Omni-Magician – Chapter 170, One shot, One kill

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


There was a sudden ‘bang’ on the door from outside the shop; a rough knock with not semblance of delicacy.


“What are they going to do with my shop, Antony’s Magic Cottage? ” Debbie, who carried Gatling on her shoulder, was walking outside with anger. Alfea and Eric, followed her.


Ye Chui was ready to go to his room first, putting on Iron Swordsman armor should be his first priority. Afterall, the Iron Swordsman was perfect at solving this problem.


“Faria has come prepared for this. As he has chosen to come here at this time, I’m afraid he must have thought you were wounded in the battle. If he let the pretenders fight against you, Hammer, do you have confidence in defeating him?” Booth did not leave the room and said that. “You met the Holy Spirits in the dark forest, who are renowned to be powerful. Haven’t you gotten injured? “


“No.” Ye Chui shook his head and walked into his bedroom.


“That’s right, How many Holy Spirits did you meet in the Dark Forest?” Booth continued asking. The Red Eagle’s message said that you saw the Holy Spirits without telling me the number of them.


“Oh, 18. ” Ye Chui said casually.


“Eighteen!?” Booth coughed, surprised. He had thought that they met no more than six Holy Spirits. However, there were totally 18, who attacked Ye Chui and others. 


[18… even before I entered the Specialist Realm, I could not easily kill them all.] He looked at Ye Chui and thought.


 “Were they all killed by you? “


Ye Chui nodded and said,”Yes.” He had entered the room, and after seeing that Booth followed him, he apologized to Booth, “Teacher, I’m going to change my clothes.”


When Booth left the room, Ye Chui closed the door and pulled out the mutilated armor of the Iron Swordsman. The long sword and arms were missing and the greaves were covered with tiny veins. In order to hide his identity as Hammer, he also deliberately took off the Magician Robe and placed the Iron Swordsman suit but after placing the armor on, he has his arms bared.


His armor was so ragged that he looked miserable.


[I create the Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 quickly] He said to himself in the heart. Finally, he left the room.


Booth, who was standing outside, gave him a look with surprise. [They must have suffered a terrible battle in the dark forest. But he could kill eighteen Holy Spirits by himself, he exceeded my expectations. He truly is a student worthy of my teachings] Booth nodded a greeting and hurriedly walked out.


Outside Antony’s Magic Cottage, even though it was midnight, the streets were full of people. The Dark Magicians represented evil’s incarnate in the minds of the common people. So Bishop Faria, who had lost his reputation, was still able to easily encourage the citizens to judge the Dark Magician. What’s more, the Iron Swordsman, who was the national hero of Stan City, was following Faria.


However, Ye Chui couldn’t stay calm when he met the pretender. Even though the armor style of the pretender was exactly the same. His armor was full of Enchanting Lines, white lines on the pretender’s armor were drawn by a pen. [How could this kind of armor pretend to be Iron Swordsman armor? It is so low-grade that it can be considered as trash.] He thought.


As they walked out of the magic store, Debbie, who carried Gatling, was arguing with Faria.


“My Gods, you have harboured a Dark Magician that even the Gods can not tolerate. Miss Debbie, I hope you can admit your sins. The woman behind you is the evil Dark Magician, deliver her to the Church and confess your sins.” Bishop Faria in his vestment said in justice. 


“It is just your personal view that she’s a Dark Magician. You must show your evidence.” Debbie argued that.


“The eyes of Seven Gods can see all the truth of the world. The wish of the Seven Gods is to arrest Dawkins. If you protect Dawkins, you are disobeying the wishes of the Seven Gods.” Faria suddenly, pointing to the Iron Swordsman who was posing beside him. “Let us invite the hero of Stan City to judge, and he will tell us whether Dawkins is really the Dark Magician.”


As Faria referred to the pseudo Iron Swordsman, everyone looked at him. Some of the citizens could not help but acclaim. Because of the Iron Swordsman’s fantastic performance during the Beast Tide, he became the belief in the heart of all citizens. If he also believes that Dawkins is the Dark Magician, then the citizens will follow him.


Faria sneered. Though Eric made the Iron Swordsman a hero after the Beast Tide, in the end he became a tool in his hands. He saw Dawkins standing next to Eric and her slightly alarmed appearance confirmed that she had indeed been infected by the Saint Word Insect. If Dawkins was the same as before, Faria would never have the courage to judge her.


The pretender, who was very glad to see the people acclaiming, came out of the crowd by waving his hands. He cleared his throat, and was ready to speak.


And then.


