Omni-Magician – Chapter 154, Baby’s Paradise!

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All the big shots present would have burst into laughter if they haven’t seen the young lady’s power and what Booth had just told them, not to mention that when she was startled by Booth’s voice, she turned around and reduced the tree into ashes with a flick of the wand.


Then she changed the topic, “There… it’s finished. You can thank me later for removing all the trees blocking the road!”



Which road? That tree was two meters away from the road… how the hell did that become the middle of the road?


Ye Chui shivered when he saw that this young lady was heading towards him, not just because of what Booth said earlier but also because he witnessed the fate of that tree. Since he was reluctant to follow the footsteps of that giant tree he slowly hid behind Booth.


Booth let out a nervous chuckle and stepped in front of Dawkins: “Miss Dawkins, it has only been a short few months and yet you have improved so much.”


“Mr. Booth, congratulations on entering the Specialist Realm.” Dawkins spoke to Booth while she looked intently at the two buttons on the white magician’s robe, “King Brandon sends his regards and deemed you to be the Empires pride.”


“Oh… I thank his highnesses for his praise.” Booth was obviously perspiring while he replied and sweat dripped down his forehead.


Eric finally chose to speak: “Miss Dawkins, I am the City Lord of Stan City. Welcome to Stan City. Please follow me to the City Lord’s Manor to rest, and accept the banquet we prepared for you.”


“Thank you, City Lord Eric.” Dawkins turned and headed out towards Ye Chui who stood behind Booth.


Ye Chui: “… You are Welcome?!.”


Eric: “……”


Afterward, all those present encircled the little lass as they escorted her to the City Lord’s Manor. Naturally, none of them saw their actions as an exaggeration. After they saw what she did. Eric especially was worried that she might have mistaken something in the city and on ‘accident’, destroyed a part of the city.


As they walked down the road Ye Chui sized Dawkins up and came to a similar conclusion that this Dawkins was a cruel person and that it combined with her near-sightedness adds to savagery and makes her even more dangerous.


Those who saw Dawkin’s prowess previously started to discuss in whispers as they walked. They were both in shock of power but at the same time, flabbergasted by her unreliable, or destructive actions.


[What kind of enmity does teacher have with the Royal family for them to have sent such a blind person to protect him on his way?] several doubts started to take shape in Ye Chui’s heart, especially since all this seemed to have been deliberately done to sabotage Booth’s return to the capital.


on the other hand, Booth was cordially discussing Magic Theory with Dawkins, and apparently, the young lady was the one with more knowledge. If it were not for her nearsightedness, then Miss Dawkins would have been far more inspiring than Booth or Basgen.


Ye Chui was reluctant to attend the banquet at the City Lord’s Manor as he was not willing to be around someone as unpredictable as Miss Dawson. Once they arrived at the City Lord’s Manor when he was about to say his goodbyes to Booth and the City Lord, “Gu Ji”, the Dragon Baby that was happily settled in Alfea’s bosoms rushed into Dawson’s great peaks and started groping and cuddling them…


even though Dawkins’ assets can’t compare to those of Vivian, they are definitely more mature than what Alfea has. Not to mention, Alfea was wearing thick winter clothes while Dawkins was wearing a skintight sensual summer dress. Enveloped by the twin peaks, the baby dragon expressed a look as though it was in heaven.


Cold sweat ran on Ye Chui’s back: “… get back here! You don’t even know who’s chest it is before acting like a pervert”


Dragon Baby was feeling rather comfortable at his new ‘home’ [This baby will stay and play here forever; I would rather die than return to you!]


Everyone that arrived along with Ye Chui did notice the Dragon Baby that Alfea was carrying in her bosom but did not care much about it as it did not have any sort of imposing aura to it. They just took him as it was not unheard of in Stan City to have similar Magic Pets. Never did they think that this thing would rush ahead and start groping Dawkins.


This action of the porky took everyone by surprise, and they all started to sweat.


Ye Chui’s heart tightened with anxiety. Although this little porky was not the dragon, he had hoped to get from the egg, he still had a soft spot for it and was not ready to see him turned into ashes by the young girl.


To Ye Chui’s surprise Dawkins who was initially startled by Dragon Baby’s impact looked down for a while as she held porky with her hands and observed him, then she smiled: “Waa… so cute, I have never seen such a cute dog before!”




Dragon Baby waved its arms in protest: [This baby is a Great Dragon!]


Apparently, the Dragon Baby did not learn humility even after its defeat to a chihuahua. Ye Chui stepped in front of Dawkins: “Your nearsightedness… I mean, Miss Dawkins, I am so sorry, this is my magic pet.”


“It is so cute… how about it eats lunch with us?” Dawkins asked turning to look at Alfea.


