Omni-Magician – Chapter 171, I Can Change My Armor and Get a New Identity!

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Ye Chui did not speak aloud, but at the moment, the street was so silent that almost everyone could hear what Ye Chui had said. The fake Iron Swordsman, who they thought was real, due to how much neater he looked, was now an obvious scammer in their eyes. This was after Ye Chui managed to beat him in just one hit. 


The huge disparity between them shocked everyone, and then, someone took the lead in shouting “Iron Swordsman!”. Soon, the rest followed and that name echoed throughout the streets.


A lot of people were talking about it.


“In the Beast Tide, I saw the Iron Swordsman use this skill, this superpower was unleashed from his chest. When he used this beam, any Magic Beasts that rushed to him would get sent into the air!”


“The Iron Swordsman is a true hero of Stan City. He’s just too amazing!”


“Damn it! I almost believed that pretender. How stupid am I!”


In such a noisy environment, Faria’s face became indescribably ugly. Even though Ye Chui‘s armor was in tatters, he was still strong enough to kill the eighteen Holy Spirits and an experienced Rank 6 Swordsman in one round!


Faria was an insightful man. He had known that the Iron Swordsman’s greatest strength was from his armor. He just didn’t know that though the armor was so badly worn out, it could still release such powerful skill! He cursed in his heart, [sooner or later I will let the Iron Swordsman be punished by the Seven Gods, and I will possess this magic armor.] 


Then, suddenly, he stood up, and shouted with rage in his face, “Damn it! The mercy of the Seven Gods can not forgive his crime!”


He took out a red-covered Bible and turned to one particular page.


<Holy Word: Fire of Purification>


Booth’s face changed. How could Faria attack now? His hand moved slightly, and an invisible wall of space appeared in front of Ye Chui. However, to everyone’s amazement, Bishop Faria did not use the Fire of Purification to attack Ye Chui, but to attack the false Iron Swordsman who was lying on the ground. 


It was a blue flame, which was so weak that it seemed to extinguish at any moment. However, when it burned into the body of the false Iron Swordsman, both his body and armor immediately turned to ashes.


Ye chui laughed coldly. Did Faria burn the corpse to destroy the evidence?


He stared at Faria to see what he would do.


“This impudent fellow has deceived me! He is not the Iron Swordsman, the great hero of Stan City!” Faria put away his Bible with anger on his face. “But the glory of the Seven Gods has shone upon me so that I can now differentiate between good and evil. You are the true Iron Swordsman.”


“Ha ha.” Ye Chui sneered at Bishop Faria upon listening to his words.


Faria gave him a salute, which the church only does to its honored guests, and continued to speak, “Respectful Iron Swordsman, Thank you for protecting the citizens of Stan City. I am sure you will go on protecting them, right? “


“Cut the crap!” Ye Chui talked to him. He pointed to Dawkins, who was standing between Debbie and Alfea. Meanwhile, while Dawkins was expressing confusion, and wanted to understand what was happening, Ye Chui continued “I’ll take care of the girl from now on! There is no evidence that she is the Dark Magician, and I promise you, citizens of Stan City, whether she is the Dark Magician or not, from this day onwards, she will be guarded until the truth is out!”


“Only the church possesses the right to judge the Dark Magician.” Faria was livid. “Dawkins would be better off being imprisoned in the church! “

“You mean the church is more truthful than me?” Ye Chui sneered, “In the Beast Tide, what was your church doing? “


“We protect the citizens according to the will of the Seven Gods. What we do is for the safety of people in Stan City!” Faria expostulated.


“For the safety of the people in Stan City?” Ye Chui sneered again. He suddenly looked around the people in the city and shouted, “do you think that it is safer for Miss Dawkins to be under my guard, or for her to be imprisoned in the church?”


The reason that Ye Chui asked, is to directly compete with the church in terms of popularity. And it was clear that Ye Chui, as Stan City’s national hero, his popularity is now far higher than the church.


“Of course it’s safer under the Iron Swordsman!” Almost all of the citizens shouted together.


