Omni-Magician – Chapter 169, Disguised Iron Swordsman

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In the afternoon, he left the Dark Forest and made it to Skull Town. He sent a Red Eagle letter through one of the City Lord’s guard stationed there, informing Booth what had happened in the Dark Forest, and then he continued toward Stan City in the night.


The Red Eagle flew so fast that it took only two hours to send the letter. When it was dark and the sky was filled with stars, the Red Eagle flew back and landed on the horns of the Blue War Ox that was racing toward Stan City, he saw the dragon baby sitting between the two horns of the Blue War Ox. He bowed his head and did not move when he saw the Dragon baby sitting between the two horns of Blue War Ox. It was obvious that his Magic Beast Blood made regard Dragon Baby with reverence.


Ye Chui saw something tied to the Red Eagle’s leg and realized that it was something that Eric had intended to give to him. He quickly took it off and found that it was a Magic Scroll, but unlike an ordinary scroll, it was much larger and the axis of the scroll was still inlaid with tiny shards of Magic Crystals.


“This is a medium-sized Magic Scroll, it must have been given by Booth! ” Ye Chui thought.


There are different kinds of Magic Scrolls, and the kind of scrolls that Ye Chui used to make are just small Magic Scrolls with limited functionality. For example, a small Magic Transmission Scroll can send someone only 1 kilometer away. However, there are other types of Magic Scrolls besides small Magic Scrolls, such as mini Magic Scrolls, medium Magic Scrolls, and large Magic Scrolls.


The power of the mini Magic Scroll is so small that it is used as a  luxury to show off and it is of no use in combat.


Both medium-sized Magic Scroll and large Magic Scroll are improved on the basis of small Magic Scroll, a stronger version of it. Ye Chui saw them only in the encyclopedia. The Magic Emperor had made a huge Magic Transmission Scroll, directly transferring one hundred thousands of soldiers away. Of course, this was a feat on the level of a legend. The greatest Magic Transmission Scroll today, can only transfer a few thousand people. The Medium-sized one that Booth gave to him could transfer less than that.


It shouldn’t be a problem to send their group back to Stan City with this medium-sized one.


However, this medium-sized Scroll, though not the best, was still considered absolutely valuable, and it was not easy to produce.


After Red Eagle made sure Ye Chui had taken the scroll, and Dragon Baby said nothing, and it flew away.


Ye Chui placed the Dragon Baby on the back on his shoulders. He sent the Blue War Ox back to the ancient tomb with a small Magic Transmission Scroll and opened the medium-sized one that Both gave him. After a white light wrapped around him, he disappeared from the grassland.


In the next moment, he showed up in the backyard of Antony’s Magic Cottage in the Stan City.


This medium-sized Magic Transmission Scroll transferred about hundreds of kilometers directly to a determined destination. When Ye Chui appeared from the white light, he couldn’t help but shiver and almost began to vomit.


Dragon Baby was laying on his shoulder, with his tongue out and was in a daze.


Long distance transmission was absolutely not a comfortable experience, It was just like staying for ten hours on a train with standing-room-only ticket!


Eric and Booth stood in the yard with anxiety. After seeing only one person transmit, they were a little shocked.


“Where are Miss Dawkins and Alfea? ” Eric could not help asking.


Ye Chui waved his hand to make a stop sign, took a deep breath, and then said, “They’re safe. Wait a minute and I’ll send them out.”


Ye Chui took out a Space Transmission Scroll from the Space Ring. When it was opened, a white light appeared in the courtyard and Debbie, Alfea, Dawkins and Vivian appeared. His ancient tomb acted as a kind of giant Space Ring.


Several girls stayed in the ancient tomb for nearly six hours, and each one of them did not look well, especially Debbie, holding Gatling, coldly looking at Ye Chui.


“Alfea!” Eric called out. He felt relieved after making sure his daughter was fine.


Booth hurried to Dawkins, and frowned, “In the letter, Hammer said your Magic Power was sealed by the Saint Word Insect. What happened? “


Dawkins looked weakened and frightened. In the past, because of her strong power, even if she could not see anything, she never felt fear. However, at this time, her strong power was sealed, which left her vulnerable and scared. After entering the ancient tomb for a few hours, her hand has been tightly holding Vivian’s hand, without letting go for a single second.


She smiled bitterly, replying to Booth. “I didn’t know Faria possessed a Saint Word Insect. It seems that someone gave it to him. My Magic Power has been sealed and I no longer use it” she said.


