon Baby is by looks. One could only identify it as a Dragon by its aura.


It is a pity that the baby did not eat the nutritious eggshells, and because of that it is lacking in strength and neither did it develop any aura.


No matter how you look at it, it looked like a common Magic Beast at best.


Ye Chui felt a burst of anger when he saw the kind of treatment this perverted piglet was getting.


Not to mention the ‘potential’ that Debbie had was still a mystery.

(Silavin: That’s what he hopes)


“It is so cute, what kind of Magic Beast is it?” Alfea’s face was lit up with happiness when the Dragon Baby started to cuddle her.


“We don’t know either. Hammer bought it for 10 Copper Coins from someone who found his egg during the Magic Beast Tide and this is what hatched out of the egg.” Debbie answered.


“10 Copper Coins?” Alfea gawked and looked at Ye Chui with admiration, “Hammer! You have finally become worthy of being Debbie’s man.”


Debbie was filled with pride.


Ye Chui’s jaw dropped. [WTF kind of logic is that?]


Then he looked at Alfea with suspicion: “Talking about that… what made you rush here in such a hurry? It surely is not just to have lunch, right?”


“Oh… Yes… I almost forgot about it.” Alfea suddenly remembered something as started to speak with seriousness, “Mr. Booth wanted me to tell you to meet them at the South Gate. Father will also there with him.”


Ye Chui was taken aback: “What happened?”


“Do you remember me telling you about the Magician that the Mattan Empire’s Royal family had dispatched to escort Mr. Booth for him to register at the Central Magic Council? That Magician is going to arrive at Stan City today and Mr. Booth and the others are awaiting the Magician’s arrival at the South Gate.” Alfea said in a hurry, “We can’t delay anymore… hurry up and come with me.”


This was a serious issue, so she wanted to leave Dragon Baby and put it down, but it made every effort to hold on to Alfea’s collar…


Debbie, on the other hand, was furious: [Why don’t you play with me!]


“Ok then let’s go there together.” Ye Chui beads of sweat started to roll down his forehead, while he took a dry bread before him, Debbie and Alfea left Anthony’s Magic Cottage in a hurry.


Alfea kept explaining about the Magician who was coming here.


Evidently, this Magician was a genius rarely seen in the Mattan Empire who reached the peak of Level 9 and is especially skilled in Fire and Lightning Magic and to top that off, she is also someone who has the highest chance of entering the Specialist Realm just like how Booth had. The only difference then would be that she would be specializing in Fire and Lightning instead of Space Magic.


Of the seven Primary Elements of Magic Space specializes in defense and transmission, Water is good at camouflage, Wind excels at speed, Earth is best for Physical Defense, Light is good for healing, while Electricity/Lightning and Fire are best for Offence so in that way, this Level 9 Magician who excels in both Fire and Lightning Magic. The image of her was that of a savage.


By the time Ye Chui and others arrived at the South Gate, all the major players in Stan City were standing there ready to greet the Magician from the capital. And at the front of the group were Booth, City Lord Eric, Swordsmen Guild Master Dunson, and Magician Basgen, and as soon as Ye Chui and others arrived at the gate, they joined went to stand by Booth’s side.


Booth stood there in his white robes, skinny and old yet filled with vibrancy, the only way to describe him would be as Gandalf the White. When he saw Ye Chui arrive his face was filled with a warm smile: “Hammer, you’ve come…ah… did you understand the concept regarding the Space Magic you’ve asked me about?”


“Yes, I’ve understood them, but there are some other issues that I wanted to talk to you about.” Ye Chui said with a smile. Although Booth was a very good teacher, he did not enact the Master Student contract as he did not want to stifle Ye Chui’s growth and he also knew the ambitions of his student of mastering the seven types of magic. Although it seemed to be over-ambitious of his student, he still believed in Ye Chui that he would achieve mastery over all kinds of magic.


While Ye Chui and Booth were discussing with passion about Magic and Magic Theory, Basgen Arcaz who stood to the side was looking at Ye Chui with envy and hatred.


“Oh yeah, teacher, who is this Magician coming to escort you to capital?” Ye Chui asked.


“Ha Ha, she is one of the most prominent geniuses in the entire Mattan Empire and she would turn 18 this year and a Dual Element Level 9 Magician.” Booth kept praising the other person with a face full of admiration, “I did not think they would send her here to be my bodyguard. She was actually dispatched to help us with the beast tide, and if she reached in time then the beast tide would not have been an issue at all.”


“So powerful?” Ye Chui was surprised.


“Fire and Lightning are the strongest elements in offensive capabilities that even I’m not confident in facing her head-on.” Booth said with a smile and then he frowned looking towards the south road, “she should have been here by now though. She was sent here through the Empire’s Teleportation Portal to the nearest City. I wonder what could have happened?”


Just when Booth finished his words… boom… a huge explosion was heard from the woods and everyone turned vigilant and prepared to fight any Fierce Beasts that would attack. What they saw was that a golden path was carved out in the woods by an intense fire that burned all the trees which were previously frozen by the winter winds in its path and hot wind gushed through towards them.


Booth was preparing a Space Defense Spell, but no Fierce Beast appeared. Only a human shadow appeared in the path ablaze with Fire.


The figure slowly walked closed along the burning road… who turned out to be a girl with golden hair wearing a Blue Magician’s Robe.


This girl looked about 18 years of age but wore few clothes as if the cold winter was of no consequence to her, her physique slender and her eyes ice-cold and her vision unfocused as if the world was not worthy of her seeing it.


Her appearance made anyone who saw her shocked.


On the other hand, this kind of temperament made Dunson clench his teeth while Eric and the others were filled with resentment thinking that she was intentionally provoking Stan City.


Booth gave a wry smile and tried to explain: “Everyone, please do not mind her… she has some issued with her eyes and could not see well, she might have been lost in the forest because of that and she made a road straight to here… that is how she is.”


By the time Booth finished giving his explanation, the young girl Magician arrived near them and faced a tree by the side and said: “Hello Mr. Booth, with me protecting you, let’s see just who can hurt you.”




Booth coughed: “Miss Dawkins, I’m here.”


This mysterious Magician’s name is Dawkins.



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