Ye Chui smiled and nodded, looking at Faria. “Bishop Faria. You see, this is the will of the people in Stan City. The Church should respect their decision, should they not?”


Faria, whose face had gone red with anger, suddenly whispered to Ye Chui, “Iron Swordsman, you’d better think about what you are doing, if you insist on going against the Church of Seven Gods, you will not have a good end!”


“Do you think I am frightened?” He answered Faria in a low voice, with a mocking tone. “You have already let out Holy Spirits to attack me in the dark forest. If you want, you can send more of them to kill me. How about eighteen again?”


Faria’s lips trembled, [Holy Spirits are not as cheap as cabbage!] He gave a cold look to Ye Chui and warned, “You are declaring war on the Church!”


Ye Chui shrugged. It sounded serious, but he had thought about it carefully. He was not afraid of any war, because it was the Iron Swordman who declared it, not Ye Chui himself. He can always invent new armor and change his own identity. 


“You’d better figure out where you stand!” Faria said, and prepared to leave.


“Bishop Faria,” he said suddenly, “The event about the Dark Magician is very serious, and in order to put off your doubts…” he raised his hand suddenly, and a white light flashed in his hand. In the next moment, a transparent space wall suddenly wrapped around Antony’s Magic Cottage. If you look from the sky, you can see that Antony’s Magic Cottage and the courtyard behind it was cut off from all sides by a space wall. This was an advanced Space Defensive Spell <Valhalla’s Gate>. Since Booth entered the Specialist Realm, he would be able to maintain this spell indefinitely. So, he continued to say, “I can assure you that before the real Dark Magician is arrested, Antony’s Magic Cottage will be the most secure location in Stan City, and no one will enter or leave without my permission.”


What Booth said sounded great, however, anyone that knew him, knew that his real goal was to protect Dawkins. Because of his position in Matan Empire, Booth could not directly go against that the church’s judgement on Dark Magician. However, he could ‘help’ the church to judge the Dark Magician and so that no one could find fault in his actions.


Faria left there with anger.


Onlookers of the city could not help to surround Ye Chui to express their respect and admiration,  only to disperse after half an hour.


Ye Chui and the others went back to Antony’s Magic Cottage.


The church tried to kill Dawkins, but under the protection of the Iron Swordsman, the church could no longer target her. As long as she stayed in Antony’s Magic Cottage, under the protection of <Valhalla’s Gate>, the church had to tolerate her.


As a man had entered the Specialist Realm, he will be given the position as a baron, a member of the royal family in Matan Empire. so neither Booth nor Eric Lord, could directly intervene with the church’s decisions. If they did it, it meant that they were declaring war on the Church, which could cause a huge issue. But now Booth has released the spell, <Valhalla’s Gate>, in the name of helping the church to supervise Dawkins, he could not be considered as ‘intervening with the church’.


“Miss Dawkins, from this day on, you will remain in Antony’s Magic Cottage, this is the safest place in all of Stan City.” Booth said to Dawkins, “Eric and I will do our best to arrest the actual Dark Magician, and if we succeed, your accusations will be dismissed and the church will have no excuse to harm you. If they try to do anything, I will not tolerate it, even from the standpoint of the Mantan Empire. No matter how horrendous the world is in secret, the world is still reasonable on the surface. “


“Thank you, Mr. Booth.” Dawkins nodded. Many things happened today so she seemed exhausted.


“Alfea, stay here for a few days, too.” Eric said that after thinking for a moment. “Faria will most likely pretend that nothing has happened in the dark forest, but he may still sneak up on you. Stay here. It is the safest place for you.”


“Yes, father. ” Alfea nodded.


Booth and Eric then left Antony’s Magic Cottage.


Now people remaining in the backyard were Debbie, Afea, Dawkins, Vivian, and Ye Chui, who wore his Iron Swordsman armor.


By this time, Ye Chui had finally explained his identity to Debbie. He glanced at Afea, Vivian, and Dawkins, and wondered if he should expose his identity to them, too. The three girls are completely trustworthy, but Ye Chui do not want to let too many people know about his secret identity.


While he was thinking about it, she saw Debbie was watching him with cold eyes as she approached.



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