Ye Chui’s forehead was covered in sweat when he noticed that the little piglet was relentlessly squeezing itself into Dawkins’s bosoms to the point that only its butt was visible. As if that weren’t enough it started to wag its pig-like tail as if it could feel Ye Chui eyes looking at it. 


[If this baby dies, it must die here!]


In the end, Ye Chui nodded helplessly agreeing with Dawkins: “Fine then…”


The banquet at the City Lord’s house was exquisite. How could it not be considering whom it was for, the super genius of the Mattan Empire, the Dual Element Level 9 Magician Someone whom even the Specialist Realm Powerhouse like Booth might not match up to. Naturally, Miss Dawkins sat at the seat of honor in the grand dining hall where the guests were served with a constant flow of top-class delicacies cooked by the best Chefs in Stan City.


Many commendable personalities of Stan City were present at the banquet too, like City Lord Eric, Swordsmen Guild Master Dunson, Booth, several rich and noble rich clans’ heads; key players in the Magician Guild like Basgen and other prominent persons like Ye Chui, Alfea, Balmain. All of them were sat at the table as well.


Those that came along with these big shots but did not have the qualifications to sit at the table like Arcaz, were made to sit to the side of the hall. Arcaz’s gaze was filled with envy when he saw the people who sat at the table, especially when he saw that Ye Chui had the qualifications to sit at the main table. For someone who did not even take part in the Beast Tide was considered eligible, while he was not. Just thinking of it made him go mad.


Not every big shot was present at the banquet. The Magician’s Guild Master Oupu and Bishop Faria were two of those people while Alfea chose not to invite Debbie and Vivian since they had to take care of the business, even though she wanted to.


Ye Chui could understand Bishop Faria not being here, but Oupu should have attended the banquet, right?


“How come Oupu did not come?” Ye Chui asked Alfea who sat by his side.


“Ever since Dunson killed his son, he had not come out of his house after the Beast Tide attacked. Ever since then everything in the Magician’s Guild was taken care of by Mr. Basgen. When we went to invite Oupu to the banquet he rejected it harshly.” Alfea said in a low was, and then she said to Ye Chui seriously, “Hammer, although it was Dunson who killed Oberth, I feel like Oupu would take that anger on you are given a chance. Father said that when he met Oupu he was cursing you and accusing you of Oberth’s death.”


“Stop worrying, I’ll be careful.” Ye Chui smiled with confidence. Ye Chui was never the one to initiate the problem. Either way, Oberth was the one to provoke him, then he bribed and framed Debbie, which Ye Chui had yet to settle that score with.


After a little while the banquet had officially begun, and according to common practice and the fact that the guest of honor Dawkins was a prodigy in magic, her and Booth should be having an enlightening discussion about magic theory and the latest topics in the Empire which would have helped talented Magicians present like Basgen, but what happened was completely out of their expectations.


It seemed like Dawkins was not the star of this banquet, but the fat piglet of a ‘Dragon Baby’ playing in her bosom.


The little piglet would point at any dish that caught its eyes with its plump arms and Dawkins would tell the servants to bring it to her. She would then proceed to feed the dishes to porky with her own hands. Dishes started to pile in front of her before much time passed. 


Some were questioning in their minds, [Where are the grand and sublime concepts of magic theory go!] The only thing everyone could hear was…


“Was it pointing to that dish? could you bring that here? Thank you.”


“Miss Dawkins… this is my face…”


“Oh, my bad… I mean that, to the side.”


“Miss Dawkins, that’s my hand ……”


At last, the Dragon Baby showed the Divine powers of the ‘Dragon Blood’ and ate to the point that its belly was a perfect sphere and could not move; only laying in Dawkin’s bosoms.


“Miss Dawkins, although Stan City is a remote small city, it still has some good sights to see. I could arrange for someone to guide you around if you want to.” Booth proposed to Dawkins at the end.


Dawkins nodded looking at the wall behind Booth and said: “That sounds great. I would like to go on a walk and look at the sights here.”


“Good, Hammer, show Miss Dawkins around Stan City,” Booth said to Ye Chui and winked at him. He wanted Ye Chui to learn whatever he can from Miss Dawkins concerning Fire and Lightning elements as she was far more capable in those fields than he could ever be. [My amazing Disciple, there is no need to thank this Master of yours.]


[Teacher, how can you set me up like this…what did I ever do to you?] Ye Chui showed a pained face [Can’t you see what kind of a troublesome person this nearsighted person is?]


[This is going to be so troublesome…]


Just as he was pondering over his eventual doom, a sudden thought struck him. [I think it is time to go see Oupu and present my condolences for his loss!]


“It is my honor for Miss Dawkins to present me with such an opportunity.” he complied with a smile, communicating with the Dragon Baby with a though, [Dragon Baby, it is time for you to show the profound abilities of the Great Dragon Blood…]



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