Omni-Magician – Chapter 155, Great Dragons Legendary Skill

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

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“Miss Dawkins, look at this… this here is the statue of Stan City’s hero, Iron Swordsman Tony Stark.” Ye Chui starts to explain with ‘great humility’ once they reached the Star Avenue, “it would be no exaggeration if one were to say that he is as handsome and he is a dauntless hero.”


Dawkins ‘admired’ the statue in front of her by leaning closer to the statue which made Ye Chui embarrassed as he did not know how he could tell her that what she was looking at was the statue’s crotch. Though, before he can say anything she voiced out, “Yes, I heard of his contributions in the Beast Tide from Mr. Booth. Mr. Booth says that all the credit should go to him.”


She then turned to look towards where Ye Chui is to speak to him, which made Ye Chui gave a look of helplessness and moved to where Dawkins was looking towards. But what Dawkins spoke next surprised Ye Chui, “I know what kind of a person Mr. Booth is, so when he gave up all the credit to someone, that person could only be his student…”


As she was saying that she kept getting closer and closer to Ye Chui to get a better view of his face to the point that their faces were so close that Ye Chui could feel Dawkins hot breath. Yet, she kept trying to get even the slightest details of Ye Chui’s face with her unfocused eyes. While she was doing her that, Ye Chui started to examine her unfocused eyes.


Ye Chui had a cold shiver run down his spine when Dawkins figured out that he was Iron Swordsman, the savior of Stan City just based on some words from Booth while the people of Stan City, including those close to him, could not recognize the one who saved the city.


This almost blind woman is not to be underestimated. She lives up to her reputation of being a genius Magician.


Ye Chui quickly came up with an excuse before Dawkins could continue: “Well…. You see, Mr. Booth has two students, one is me and the other is Iron Swordsman… that how it is?”


Ye Chui: “…”


What Miss Dawkins said next surprised him once again. She pats him on his shoulders but all she hit was air, then she tried to pat him again and this time she was right on target and hit Ye Chui’s shoulder: “You don’t need to be cautious with me. Even if my vision is not so good, my instincts are very strong. Booth has his own reasons for not announcing his relationship with Iron Swordsman and I am not one to intrude into his business.”


Ye Chui: “……”


He immediately wanted to withdraw his praise ‘worthy of being called a genius’.


“Yes, Yes…. Iron Swordsman is my senior apprentice, and he is a Magic Swordsman. He learned Space Magic from the teacher.” Ye Chui agreed with Dawkins immediately.


Dawkins gave a satisfied smile and turned back towards the Iron Swordsman statue, looked up and said: “Mr. Booth never wanted to take in any students, but this Tony Stark managed to change his decision, that makes me want to meet Mr. Tony.”


Saying that she stretched her hand forward and stroke to feel the shape of the statue… and touched nothing, unconvinced that she could not touch the statue she stepped forward and traced her hands again…


Ye Chui sweat violently thinking of how to handle the blind girl who seems to be the reincarnation of Lu Chi from his world when he saw that she was going further away from the statue that she was trying to get to… he hastened to walk near her and suggested: “Miss Dawkins, I just thought that maybe the Magicians Guild Master Oupu might have some serious issues to take care of for him to not have attended the banquet today so maybe we should not disturb him?”

(Satya: For those who are not familiar with Lu Chi, Lu Chi is a person who is incapable of sensing the direction that he gets lost all the time. Think of Zorro from one piece.)


Hearing to what Ye Chui said she finally gave up on tracing the statue’s figure and looked up to size up the statue, which was not there, and said: “I am a Magician and it is customary that I visit him, fine, let us go meet Mr. Oupu.”


Listening to what Dawkins said made Ye Chui feel elated. So, he led her to Oupu Mansion. While they walked, Ye Chui sent a message to the Dragon Baby through his mind [Baby, I will tell you what you need to do once we get there.]


The piglet replied while enjoying its stay buried between Dawkins giant boobs: [This baby understands, just you wait and see this baby’s grand performance!]


I was just past noon by the time they arrived at the Oupu Mansion as it was not far from the Star Square on Star Avenue. And once they reached there, Ye Chui knocked on the door. Soon the door was opened by Butler Mattis, who has served Oupu’s family for over 20 years.


He had a strange expression when he looked at Ye Chui and Dawkins and asked with doubt, “What are you here for?”


“I am Magician Hammer; I would like to meet Guild Master Oupu.” Ye Chui said with a smile, he did not mention Dawkins in his words intentionally and looked back at Dawkins to see if she realized any of his intentions only to find that she was preoccupied with the Dragon Baby’s constant teasing and playing.


