Omni-Magician – Chapter 161, Saint Word Insect and Holy Ghost

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Stan City’s Western Region is the sparsest area of people, but it used to be crowded here because Stan City Seven Gods Church was built here, and the citizens who prostrate themselves to the Seven Gods were endless.


Only after the invasion of the Beast Tide, did the situation changed drastically. Almost all the beliefs of Stan City were attracted to the Iron Swordsmen. Even some of the most reverent people who would prostrate in the church, were now full of suspicion.


The church cathedral was consecrating the golden Seven Gods sculpture. In front of the statue, Vivian is whispering something to Faria.


“Is Miss Dawkins a Dark Magician?” Vivian asked Bishop Faria a little hesitantly. “But… Boss said that she is very nice.”


“Do not judge a book by its cover. Dark Magicians are good at hiding their malicious intent. Vivian don’t get deceived by her.” Faria snorted and patted Vivian’s shoulder. When his hand touched her shoulder, a grey and somewhat ethereal bug suddenly came out of his fingers and quickly crawled into Vivian’s hair.


Then, Faria smiled coldly and continued: “Vivian, I have never doubted your belief to the Seven Gods, but your understanding of the human society is too superficial. If you have a chance to contact Dawkins, grab it. The Seven Gods will let you see her real character.”


Vivian was unaware of the grey worm and nodded hesitantly: “I see, Bishop Faria.”


“Have you heard about Iron Swordsmen these days in Anthony’s Magic Cottage?” Faria asked. The main reason for Vivian to stay in Anthony’s Magic Cottage was to determine who the Iron Swordsman is. Even he dared to fight against the faith of the church, and ignored the glory of Seven Gods!


Of course, Vivian herself did not even know about her mission.


When Faria asked, Vivian thought for a moment and nodded hurriedly: “Yes, Boss Debbie and Miss Alfea often talk about Iron Swordsmen!”


“What do they discuss about the Iron Swordsman?” Bishop Faria hurriedly asked.


So Vivian replied: “Debbie said Iron Swordsman has no shame at all. Alfea has become a student of Iron Swordsman, following him to learn sword skills, and I feel Miss Alfea really like Iron Swordsman. Oh, by the way, Boss always says that Iron Swordsman is a handsome, brave and a strong hero. “




Faria rubbed his eyebrows and thought Vivian was a too stupid. He tried to control the anger in his heart and said to Vivian. “Well, it seems that your experience was very colourful, remember the glory of Seven Gods when going back. Remember what I said! If you have a chance to contact Dawkins, grab it. Seven Gods will let you see her real character. “


“Oh. Thank you Bishop Faria. Good bye.” Vivian hastily gave a bow and left the church.


Now, the church was empty.


Bishop Faria looked at Seven Gods and took out his own Bible, silently reading a passage of the Scripture. With his recitation, a grey mist suddenly appeared in front of the idol, and the mist slowly form an illusory figure.


“Master Cardinal Osprey.” Bishop Faria closed the Bible, saluting respectfully to the illusory figure. “As according to your request, I will hatched the Saint Word Insect imbued with the power of my faith. The Saint Word Insect has been placed on Vivian’s body. So long as she is in contact with Dawkins, the Saint Word Insect would immediately enter Vivian’s body. “


The Saint Word Insect is a formidable puppet insect that can only be made by the church. It is very precious, and Faria was well aware of this fact. He did not expect the church would use this kind of thing to deal with Dawkins. No magician in the field can resist the effects of the Saint Word Insect.


“Very good…” Said a voice, created by the elusive figure as if floating from a distance. “The Dark Magician will appear in Stan City. This is the best opportunity. Faria, as long as you can kill Dawkins, I will arrange a position so that you will get a higher post in the capital. “


“Thank you, Cardinal Osprey.” Faria hurriedly thanked him. He had always hated this small, remote city called Stan City. It was a dream come true to be able to leave, but then Faria thought of something and hesitantly asked, “But… Dawkins is extremely important to the Matan Empire. Even if Eric and Booth don’t help her because of their social and political standing, there are still some powerful guys in Stan City who may intervene in this, such as the Iron Swordsman. “


The illusory figure was silent for a moment, suddenly three pages of black versus floated out of it, and fell in front of Faria.


“This is… the Holy Spirit?” Faria looked at the black verse with pleasure in his eyes.


