Omni-Magician – Chapter 162, This is the little brother of Mao

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I have imprisoned you all. Become my follower and heed my commands. I can protect you, supply you with sufficient water and food for you.”


“Roar roar… Roar…”


 “WTF, like I said, I can destroy all of you easily.”


 “Roar roar roar… Roar roar…”


 “Do not compel me to kill you!  Follow me or be killed.”


 “Roar… Roar roar…”



In ancient tomb inner hall, Ye Chui, who was standing in the Space Isolation check, shouted with a husky voice. The 18 Magic Beasts did not even consider his words and continued attacking the yellow golden space wall fiercely. After a while, Ye Chui suspected whether they understood his words at all.


Finally, he squatted down on top of the check, looked at the ferocious Magic Beasts and felt frustrated. He originally considered that detaining these Magic Beasts would force them to follow his order, but he discovered a big problem.


“The natural instincts of Magic Beast is cruel and combative, even if it died in the battle, it does not concede its failure. Other than, facing formidable strength, it will not lower its head to any race. We must try to find other solutions to tame these Magic Beasts. The best way is <Dragon Might>.”


Ye Chui then recalled the dragon who was cheerful in Dawkins’s bosom, shaking the head with droplets forming on his forehead. “If I were to wait for this dragon to comprehend <Dragon Might>, I might as well count on myself. I’d probably enter the specialist realm before that even happens.”


Ye Chui continued to stay in the ancient tomb to persuade 12 Magic Beasts. However, he discovered that these Magic Beasts were unwilling to listen to him. Therefore, Ye Chui helplessly used a transmission scroll and left the ancient tomb.


Ye Chui has already grasped the manufacturing method of transmission scroll from the real world to the ancient tomb. As long as these Magic Beasts stay on the magic array of inner hall, Ye Chui can summon them into the real world with transmission scroll. However, the issue remains that these Magic Beasts do not listen to his order. Perhaps, when he summons them, the Magic Beasts would bite him.


“It seems like the ancient tomb summon technique has a huge problem.” Ye Chui sighed helplessly, and returned to his research room. However, this was not the issue that made him so upset.


“Master, a major problem requires your attention.” Jarvis reminded.


“What issue?”


“More than 4000 Magic Beasts in the ancient tomb were eating each other, only to have 18 Magic Beasts remain. The other dead Magic Beasts have died, and their remains of fresh meat supply can only last the 18 Magic Beasts for about ten days. Have you found a way to solve their dietary issues?” Jarvis said.


 “Dammit, are these little shits are like children; needing me to take care of them.”


These remaining Magic Beasts in an ancient tomb were the final survivor after more than 4000 Magic Beasts killed each other. Ye Chui wishes to give up on them, but did not have the heart to do so. After complaining he, he reluctantly came up with a solution.


The solution was not complicated. There was enough food in the North of Stan City, the Dark Forest. The <Dragon Might> of the Snow Dragon Beast scared of a majority of the Magic Beasts inside, but the ordinary animals, for example, the wild boar and deer, were not affected. Ye Chui can set up space trap in the Dark Forest, acquiring these animals automatically, and sending them into the ancient tomb.


This type of Space trap is a unilateral transmission, and the setting is quite simple. It can also operate for a long time. Ye Chui only knew this because he once heard Booth mentioned the design way of space trap, which the hunters of big city equipped with.


“It seems like we should head to the Dark Forest.” Ye Chui decided.


However, a thought flashed through his mind. It was about the Dragon Baby.


“What happened to the Snow Dragon after it fought with those  intermediate Magic Beasts? Since the Snow Dragon is Dragon Baby’s mother, I guess I should have a look. However, that part of the Dark Forest is somewhat dangerous. I guess I can just trick Dawkins to go with me.After all, in solo combat, she does not lose out to anyone. Also, I can make use of this time to improve on Iron Swordsman’s armor suit. I do not know what kind of effects it will have if I use the Dragon Language Magic to carry out the enchantments?”



At dusk, when Ye Chui came out from the research room, he was preparing the supper, and Debbie was still staying at the store. Since Debbie could earn ten gold coins every day, the counter of the store was the place that the young lady wishes to spend most of her time there. This included eating and sleeping there. However, today, she was with Alfea and Dawkins. they were sitting on the dinner table, chatting.


Dragon Baby scampered onto Dawkins bosom and then jumped into Alfea’s, to then look at Vivian who was too busy to allow him to be in bliss.


Booth knew the existence of Vivian, but he had not prevented Vivian to make contact with Dawkins. Even if Faria personally were to attack Dawkins, it would have been impossible for him to injure her.


After all, this Dawkins is the absolute unmatched in Stan City.


