Omni-Magician – Chapter 168, Dragon Baby’s Special Ability Dragon Might

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


Intermediate Attack Skill, <Sea of fire>


Flames shot out from the tip of the wand and swept over every spot within a ten-meter radius, completely enveloping the two Holy Spirits. The flames were released by Ye Chui, so he won’t get hurt by the flames. The orange flame seemed perfect to block out sight and confuse the others, allowing his safe passage to fall onto ground.


The two Holy Spirits were constantly roaring, running around in the flames, and looking for him. They were not worried about the flames, but that does not mean that they were completely immune to it. So, they were trying to retreat from the area.


However, before they could move away Ye Chui released another Magic Spell.


<Dancing Sand>


Waves of sand rose from the ground, swirling wildly. He controlled the sand storm that surrounded the Sea of fire. If someone controls the sand storm to attack a tree, it would be destroyed! Each grain was just that powerful.

Ye Chui thought that the sand attack would also be effective against the Holy Spirits like before, they would be imprisoned in the Sea of fire with the sand wall surrounding said fire.


With nowhere to run, the Holy Spirits had been burnt in the flames. Meanwhile, since the Magic Spell was released by Ye Chui, he was safe in the fire.


After entering the field of Intermediate Magician, Ye Chui has learned four new skills, named <Dancing Sand>, <Sea of Fire>, <Wind Patrol Blade> and <Shield of the Sun>.


These Magic Spells are all intermediate Magic Spells and each possesses great power, but when a magician released a Magic Spell, he did not only consider the power of single Magic Spell, but also how they work together. Synthetically making use of the specialty of each Magic Spell is the most important ability of Magician. 


Just like what Ye Chui was doing now.


The roaring of the two Holy Spirits kept leaking out from the sand wall, but the roaring gradually became weaker and slowly calmed down. Their evil bodies in the Sea of fire gradually burned up.


Due to the heat, the sand wall had turned into crystal. Once it became hard, it completely ceased movement. In the next instance, cracks started to form and it broke down into shards. With all the sparkling glass shards falling, Ye Chui walked out of the formation.


All seven Holy Spirits have been killed.


“Actually, I am more powerful without the armor. However, the Magic Power used in a fight as a Magician came from me alone. So, in terms of longevity, any battle without my amour would be short. Meanwhile, the Magic Power from Iron Swordsman armor can be supplied without limitation.” Ye Chui looked at Iron Swordsman armor with a tinge of regret, and then smiled, “we have to produce a new Iron Swordsman armor suit as soon as possible.”


Soon, a huge roar echoed from a distance. Ye Chui was caught off guard but hurriedly rushed to that place.


Among the other seven Holy Spirits, four of them have been killed by Magic Beasts. The Holy Spirits were weapons of the church. They were fierce, but weaker than the Magic Beasts fighting completely by instinct. Although the Magic Beast in an individual battle was inferior to the Holy Spirits, but when they worked together, they could perform better than the Holy Spirits. Among seven Holy Spirits, six of them have been killed and the remaining one was struggling. He had lost an arm and a leg and was trying to survive.


After it noticed Ye Chui was coming over, he roared and quickly rushed to Ye Chui, who he wanted to die with.


Ye Chui waved his magic wand, aiming straight ahead.


Secondary Auxiliary Skill <Sun Shield>.


A Golden Shield appeared in front of him. With a snap, the Holy Spirit struck into the transparent shield, which was shining with golden light. Its battered body has disintegrated to dust.


Eighteen Holy Spirits had been slain.


All 18 Magic Beasts were wounded with varying degrees. One of the most seriously wounded was a Thunder Beast, a Rank 3 Magic Beast known for its speed, but weak in defense and attack. Facing the Holy Spirits, who were faster than him, he was at a constant disadvantage throughout the battle. At the end, the wounds of battle showed itself and he was lying on the ground, without the strength to continue.


Dragon Baby was standing in front of him with fear in his face, looking at the terrible wound in its abdomen helplessly. When he saw Ye Chui, he jumped up on the boy’s shoulder, “Guji Guji”.


Ye Chui knew he was concerned about the safety of the Thunder Beast.


“Don’t worry, Magic Beasts are tenacious and they can recover from this. So long as they are not dead.” Ye Chui kneaded his small head and said with a smile, “Actually, you  really surprised me.”


The Dragon Baby was a little confused as it did not understand what Ye Chui meant by that. However, he soon puffed up his chest with pride: [I am the most powerful Magic Beast, a Dragon. When I get back, I’m gonna lead these Magic Beasts fight against that murderous Chihuahua!]


Ye Chui: “…”


[Taking all these Magic Beasts to attack a Chihuahua?]


Ye Chui understood that the Dragon Baby possessed the purest Great Dragon Blood, and the Great Dragon’s special ability was <Dragon Might>. He was most powerful among thousands of Magic Beasts.


