Omni-Magician – Chapter 166, You Inferior beings, keep silent!

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Translator: Gici

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While Ye Chui was battling with Holy Spirits, in the ancient tomb, Debbie, Alfea, Dawkins, and Vivian gaze around in shock. Surrounded by a golden space wall, the Magic Lamps of inner hall lit up, which enabled them to see the environment around them. Broken legs and arms were everywhere, and they could still smell the stench of blood, even though they were behind the walls. 


They were muddle headed for a moment, questioning where were they transported to? 


“This is the ancient tomb! ” Alfea spoke up, as she was the first one who recognized it. She almost died here when she led a team to explore this place. How could she have forgotten this place? She did not catch what Ye Chui whispered to Debbie, so she was wondering, “How could we have been transmitted here by Hammer? What happened?” 


“Hammer!” Debbie cried bitterly. She put out her Gatling to shoot at the gold wall. ‘Bang, Bang, Bang.’ But that spell could not be penetrated by her bullets. Vivian, Alfea and Dawkins subconsciously covered their ears. The Dragon Baby, who was originally lying between Dawkins’ bossom, squashed its head into her cleavage. 


“Debbie, stop! This is Space Isolation, no ordinary attack can break it.” She exclaimed loudly. Debbie stopped at last, breathing heavily with bloodshot eyes. 


“Don’t worry, Debbie! Hammer is smart and has his reasons to transmit us here. Don’t worry! At least here we’re safe. ” Suddenly she saw something and added, ” Maybe.”


Many Magic Beasts came up from all sides and they stared at the humans in the Space Isolation Check. 


From time to time, they roared with terror, rushed forward, scratched at the golden air wall that separated them from the girls. 


Space Isolation can not be broken by these Magic Beasts. When looking at these ferocious Magic Beasts outside the translucent air wall, the girls feel a bit scared. They stood, huddled together as closely as possible, terrified about what they saw. 


“These Magic Beasts are from the Beast Tide! I originally thought they were killed at the last moment by Booth and teacher, but here they are!” 


Suddenly something occurred to Alfea. “The owner of this ancient tomb is supposed to be teacher. Hammer must have followed teacher’s order and transmitted us here. Is teacher with Hammer now?”  


Debbie glanced at Alfea, decided to stay silent. [Hammer is not with your teacher. They are one and the same! He is a big liar! How could he have been the Iron Swordsman? Are you kidding me?]


But when she calmed down and really thought about it, the image of Iron Swordsman in Debbie’s mind did overlap with Hammer from time to time. 


In fact, she has always thought that the Iron Swordsman, in some ways, was like Hammer and they never appeared together. There exists a close connection between both of them. Most importantly, the Iron Swordsman saw her naked! Originally she thought Ye Chui would mind this, but when she mentioned it, he showed a face of indifference. It would not be a stretch to conclude at that point, Hammer was the Iron Swordsman. 


She just instinctively denied the answer. 


But now, Hammer had actually told her that he was Iron Swordsman, and the reason he chose to tell her this secret at that moment was apparently because of the danger he was in.


“AAAAAH! ! ! !” Debbie roared with anger, held up her Gatling again and shot at the golden space wall again. [Hammer, wait for me! If you get hurt, I will make sure you get what you deserve!]


Debbie stopped after shooting for half a minute and the floor was already covered with dented steel beads, some of which were still emitting smoke. Debbie looked at others, who concerned about her, and sat down in the corner with Gatling in her arms. She said despondently, “I am fine.”


However, no one would believe she was fine when she said that.


Alfea thought Debbie was only worried about Ye Chui’s safety, went over and patted Debbie’s shoulder to comfort her. Though, Alfea’s face was covered with worry. Holy Spirits were an unusual adversary and she did not know if the Iron Swordsman could deal with it. 


Four girls sat together nervously, surrounded by the Magic Beasts, who were scratching at space wall. It no doubt increased the feeling of depression in their hearts.


Dragon Baby climbed out of Dawkins’s arms at this time, stood on her shoulders and stared at surrounding Magic Beasts. These Magic Beasts had a fiercer appearance when compared to the Chihuahua, who had defeated him in his first fight. However, he did not fear them at all. He was not as frightened as when he was facing the Chihuahua. It was as if these Magic Beasts could not be placed in his eyes. 


There was a strange feeling in his heart: [These ferocious Magic Beasts were born to submit  to me.]


Dragon Baby looked at the people around him, but he did not find his master, which made him feel a little worried. 


The sound of the Magic Beasts scratching against the space wall was really noisy. 


Dragon Baby shouted to the surrounding while waving his short arms. “Gu ji Gu ji” ——I was worried about my master, you shut up!


The noisy ancient tomb suddenly became silent. 


One after another, the Magic Beasts groveled on the ground with piety and even their bodies were trembling slightly.


“Huh?” Debbie, Alfea, Vivian, and Dawkins were all in a daze and turned their heads to look at the Dragon Baby. 


Dragon Baby crossed arms across his chest, straightened his waist and shook his small short tail proudly: [They are much more inferior to the Chihuahua!]


“What’s the matter?” Alfea asked in surprise. 