“Hey, the next time you pretend to be me, please make the armor a little bit more alike. What you wear is causing me to lose face.” Ye Chui said as he came out of Antony’s Magic Cottage and tapped Debbie’s shoulder as he approached Debbie.


When Debbie saw Ye Chui wearing ragged armor, her eyes were full of concern, but then she felt anger and she was holding the Gatling on her back.


“Teacher!”Alfea called out to him in a low voice. She is very worried about the Iron Swordsman. When she saw he was fine, she could finally relax a bit. But when she saw how ragged his armor was, she worried again.


The citizens began to express doubt once another Iron Swordsman appeared.


What’s more, this Iron Swordsman was in dilapidated armor.


Faria looked at Ye Chui for a moment. [ The one who killed the eighteen Holy Spirits was indeed the Iron Swordsman.]


[However, he should have been injured and I must take this opportunity to kill him.]


With this in mind, he winked at the pretender, and then stood up with a righteous face. He pointed to Ye Chui and said, “Seven Gods bless us! How dare you pretend to be the Iron Swordsman?”


“Screw you!” Ye Chui argued against him. “I am the true Iron Swordsman.”


“You are lying. How could such a brave man look so terrible?” Faria queried him in front of citizens. “The Iron Swordsman saved us from the Beast Tide, and even in the Beast Tide, he was neatly dressed. He must be a pretender!”


The citizens murmured that the style of Ye Chui did not accord with the valiant impression of Iron Swordsman they had in mind before.


The fake Iron Swordsman jumps out with his sword. “I am the real Iron Swordsman. How dare you pretend to be me. You even cooperate with the Dark Magician. Whoever you are, I can not entrust the citizens under your care. I challenge you to a duel!”


As soon as he said this, Faria was afraid that Ye Chui would not agree with the duel and he shouted, “Everyone can see how courageous the Iron Swordsman is. Since you call yourself the Iron Swordsman, you must not refuse this challenge, right? “


All citizens also shouted.


“Yes! Battle!”


“The man who wins is the true Iron Swordsman. “


“The true Iron Swordsman will not lose.”


Debbie, Alfea, and others were concerned that the Iron Swordsman might have been hurt in a fight with the eighteen Holy Spirits. The pretender may have some skills, so they don’t know if Ye Chui could deal with him. Ye Chui looked at him and simply responded, “Of course, I accept your challenge.”


The false Iron swordsman sneered, and immediately he walked toward Ye Chui.


Faria took one look at Booth and the others. He shouted, “In the name of the Seven Gods, this is a fair contest, and no one shall intervene in this fight.”


“Don’t worry, I’m not a shameless person.” Booth snorted, knowing that Faria was referring to him. Though, in his heart, he held the deepest wish for Ye Chui to win this battle, and go over to Bishop Faria and ‘bitch slap’ him.


“Let us begin!” The false Iron Swordsman laughed grimly, he licked his lips softly behind his mask, and then roared. Quickly, he rushed towards Ye Chui. He pulled out his sword, which also had strange patterns on it; much like Ye Chui’s sword. He immediately started to used a powerful skill, Intermediate Attack Skill, <Quick Thunder Chaos Dance>


He was a Rank 6 Iron Swordsman, who would do anything for money. What’s more, he was one of those who did not participate in killing the Magic Beasts during the Beast Tide.  He was strong and crafty. The main reason for agreeing to pretend to be the Iron Swordsman and following Faria’s request, besides being well paid, was that Faria had ensured that the Iron Swordsman had been seriously wounded.


Naturally, he doubted Faria’s claims. Even while they walked toward Anthony’s Magic Cottage, he was still in doubt. But after he saw the state of the Iron Swordsman, his doubts vanished.


[Killing the hero of Stan City, Heh Heh, how wonderful.] 


And then.


Lightning Beam


Ye Chui opened up his arms and a light burst out from his chest.


As soon as the light beam hit the sword created by the fake Iron Swordsman, the sword broke. Seeing his trusted weapon destroyed in a single hit caused fear to rapidly swell up. A voice screamed in his head ‘Dodge!’ However, there was no time. The light beam struck his body, penetrated into his armor, and went through his chest.


He did not even have time to scream. His body took on the formidable attack and flew. Only after a few seconds did it finally drop to the ground, unable to move.


It was ‘One shot, One kill’.


Everyone who was watching could only keep silent.


Ye Chui put down his arms and looked at the dead pretender who was on the ground, then he laughed at Faria, “If you’re looking for someone to pretend to be me, please find someone at least stronger than him. Can such a loser pretend to be me, which make me felt ashamed.”


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