“Anyone who tries to stop me will die, no matter what!”


The misty voice ended and the figure dissipated from the church.


“Jarvis, what’s going on inside the ancient tomb?” Anthony’s Magic Cottage is located in the research room on the second floor, and Ye Chui inquires about its status from Jarvis.


“Master, the situation in the tomb is currently balanced. There are eighteen remaining Magic Beasts, four of which have already become Rank 4 Magic Beast, and the remaining fourteen are only Rank 3 Magic Beast. Those in Rank 3, have improved tremendously, and I estimated that they will soon enter Rank 4. “Jarvis replied.


There were originally more than 4,000 Magic Beasts in the tomb. After more than ten days of constant battles, there are only 18 left. Magic Beast are beings that obey the law of the jungle  This kind of fighting happened regularly. There were initially five Ranks 4 Magic Beasts, but one of them was killed by several Rank 3 Magic Beasts the day before yesterday. The eighteen surviving Magic Beast could be said to be the ones with the most potential for growth. After all, power is not only from combat effectiveness but also from wisdom and cunningness.


“Okay, I’m going to teleport into the tomb now!” Ye Chui nodded, looking at the transmission scroll in front of him.


This morning, Ye Chui went off to ask about the theoretical law of positioning and transmission. After returning, Ye Chui made this scroll. Though he already mastered the method of making the transmission scrolls a few days ago, this is the first time he is using one to enter the tomb. As Such, he was nervous, “Jarvis, I will teleport directly to the inner hall of the tomb. Please help me see if there is a Magic Beast there right now?”


“Master, there are currently no Magic Beast in the inner hall,” Jarvis replied.


“That’s good…” Ye Chui took a deep breath and pulled the scroll in his hand, “Activate!”


White light flickered, and Ye Chui disappeared from the research room.


In the next moment, he appeared in the ancient tomb’s inner hall.


It was dark all around, and there was a bloody smell in the air. This ancient tomb had been prepared for others to break in from the beginning, so there was a unique air circulation mechanism. Due to the smell, people had a sense of dizziness and suffocation. Not to mention, the ground was a bit wet and sticky; made of the blood puddles on the ground.


The whole inner temple was a horrible and gloomy place, aking to hell, and the darkness around him made Ye Cui worried. He said to Jarvis: “Light up the place”


The walls around the inner hall were then lit with magic. Though the lights were dim, it was enough to illuminate the room so that ye Chui could see the inner hall clearly. A few months ago, he once joined adventure teams with Debbie, Alfea. The situation was really critical at that time, but the sense of urgency this time was definitely the opposite of that.


Suddenly, Ye Chui’s eyes met with a pair of fierce eyes—it was a tiger-like Magic Beast, which was about as tall as a man. It had huge fangs sticking out of the mouth and had silently approached Ye Chui from behind, waiting for an opportunity to kill him.


After being discovered by Ye Chui, it roared. The magic array on the ground of the inner hall lit up and in the next moment, and a yellow space wall appeared to isolate Ye Chui. It hit the wall and fell to the ground. However, it did not relent in its attack.


This movement soon attracted other Magic Beast inhabiting in various tomb chambers.


Ye Chui realized that the ability of Magic Beast could not destroy the walls of space so he relaxed. He was not afraid of these Magic Beasts, but that was not enough. He had a goal in mind, which is to make all the Magic Beast here recognise him as their master.


The first Magic Beast to attack Ye Chui was a Rank three Magic Beast, The Carnassial Tooth Tiger. The following one that attacked was a Rank 3, the Bone Tailed Snake, then the Rank 3, Shade Mice, and the Rank 4, Iron Armour Beast.


Amongst the many Magic Beasts, Ye Chui suddenly saw a familiar one, “Wind Wolf! Hmm… this Wind Wolf…”


A wild wolf appeared and seemed to be familiar with the smell of Ye Chui, staring at Ye Chui coldly. ” This is… the Leader of the wind wolves who attacked us in Skull Town! “


It was originally a Rank three Magic Beast, but it had already advanced to Rank 4. It released some space-based Magic Beast skills, causing Ye Chui and Debbie having problems in teleporting.


They were sent to Dark Forest and did not expect that it was eventually sealed in the ancient tomb, surviving till now!


Silavin: We will continue release now. Goal: 1 chapter a week for now. Hope to get it to 2 chapters a week a see how it goes from there.


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