Omni-Magician – Chapter 163, The Fight Against A Dragon

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Booth foresaw, the church would take measures quickly, however, nothing happened after five days. This left Ye Chui to be quite confused. Dawkins has been already recognized as Dark Magical by the church, who aim to eliminate all Dark Magicians. So, even if Booth and Alfea joined forces, they would have to take action. 


“Teacher, are there any deep reasons about why the church hasn’t acted yet?” Ye Chui finally could not bear to inquire Booth about it.


Booth, who was in seclusion, after thinking deeply for a while, suddenly opened his eyes and said. ” the reason is actually very simple.”


“What?” Ye Chui asked.


“They do not dare to.” Booth said with a smile. “This is only a small town where the influence of the church is limited. If they want to take down Dawkins, they would have to combat Dawkins, who is practically invincible here. And I consider that as a fact, as even I am far behind her in terms of combat potential.”


Ye Chui: “…”


That was like what he said, but Ye Chui was curious about something else. “Teacher, then, do you think that the church is waiting for an opportunity?”


“There is no opportunity.”Booth shook the head. “Unless the Scarlet Archbishop comes out, Dawkins is absolute safe in Stan City. That being said, I am still somewhat anxious. City Lord Eric was searching the whole city to seek out the Dark Magician. But, so long as someone seize the true Dark Magician, everything will come to an end. “


“Coming to an end.” Ye Chui was unhappy. To be honest, he even had the thought of helping Dawkins burn down the church.


However, this is not very realistic because Dawkins will not provoke the church.


What Ye Chui did not expect was for the church in Stan City to really was burned down by somebody not long after.


What Ye Chui and Booth have not known at this moment was that, Ye Chui had guessed the real reason why the church was unwilling to take measures: They were waiting for an opportunity! They were waiting for Dawkins to be sealed of her powers. So long as Vivian has any physical contact with Dawkins, Saint Word Insect immediately will effect Dawkins!


Thought, for the church, it was a pity. Vivian was forced to stay in the counter and manage it for several days in place of Debbie, never meeting Dawkins again…


Up till, five days later. Where Ye Chui had made sufficient preparation to start the tour of Dark Forest with Debbie, Dawkins, Alfea and Vivian. The four girls.


The business of Anthony’s Magic Shop was hot, but Debbie had to suspend two business days. Antano death was because of her and she wanted to bring back the remains.


The group rode on horses, and it only took a day to reach at Skull Town. Naturally, because Ye Chui was not able to ride a horse, he rode it with Debbie. Some City Lord’s guards and mercenaries were stationed in Skull Town to clean up. Ye Chui and the others took the opportunity to rest the night in Skull Town, and set out the next morning to enter the Dark Forest.


According to her memory, Debbie found the place where had initially buried the Antano, dig out her remains and cremated it. The bone ash was put into a porcelain bottle, which Debbie spend five gold coins to buy.


This porcelain bottle can only be used by the rich and powerful. Debbie, who is usually a miserly, did not think twice about the cost. It might be that her miserly ways depended on the situation. 


After the collection, Ye Chui suggested to have a look deep into the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest was very dangerous, but  Debbie, Alfea and Vivian were not worried because they had the powerful Dawkins in their party. Even the strongest Magic Beast in Dark Forest was only Rank 6. but, even if Rank 9 Magic Beast came out, it could not defeat Dawkins. Therefore, the group went to deep Dark Forest, relaxed. 


Dragon Baby frisked and scampered in Dawkins’s bosom, jumped into the shoulder of Ye Chui and stared at somewhere in the front, with full of doubts in its eyes.


Ye Chui rubbed its head gently and knew that it probably felt the aura of the female dragon.


On the road, Ye Chui often stopped and arranged something. He put out strange items from space ring, placing them on the tree or in the lawn.


Space Trap presented an appearance like iron hoop, carved numerous Magic Matrix and one Magic Stone. The Dwarf created the Space Trap under following instruction of Booth. it could carry on the simple unilateral transmission and be used for several years continually. If there was an animal who step into the circle, it would immediately be sent into ancient tomb directly.


This structure was not complex, but there was a very big issue. Animals who have entered the trap will die. Of course, this side effect was of no concern. After all, the main goal of this trap was to secure food. Not keep them alive.


Everyone in the party noticed that Ye Chui often leaving to do something else.


So, Vivian curiously  asked, “what was wrong with Boss?”


“Maybe he went to the bathroom? The place where man saves their urine is quite small, Hammer always wet the bed when he was a child.”Debbie thought for a while, and replied like an expert.


“All right.” The other girls who listened to Debbie nodded their head at the same time and thought being a man was really troublesome.


After Ye Chui returned to team, he discovered girls was looking at him with curiosity. Though, he often left with some excuse, and nobody wanted to ask him about it. So he did not think too much about it.


After walking 45 hours into the Dark Forest, there suddenly came out a stretch of open area by a fight. A completely collapsed hill stood nearby, causing those who see it to become scared. Everyone can imagine how terrible the fight was half a month ago. Moreover, they can see Magic Beasts corpses everywhere.


Though Alfea knew a little about Magic Beast, after checking it, she was too shocked. Often left speechless. “These Magic Beasts all are Rank 4 to Rank 5 and the number of them is at least over a hundred! Why did they all suddenly die? If these Magic Beasts were mixed up into the Beast Tide, the damage to Stan City’s would have been many times worse!”


“They were all killed by a Magic Beast with high concentration of Dragon Blood.” Ye Chui sighed sadly. “What happened here was akin to a group of Magic Beast going against a Dragon.”


Other people strangely looked to Ye Chui and did not know how Ye Chui knew that.


