Omni-Magician – Chapter 167, Give it a grand farewell ceremony!

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Translator: Gici

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In the dark forest, a great battle was occuring. Eighteen Magic Beasts were engaging with seven Holy Spirits.  This battle was full of brutality. Trees in the forest kept falling to the ground. The roar and cries of both parties sounded out continuously. Under the pressure of Dragon Baby’s <Dragon Might>, each of these Magic Beasts thirsted for battle. Their instinct screamed that they had to try their best in this battle. What’s more, <Dragon Might> seemed to have given them a buff, making their blood boil and increasing their overall fighting strength. 


Dragon Baby stood on the head of the Wind Wolf leader, holding one strand of wolf hair in each hand. 


Due to the Wind Wolf’s movements, his small body would occasionally bob up and down. However, Dragon Baby did not seem to feel any discomfort. Instead, he enjoyed it, and continued to shout and commanded the Magic Beasts to attack Holy Spirits. 


He was in glee and thought: [That murderous Chihuahua defeated me in my first battle. So, after winning against these bad guys, I am going to go back to beat him up.]


Two or three Magic Beasts besieged one Holy Spirit, which was comparable to an Intermediate Swordsman. Most of these Magic Beasts are low-level. However, each of them performed exceptionally well for their level, and could kill any Holy Spirit with cooperation. 


Battle between Ye Chui and the other six Holy Spirits was completely different. 


The Six Holy Spirits, who turned into shadows, rapidly changed direction and attacked. As if Ye Chui had been completely hidden in the wind, they were just able to see his afterimage. 


As long as there is enough Magic Power supplying to Iron Swordsman’s armor, it can release unlimited <Wind Patrol Walk>, keeping him moving at high-speed. Javis possessed powerful computing power, which can process battlefields accurately and rapidly. Sending the feedback to Ye Chui, advising him on what to do next. 


It can be said that ever since Ye Chui created Iron Swordsman armor, this was the time the armor had finally showed its true power. High speed and powerful strength of the Holy Spirit was useless when facing Iron Swordsman armor.  


‘Peng, Peng, Peng’


From time to time, there appeared a deep sinkhole in the ground, which Ye Chui left when he leaped off the ground. 


A dead leaf was picked up by the wind, Floating in the air. ‘Swish’ a cut appeared on it; ‘Swish’ and another. Each cut was left by Ye Chui when he passed by it. He moved so fast that the direction of the dead leaf did not even change. 


“Ah” a Holy Spirit roared because Ye Chui attacked his body countless times in rapid succession. his figure filled with gray like a ghost, directly split into several pieces and scattered in the air. 


“I have killed one. Five left.” He thought secretly in his heart . 


He paused for a moment and became speed up again. 


After escaping the encirclement of two Holy Spirits, Ye Chui, who was suddenly moving exceptionally fast, made a ninety-degree turn. He kept high speed consistent, rushed to the side of a Holy Spirit, thrust his sword through its chest. The long sword moved at extreme speed, enough to take down the Holy Spirit in one shot without giving it a chance to escape. 


However, before Ye Chui’s sword made contact with the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, ‘Ding’ he slowed down. Some cracks could be clearly seen on his greaves. That is, if someone observed closely when he sped down. 


His body, baptized by Dragon Blood, can tolerate high pressure, but the armor could not bear the pressure from all that high speed motion, and broke down at such a time. 


Ye Chui’s armor, costing 80 gold coins to buy, was made of Black Iron and mixed with some brass. It was suitable for enchantment, but that does not mean it was durable. Ye Chui had once enchanted a Magic Matrix, <Wind Walk>, on the armor. At the time, the armor could still withstand the pressure caused when he used <Wind Walk>.


But now, Ye Chui has re-enchanted parts of the armor using powerful Dragon Language Magic, and Magic Matrix on his legs has changed to the Intermediate Magic Spell, <Wind Patrol Walk>. With the increase in spell strength, it meant that his armour needed to be able to withstand higher pressure. Unfortunately, Black Iron, which was a relatively low-quality material, has been used abundantly with manufacturing his armor. Since that material was unable to match the strength of Intermediate Magic Spell, his suit broke down.