“Saint Word Insect!” Booth said with rage. “This is what the church uses to punish Specialist Realm Magicians, who went against them. To think they would use it against you! I thought it would have cost them too much to use it on you. It’s my fault. I thought you wouldn’t be in danger, but I’ve made such a grave mistake!”


By the end, his voice was full of remorse.


“Mr. Booth, I’m sorry… It’s all my fault. The Saint Word Insect has been hiding in my body for the past few days, and I didn’t even notice.” Vivian said to Booth with guilt. Dragon Baby immediately jumped into Vivian’s arms and it seemed that he wanted to comfort Vivian. Of course, while playing in her chest at the same time.


“I don’t blame you, the Saint Word Insect is a powerful weapon of the church, and you couldn’t have found it as a Bishop Trainee, especially now you’ve been excommunicated.” Booth shook his head, everything that had happened has already been written in that letter that Ye Chui sent. Booth persuaded her when he saw some her continue to grieve, “It’s all right, the church is a cesspool, and a girl like you doesn’t fit to stay there. You’re just a common girl now, but I promise Hammer will always take care of you.”


Ye Chui started to have cold sweat as he immediately thought the teacher’s promise was too much.


But now, he had no time to argue against it and asked Booth, “Teacher, we have encountered the Holy Spirits of the church in the forest, and they look very dangerous. At some point the church will continue to attack us, so can you destroy the Saint Word Insect?”


“The Saint Word Insect is very powerful. I’m a magician that has just entered Specialist Realm Magician. Even if I am a magician entering Divine Realm Magician, I’m not sure I can deal with the Saint Word Insect. Unless…” Booth became serious, “Unless the believer who bred the egg of the Saint Word Insect is killed or we cut off the power source of the Saint Word Insect. if my assumption is not mistaken, the Saint Word Insect in Dawkins, was hatched by Faria with the heart of his faith.”


In short, the only way to save Dawkins is to kill Faria!


Debbie patted her own Gatling. “Then let’s go and kill him. We are not afraid of him.”


“Debbie, it’s not as easy as you think… ” Alfea sighed, “Faria is the Bishop of the church, and  only my father and Mr. Booth has the ability to kill him in Stan City. My father and Mr. Booth, both of whom are official members of the Matan Empire, if they go out and kill Faria, it means that the Matan Empire has declared war on the church. This is something that we can never do!”


“Then, Do we just sit here and do nothing?” Debbie said angrily.


“Debbie, you have forgot one thing.” Alfea was the daughter of the City Lord, Eric and has been trained to be his successor since she was a child. Therefore, she knew what they had to do next. She said reluctantly, “We have fought with the church in the dark forest and killed the Holy Spirits. Now that we are enemies of the church, the church can judge us with a charge of consorting with the dark magicians!”


Debbie realized the seriousness of the situation. “So what should we do?”


“Just hand me over to the church and you will be safe. ” Dawkins said weakly.


“No! ” Ye Chui, Debbie, Vivian, and Alfea almost said at the same time.


Dawkins, raised her head to look at them, touched. It is a bit difficult for her to accurately catch them because she was nearly blind. So, in reality, she was looking at Booth, Eric, the bench, and the window.


“There is one person who can solve this problem.” Ye Chui continued


“Who is he? ” Debbie asked, looking at him.


“The Iron Swordsman.” Ye Chui said.


Booth then continued, “Yes. If the church comes to judge you, with the reputation of Iron Swordsman, you will not be taken away by the church. If the real Dark Magician is caught, it will prove that Dawkins is innocent. Even the Saint Word Insect can be removed by the royal family of the Matan Empire,who can negotiate with the church. As for the death of Holy Spirits, I don’t think the Church will haggle over it. The Church used Holy Spirits and Saint Word Insect to deal with Dawkins and failed. If such a news breaks out, it would bring shame to the Church. So, they would rather keep it secret. “


“Exactly!” Alfea’s eyes lit up, and she looked happily at Ye Chui. “Hammer, did Teacher kill the Holy Spirit in the Dark Forest? Was he hurt? Where is he now? “


Ye Chui was about to answer her, but just then, Balmain burst into the courtyard, “Lord Eric, Mr. Booth, Bishop Faria is outside Antony’s Magic Cottage, and he has incited a group of citizens to judge the Dark Magician. The Iron Swordsman is with him!” He said with anxiety.




Everybody was confused about what he said. How could the Iron Swordsman be with Bishop Faria? What’s more, they come together to judge Dawkens?


Ye Chui laughed with fury: [Damn you! To think you would dare disguise yourself as the Iron Swordsman when  facing the true Iron Swordsman?]



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