Ye Chui explained. “Iron Swordsman told me. At that time, he witnessed everything. Debbie was also here, but she was the stupor at that time.”


“Right, Iron Swordsman changed my clothes at that time.” Debbie said.


“In Short, the Rank 9 Dragon Magic Beast was injured, and stayed here to heal from its wounds. But other Magic Beasts that occupied here and wanted to attack it. Finally, it released <Dragon Might>, which caused Beast Tide.”


This explanation has left out the information about Dragon Baby. For one thing, he did not want other people know Dragon Baby, for another thing, nobody would believe it is the descendant of a dragon even if he told them!


Alfea looked around surprised. “the Beast Tide is caused by this Rank 9 Magic Beast. But then, where was is its corpse ?”


The corpse was something Ye Chui was also seeking.


Suddenly, the Dragon Baby called “Gu Ji”, and jumped down Ye Chui’s shoulder and ran forward.  The others followed it and arrived beside the Magic Beast corpse which left them shaking. It was the Snow Dragon Beast. 


She was lying on her stomach, both wings were spread and one dragon claw was pressing an Iron Armor Beast. Even if the back of Iron Armor Beast was firm like iron, Snow Dragon Beast sunk its claws into the body deeply.   


This was a scene that was pasted on everyone’s mind when it saw the corpse. As it killed the last Magic Beast, it gave a final roar towards the sky and drained of all its strength, it finally dead in this form. Unlike the other Magic Beasts, their bodies were already decomposing, but its appearance as if it was still alive. Even the aura of the Great Dragon could still be felt.


“Gu Ji? Gu Ji?” Dragon Baby stood in front of Snow Dragon Beast, both hands grabbed a finger of Snow Dragon Beast and Dragon Baby uttered sad calls as if it hoped to get the response of Snow Dragon Beast. However, the body of Snow Dragon Beast has already became stiff so no response ever came back.


“What’s the matter?” Debbie looked to Ye Chui in surprise.


Ye Chui did not know how to explain. “Perhaps the Dragon Magic Beast made Dragon baby feel a sense of kinship?”


“Legend has it that Magic Beast who has Great Dragon blood, will attract other Magic Beasts to feel a sense of intimacy because they all some from that blood line.” Alfea said, guessing that it was the explanation to Dragon Baby’s behaviour. She then continued, “Rank 4 – Rank 5 Magic Beast corpse here might be rotting but their Magic Crystals are still kept with their bodies. All of them are valuable. As for this Dragon Magic Beast…”


“Gu Ji, Gu Ji.” Dragon Baby looked at Ye Chui and asked. ” Master, can we cremate it?”


Ye Chui froze, then looked to Dragon Baby, who probably was influenced by the cremating of Antano, which made it ask Ye Chui about that. 


Understanding what the Dragon Baby wanted, Ye Chui stopped Alfea from continuing and told them all, “ burnt it.”


He walked to Snow Dragon Beast and held Dragon Baby gently. Dragon Baby was quite intelligent since birth, but it was still too young to understand what Snow Dragon Beast meant to it. Though, it can naturally just feel the love between mother and child. To be honest, Ye Chui had decided to recycle the remains of Snow Dragon Beast, which was full of treasure a long time ago.


After seeing this, Ye Chui actually has changed the mind. He has obtained Dragon Baby from Snow Dragon Beast. Although it did not show any other talents besides acting cute, Ye Chui knew that it was already a priceless treasure. As for the Snow Dragon Beast remains, he wished to let it rest in peace.


Alfea nodded: “I was thinking the same. The Beast Tide made hundreds of people in Stan City die. This Snow Dragon Beast is cursed and we can not own it.”


“All right, we collect Magic Crystal here first and then we burnt the whole place .” Ye Chui said.


All the people started to dig out the Magic Crystal from these dead Rank 4 – Rank 5 Magic Beast, as well as some valuable Magic Beast Bone. All of this took two hours, They collected many things and finally Ye Chui looked to Dawkins and asked. “Miss Dawkins, please release a Fire Spell to burn down here.”


“Okay.” Dawkins nodded, pulling out her Magic Wand and aiming it at Ye Chui.


Ye Chui: “…”


Vivian hurriedly stood beside Dawkins to help her to aim at the direction of Snow Dragon Beast remains with Magic Wand. As soon as Vivian contacted with Dawkins, Saint Word Insect hid in Vivian’s hair, the illusive insect fell off Vivian and disappeared.


It was the first time for Vivian to touch Dawkins during these days, which gave Saint Word Insect an opportunity. Even Vivian did not realize the strange characteristics of Saint Word Insect.


In the church, which was several hundred miles away from here, Faria opened his eyes suddenly. With full of joy on his face, he put out a black religious text. “That stupid girl finally did something good for once. Finally! Ha Ha, and they now are in the Dark Forest. How fantastic! I need to summon Holy Spirit right now!”


In the Dark Forest,


Advanced Offensive Spell  < Flame Facing the Sky >


A giant fireball just like the solar blazing was summoned by her, which made vacant land become a Sea of Fire. Over hundreds of Magic Beasts and Snow Dragon Beast, turned into ashes in fire. Ye Chui and the others were surprised about its formidable strength. It was really powerful spell that Rank 9 peak Magician released!


Dragon Baby squatted on the shoulder of Ye Chui, its big eyes dully looked at Sea of Fire and two small hands grabbed at Ye Chui’s hair .


When fire under the controlling of Dawkins burnt out the wreckage of Magic Beast, everywhere was black in their eyes and all turned into ashes.


When they started to head away from the Dark Forest, suddenly  a black shadow appeared in front of them.


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