In fact, Ye Chui was prepared to buy new materials to rebuild his armor, making it better and stronger than before. However, it would take too much time, so he chose to refit the original armor, causing it to become Iron Armor 2.5.


Now, it seems that this suit of armor has not improved enough to match the growth of his strength today. 


The effect of <Wind Patrol Walk> on his legs suddenly disappeared. This Magic Spell causes its users to move faster. Those that have a strong affinity to the wind and could even completely eliminate wind resistance. When the effect of the Magic Spell now gone, Ye Chui’s movements had now slowed down. 


Just when he was still a meter away from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit could have made use of this opportunity to escape from his sword.


However, the Holy Spirit did not move. 


Instead, his face, hidden in the black mist, burst into a crazy laughter. He stuck out its chest, letting the sword plunge into his body without struggling. His hands seized the sword in the next second. Though his eyes were covered with black mist, however, Ye Chui still could see mad and murderous emotion in the eyes. 


He planned to seal Ye Chui’s movements with his body.


The gray mist on his body spread onto the ground, rooting himself to the earth. Ye Chui wanted to pull back his sword but ultimately failed. 


The pierced Holy spirit burst into laughter, and the four remaining Holy Spirits behind the trees charged towards Ye Chui. 


At this time Ye Chui made a decision. 


“Jarvis, fill the sword with Magic Power.” Ye Chui ordered. 


“Master, what do you want to do?” Jarvis asked with curiosity. 


“This armor has already worn out and we should give it a grand farewell ceremony.” Ye Chui said with a sneer. 


“Master, I understand.”Jarvis followed at once. 


The enchantments on the sword suddenly lit up. It was a phenomenon that Magic Power was flowing through the Enchantment Array, but this time it was brighter than before, making the sword shing like a source of light. Enchantment Array was filled with Magic Power so that Magic Spell could be released. If Magic Power in the Enchantment Array was constantly filled above what it can contain, the Enchantment Array would explode at this time. 


This type of explosion is very dangerous and powerful. It needs a large amount of powerful Magic Power so that no one would use it as a weapon.


Nowadays, Ye Chui was ready to throw out his old armor so he began to recklessly input Magic Power into the sword. Since he had an abundant amount of Magic Power, this was not an issue to him.


The time it took to input the Magic Power was less than a second, however, four ferocious Holy Spirit has rushed over at this time. Ye Chui suddenly loosened his group on the sword and quickly jumped back. 


The resplendent sword that pierced the Holy Spirit was still held onto. Some cracks appeared in the blade and the sword began to vibrate slightly in an unusual way. The Holy Spirit was so shocked that he hastily tried to take the sword out. Just when he was about to succeed, a loud ‘bang’ erupted, the sword exploded and he turned to ashes. 


The four spirits, who were roaring, continued to rush forward. They were not harmed from the explosion. But with their speed, they quickly surrounded Ye Chui, who had to slow down in the battle.


“Damned Iron Swordsman!” 


“Dismember him!” 


“Dismember him!” 


Two Holy Spirits shouted, each one grasped his one arm and took him into the air. Other two Holy Spirits immediately rushed to his legs, they wanted to kill him in the most brutal way.


But unfortunately, their attack at this time was what he wanted. “Jarvis, You know what to do now.” 


“Yes, master.” 


The lines of Magic Matrix in his arms lit up and was filled with Magic Power. The shoulder pads that connected his shoulders suddenly opened. The arm guards, the wrist guards, and the gloves fell off his arms. The two Holy Spirits, who originally held each arm, now only held onto the removed arm guards and fell off.


However, now, instead of arm guards, they were holding onto a ticking Magic Powered bomb. 


The Holy Spirits stopped flying around when they discovered that the guard pieces they were holding had become bright. They knew what was going to happen and immediately threw the arm guards away. But, ‘boom’ the two Holy Spirits were unable to extract themselves away in time and turned into dust. 


At the moment the arm guards fell off, Ye Chui had already taken out his Magic Wand from his space ring. He pointed it to two Holy Spirits which were rushing up. 


Intermediate Attack Skill, <Sea of Fire>.


Even without Iron Swordsman armor, Ye Chui was not a man who could be easily killed by the Holy Spirits. He was a magician who had mastered Dragon language Magic, received the Dragon Blood baptism, and killed a senior swordsman when he just became an Intermediate Magician.


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