Debbie looked at the Dragon Baby strangely too. It suddenly occurred to her that Hammer was the Iron Swordsman, who had met the Dragon Blood Beast before. She did not know what had happened at that time, but Debbie felt it was strange. How could she have escaped from so many Rank 4-5 Magic Beasts. Also, Dragon Baby’s origins were really strange. But costing ten copper coins to buy? how is that possible?! 


She felt that Hammer could have escaped that situation, but not the Iron Swordsman. When she noticed her train of thought, Debbie immediately sensed something amiss. [Maybe it was the blindness of love?]


“<Dragon Might> can frighten these Magic Beasts. Is he really…” Debbie guessed. 


Almost at the same time, the ancient tomb lit up with a burst of white light and wrapped around the Magic Beasts who were prostrate on the ground. They were transported away, and the girls looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.


But then, everyone turned back and looked at Dawkins’s shoulders, because a halo of white appeared around Dragon Baby’s body.


“Jarvis, be honest with me, are you planning to kill your master?” Ye Chui fled to a nearby tree as he was staring at these Magic Beasts, who were granting their teeth and preparing to attack him.


“Boom!” The head of the Iron Armor Beast, which was as hard as iron, smashed into the tree, causing it to fall to the ground. Ye Chui turned over and jumped into the open space, maintaining his vigilance against the Holy Spirits on one side and Magic Beasts on the other.  


“Master, you are overthinking things. Here is a coordinate, when you use it, you can summon Dragon Baby from the ancient tomb.” 


“What’s the meaning of calling him out at this time?” Ye Chui asked with anger. Jarvis was not able to kill his master because his master had established a Servant Contract with him. Jarvis, as an artificial intelligence, would never betray him. 


“Master, Dragon Baby can control these Magic Beasts.” Jarvis continued. “This is what I had just discovered.” 


After he heard that, he was in a daze for a second, before becoming happy. Once he understood Jarvis’s intentions, he took out a transmission scroll from the Space Ring and activated it. 


After seeing that, the Holy Spirits laughed together. 


“Iron Swordsman is a fool. He let a dozen of Magic Beasts attack himself, and is now planning to transmit more here!”


“It looks like he can kill himself without our help!” 


“Iron Swordsman is really interesting!” 


They were very fast and could prevent Ye Chui from releasing the transmission scroll, but instead of doing so, they laughed, waiting to see how he would kill himself. 


With white light flashing up, he opened his palm and a little Magic Beast appeared, which was Dragon Baby. 


“Gu ji” Dragon Baby turned its head, saw Ye Chui, and ran happily to his shoulders. Ye Chui was dressed as the Iron Swordsman, but he and Dragon Baby have established a Slave Contract. Even if his body was disfigured, Dragon Baby can tell who Ye Chui is with the contract. 


The Magic Beasts that were about to rush to Ye Chui stopped and looked at Dragon Baby with horror in their eyes. Some of them started to turn away to flee.


“Order these Magic Beasts to attack all the Holy Spirits here!” He ordered Dragon Baby. 


Dragon Baby beat his chest with pride: [These inferior beings are worse than the Chihuahua! And they have already submitted to me.]


It leaped down from his shoulders and fell on the head of the Wind Wolf leader. The little one was in high spirits. One of his short arms was on his waist, and another short arm pointed to the floating Holy Spirits. It ordered: [Kill all the Holy Spirits!]


“Roar — ” 


The wild and uncontrolled Magic Beasts, suddenly turned their gaze towards the 14 Holy Spirits floating in the air. 


The Holy Spirits were startled and did not understand what happened. How could that little one control all these Magic Beasts?


One by one, the ferocious Magic Beasts began to attack the Holy Spirit under the threat of the Dragon Baby. These Magic Beasts were Rank three or Rank four. Those levels could not be considered high, but their ferocious instincts made their fighting prowess even higher than Human Warriors of the same rank.


The Holy Spirits were no longer human, but they retained their origins of man. Because of that, they were no match for the instincts of the ferocious Magic Beasts. Magic Beasts may not be able to defeat the Holy Spirits in single combat, but the numbers of the two sides were not the same, as could be said for their teamwork. 


The top 18 remaining Magic Beasts, amongst the more than 4,000 Magic Beasts kept a wonderful balance with each other. They no longer attacked each other in the tomb, instead, they created an alliance that was rare amongst Magic Beasts and there was a kind of tacit understanding between them.


After determining the fighting power of Holy Spirits, Magic Beasts quickly separated. Four Rank 4 Magic Beasts were to pair up and pin down two Holy Spirits. Meanwhile, the remaining 14 Magic Beasts were divided into five groups according to their fighting style to suppress the five Holy Spirits. 


So, Ye Chui only needs to deal with the remaining seven Holy Spirits. 


His stress has been greatly reduced.


“That little one is odd!” A Holy Spirit understood that this change of events was all due to the Dragon Baby. So, they quickly rushed to it, who was standing on the head of Wind Wolf. 


Obviously, Ye Chui could not allow the Holy Spirits to succeed. He flashed around several tall trees like the wind, and suddenly came to the side of that Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit turned his head and saw Ye Chui flying just next to it, it shouted and prepared to attack. However, suddenly, the Holy Spirit that was rushing toward the Dragon Baby was decapitated by Ye Chui after a sword lit up and had finally disappeared.


The rest six Holy Spirits hurriedly rushed to Ye Chui.


Ye Chui moved at high-speed and waved his sword, releasing another <Wind Blade>.


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