Mattis’ complexion changed when he heard Hammer’s name, for he knew who caused the young master’s death. Though, he did not know what this Hammer is playing at coming here to visit the master at such a time. Mattis’ eyes had a flash of cold light but he continued to open the door wider and gestured towards a room down the way and said: “Mr. Hammer, I have heard many things about you recently, please enter.”


Ye Chui and Dawkins followed along the path Mattis led them. Along the way Ye Chui felt that the mansion was colorless and lifeless, the mansion was empty, and the courtyard was filled with dry and dead leaves. Every place was filled with dirt, grime. Even the yard was unkempt, greatly startling him.  He did not expect that Oberth’s death would make Oupu fire even the common servants of the mansion. But why would he fire all the servants?


After a few seconds of thought, it was not hard to guess that it was not Oupu who fired them, but the servants quitting the job because of his unpredictable temper…


Ye Chui felt lucky for getting the opportunity to act before Oupu did something rash.


“Please wait here, I shall inform my master of your arrival,” Mattis said, as he left with a cold dark face once they reached the reception room. 


Ye Chui started to look around and saw that the reception room was spacious, and he noticed that most of the furnishings have been removed recently [ Seems like Oupu is planning on leaving Stan City soon]. 


After having guessed Oupu’s plan, he started to look for a place to sit down. Although Dawkins was here to meet the Guild Master Oupu, she was not nervous as she herself was a level 9 Dual Element Magician, and that alone made it so that she did not have to put a Guild Master from this remote town in her eyes. She casually took a seat and started to tease and play with the Dragon Baby.


Sounds of footsteps rang in the direction of the door, and Ye Chui looked towards Dawkins who was still playing with Dragon baby by poking it in the belly occasionally.


“Hammer!” Oupu entered the reception room with eyes burning with rage as he stared at Ye Chui. His original appearance of a dignified middle-aged man has long been replaced with that of a distressed man with an unkempt beard, dirty and disorderly clothes, chaotic hair. He was filled with a savage aura filled with hatred. When Ye Chui looked at Oupu staring at him, he swallowed a lump of saliva in fear.


After calming his nerves Ye Chui greeted Oupu: “Guild Master Oupu!”


After going through the Dragon Blood Baptism and advancing to the Intermediate Magician stage, and with his understanding of Dragon Language Magic, he no longer feared Oupu. Even if he was not strong enough to defeat Oupu, forget about Oupu, he was more than capable of running away from even the half-blind miss. Of course, it would be foolish of him if he went alone to meet Oupu, but with Dawkins who could kill Oupu with half a punch, why would he be afraid of coming here?


“How dare you show your face here!” Oupu’s stone-cold voice boomed once he arrived in front of Ye Chui holding his magic wand tight.


“Guild Master Oupu, even though I and Oberth had some misunderstands, you should understand that he is, in the end, my senior brother.” Ye Chui spoke in a calm voice as if the thick stench of alcohol from Oupu, and the magic wand that he held in his hand did not bother him, “Oberth’s death at Guild Master Dunson’s hands was truly undeserved and tragic.”


Oupu eyes burst with killing intent when he heard that, he rushed forth and grabbed Ye Chui by the collar: “Would Oberth have died if not for you, if anyone is to be blamed for his death, then it could only be YOU!”


Oupu was about to deliver a hit when he felt something hit his leg, and when he saw down what he saw as a meatball that lying on the ground pointing its hands towards him and a painful expression as if to complain about the injustice it was suffering. It just so happens that when Oupu was about to move forward to grab Ye Chui, Dragon Baby jumped down from Dawkins’ lap and stood between Oupu and Ye Chui as if to protect its master, and Oupu ‘accidentally’ kicked him to the ground…


Dragon Baby’s face trembled with pain, “Gu Ji, GU JI!” he let out a pained yell, his voice was filled with unwillingness and fell flat on the ground and its four arms twitched while it rocked back and forth.


“What is this thing?” Oupu looked confused and when he came to realize something, he looked towards Dawkins who was wearing light clothing in winter only to feel a burning gaze descend on him. He became vigilant and held his wand in a defensive position pointing towards her, “Who… who are you?”


Ye Chui looked at the enraged Dawkins and then he looked down to where the Dragon Baby was, still rolling back and forth. The contrast between the two let him leak out a heartfelt sigh, [The Great Dragon’s most powerful ability, scamming others… It has already surpassed my greatest expectations… such power…]


Silavin: Actual title:

Great Dragons Legendary Skill: <Scam>


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