Ye Chui and the others had never heard of the Saint Word Insect. Although Booth had heard of it, he never would have thought that Faria will deal with Dawkins using the Saint Word Insect, which had so far only been used to deal with the Specialist Realm targets. Obviously, the value of Dawkins for the Church is much higher than what Booth has thought.


“Hammer, my father told me to bring Dawkins here for the next few days,” Alfea said to Ye Chui once she caught a glimpse of him entering the room.


Alfea did not understand her father’s plans. Why did he arranged Dawkins to come here? However, Ye Chui understood this probably was the arrangement of Booth. If Faria must carry off Dakkins with the Church trial, only Ye Chui, more specifically, Iron Swordsman,  can prevent them.


He nodded and sat down on one of the seats, He watched Vivian carries a dinner to the table, and recalled her Vivian leaving with to see Faria. “Vivian, Can you tell me why Faria asked you to go back today?” He asked.


Vivian was a spy Faria arranged, which Ye Chui, Alfea, and Debbie had already known. Currently, because of Dawkins, Ye Chui had to guard against Vivian. Faria asked Vivian to leave here, and    Vivian was arranged any concrete duty. After Vivian heard Ye Chui inquire about her, she felt disturbed. 


Alfea also vigilantly stared at Vivian.


Dawkins also looked at Vivian. Her expression did not change, it could even be described as peaceful. However, Ye Chui felt that her calmness is one developed because she was numb after being  suspected by others since childhood.


“All right.” Vivian  nodded her head without any anxiety.” Bishop Faria asked me about my daily life, and he also inquires a lot of things about Iron Swordsman. Finally, he even…” Vivian said but paused for a moment, hesitatingly looking at Dawkins. “Finally, he also told me something about Miss Dawkins. He said that Miss Dawkins was Dark Magician, but I do not believe it.”


“Then?” Ye Chui consistently asked.


“Then Bishop Faria made me contact Miss Dawkins, and allowed me to make my own judgement.” Vivian somewhat smiled dully. “After I saw Miss Dawkins, I felt that Miss Dawkins is a nice person. Bishop Faria must have made an error in his assessment.”


 Ye Chui: “…”


 Alfea: “…”


The face of Dawkins was turned gentle.


“What did you say about the Iron Swordsman to Bishop Faria?” Ye Chui asked.


“It was mostly what you all say on a daily basis. Debbie said Iron Swordsman is thick-skinned, Miss Alfea thought that he was a good person, and Boss, you said that he is a handsome, powerful, and a brave hero.” Vivian recalled what she had said. “Although I met with Iron Swordsman only when the beast tide was coming, I thought that he indeed was a good person.”


“…” Ye Chui and Alfea had exchanged a look, thinking Vivian did not lie. However, she was on duty as a spy. Didn’t she know Faria will be anger?


Ye Chui looked to Dawkins, “Miss Dawkins, don’t you feel stuffy staying in City Lord’s Manor all the time? In a few days, I will go to the Dark Forest. Do you want to accompany me?”


Alfea stared at Ye Chui:” Why do you want to go to Dark Forest?”


Saint Word Insect”Antano remains is still in the Dark Forest, she abandoned the life to save Debbie, I want to take back her.” Ye Chui answered, which was also one of the reasons he must go to Dark Forest?


“All right.” Alfea’s expression became dignified. “I will go there with you. As for Miss Dawkins…”


“I will also go.” Dawkins nodded to say.


“But Miss Dawkins, the people of the Church might…” Alfea worries.


“It does not matter. Even if the archbishop attacks me, he will not obtain any advantage. I have no need to pay attention to the strength of Stan City’s Church.” the words of Dawkins sound indifferently, but aggressively. Because this is the truth, even if she were fights against 200 believers from Stan City Church, she will not lose. As she stroked the bosom Dragon Baby, she said superficially, “I can deal with the enemy under rank nine easily at present.”


After hearing this aggressive manifesto, Ye Chui gave his thoughts:” You had better remove ‘at present’ so that people would feel your words more.”


Dakkins: “…”


“So it is decided then.” Ye Chui said and thought about where he would place his space traps.


“Boss, can I go with you?” Vivian said with anticipation.” I have never been to Dark Forest.”


Although Vivian is strong, Dawkins is much stronger than Vivian. Everything would be fine even if Dawkins was plotted against. After all, Vivian was seemed confused about her role as a spy and obvious had not malicious plan in her mind.


“Alright! You can go with us and we can have a picnic. We should also ask Debbie, she must come with us  to retrieve the Antano remains.” Ye Chui agreed.


“I will inform Debbie about it.” Vivian immediately said, full of enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the Saint Word Insect moved past in the hair.


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