However, <Dragon Might> is only effective against Magic Beasts. Ordinary beasts are inferior compared to Magic Beasts. So, they were unable to feel the pressure of <Dragon Might>. That’s why a Dragon Baby was defeated by Chihuahuas in his first fight. 


Never before had it happened and no one would have thought that a Magic Beast who can release <Dragon Might>, would be defeated by a mere pet.


Ye Chui looked at the 18 Magic Beasts surrounding him and smiled triumphantly. Originally, he was still worried about how he could make these Magic Beasts to be his subordinates. Now, it seems that the Dragon Baby has completely solved the problem for him. As long as there is the Dragon Baby, he doesn’t need to worry that these Magic Beasts disobeying him.


Of course, <Dragon Might> has varying degrees of strength depending on who used it. It would be impossible for Dragon Baby to command a powerful Magic Beast with <Dragon Might>. Snow Dragon Beast gave Dragon Baby to Ye Chui because she worried about the Magic Beasts, who were headed by Nimble Shadow Cat,  would do harm to the Dragon Baby.


At the very least, the highest rank Ye Chui imprisoned, Rank 4, could not struggle against Dragon Baby.


Ye Chui took out a Magic Scroll, opened it and activated it, sending these injured Magic Beasts back to the ancient tomb. Of course, Ye Chui deliberately left a Rank 3 Blue War Ox, this Magic Beast had strong endurance, and can be used as a mount. After all, it was faster than a normal horse!


“Master, isn’t it time to release Miss Debbie and the others? ” Asked Jarvis.


Ye Chui looked around and said, “No, they are safer in the ancient tomb.” He said gravely. “Now Dawkins and Vivian have been injured by the church. It would be better to let them out after I get back to Stan City. Jarvis, explain my situation to them .”


“Master, why don’t you tell them by yourself? Miss Debbie is worried about you” Jarvis said strangely.


Ye Chui: “You know nothing as an artificial intelligence, when you have a girlfriend later, you will know this kind of bitter emotion.”




Because he was worried that something might happen to them, he had sent Debbie and others into the ancient tomb. He wanted Debbie to enter the tomb with peace so he just blurted out the fact that he was Iron Swordsman, while now he was feeling a little regret.


“Forget it. Let’s just go back now. I don’t care if I’ll need to suffer Debbie’s anger later!”


Ye Chui made enough preparation and collected the bits of what remained of his Iron Swordsman Armor, climbed up the back of the Blue War Ox, beating its rear end, “Go! “


Blue War Ox didn’t move.


Ye Chui: “Dragon Baby.”


Dragon Baby stood on the head of the Blue War Ox, clutched a horn and stepped on it with his short legs : [Go!]


Blue War Ox then moved like a gust of wind..


At the Church in western district, Stan City.


“Impossible… How is this possible?” Faria looked at the ashes in front of him. His face was filled with disbelief. Three Black Bibles, containing eighteen Holy Spirits, had totally been destroyed.


Those were 18 Holy Spirits! And each was as strong as an Intermediate Swordsman. In terms of fighting ability and lethality, they were comparable with a Rank 7 Swordsman, Swordsman who have entered into the Advanced Swordsman Domain!


Even Eric City Lord couldn’t resist them. But now, all eighteen Holy Spirits have died!


He was sure that Vivian was expelled from the Church, and as the Bishop of the Church in Stan City, he could feel that Vivian’s Bible had been destroyed. Vivian, without her Bible, was just a common girl and was completely useless.


Dawkins’ power was sealed by the Saint Word Insect, and he was sure that the Saint Word Insect was hatched through the heart of his faith, so he could feel that the Saint Word insect was still working. So, Dawkins, without Magic Power, was just an ordinary girl.


No, this shortsighted girl was even weaker than your normal girl.


Alfea, a Rank 5 Swordsman, was nothing to worry about.


Though Debbie had a mysterious Magical Tool, it wasn’t fast enough to do any harm to the Holy Spirit.


As for Hammer, he was a troublesome Magician, but even if he could defeat Rank 7 Magician, he could never win against three Holy Spirits..


So, in the end, it must have been the Iron Swordsman!


Most of the 18 Holy Spirits were killed by Iron Swordsman!


[to think that the Iron Swordsman was this powerful!]


“No… No matter how strong he is, he can not be stronger than Lord Eric and win against 18 Holy Spirits. But regardless, after that battle, he must have been wounded. He has been going against our Church so I was already planning to kill him, and now, the opportunity has arrived! “


Bishop Faria, who had devised a method of killing the Iron Swordsman, stood up from his seat with a grim smile.


“I will take the name of Iron Swordsman and make it so that the Iron Swordsman’s faithful followers will come under the umbrella of the Church.”


Silavin: Do note, when he mentions he is more powerful without his armor, he is referring to burst damage.


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