Omni-Magician – Chapter 172, It Turned Out That Hammer Had Been Protecting Her All This Time!

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Translator: Gici

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As the saying goes, when a pair of lovers are deeply in love, they often produce telepathy that allows the two to understand the thoughts and communicate with each other through their eyes; more magical than communicating with Spirits Power between Magicians. 

Ye Chui felt that he and Debbie already had such a wonderful telepathy.

He, who watched Debbie approaching aggressively, immediately raised his eyebrows, and made an eye gesture to her, ‘Don’t be impulsive, it’s my fault that I have deceived you all the time, but could you put aside this matter for now? And it is best you keep my identity  secret, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. For the time being, pretend that you know nothing and we will talk about this in detail later!’


Debbie noticed Ye Chui’s gaze and she blinked.

Ye Chui breathed a sigh of relief, after affirming that he and Debbie really had that kind of telepathy.

Then, Debbie queried, “Hammer, why didn’t you tell me that you were Iron Swordsman?!”

Ye Chu, shocked, asked back, “what did you want to express when you blinked at me?”


Debbie: “What blink? I blinked because I glared at you for such a long time already!”

Ye Chui “…”

The fact of the day, telepathy between lovers is nothing but a lie.

Alfea , Vivian, and Dawkins, who were standing nearby, were shocked at the same time. They looked toward Ye Chui, thinking, [Is Hammer really the Iron Swordsman?]

“Debbie, what are you talking about?” [How could Hammer be the Iron Swordsman?] Alfea said in shock.

Vivian also peered around subconsciously. She seemed to be looking for Ye Chui, but she soon found out that there was a crowd in the courtyard. caught by surprise, she asked “Where is the Boss? Is the Boss really the Iron Swordsman?”

Dawkins also showed a surprised expression, looking at a large tree on the side of the yard, and said with a look of surprise: “No wonder… I have long suspected that your relationship with the Iron Swordsman is not normal…” 


Sweat started to roll down his face as Ye Chui coughed, pretending to be surprised: “Debbie, what are you talking about, how could I be a Iron Swordsman? He he, you’ve got to be kidding.”


“Are you kidding me?” Debbie tore off his mask, and the little girl put her hands on her hips aggressively, like a little tigress. Why do you as a Magician, follow others to fight? What’s the big deal with wearing this armor? Do you know that I can’t help dreaming about trashing the Iron Swordsman to a pulp billions of times by now?”

 Ye Chui: “……”


[There must be some kind of misunderstanding, right?] At this time, Alfea said with a trembling voice, “How is this possible? How could Master be Hammer? There must be something wrong.  Debbie, what you say isn’t true right? Hammer, Please tell me that it must be the Master who made you pretend to be him, right?”

Ye Chui sighed. He originally planned to hide his identity from Alfea, Vivian, and Dawkins, but he didn’t expect that Debbie would tell off his secret so easily. He rubbed his eyebrows helplessly and said to Alfea. “I’m your master, and the Iron Swordsman Tony Stark is me, really.”

“You’re lying!” Alfea shouted. [ How could I like Hammer!] “Your voice is nothing alike!”

“I deliberately make my voice huskier after putting on the armor.” Ye Chui said that with a husky voice.

Alfea denied: “No, my master’s voice is more magnetic and more pleasant!”

Ye Chui: “…”

Debbie turned her head and glanced at Alfea with pity, as if the broken girl seemed to be on the verge of collapse. “The Hammer is really the Iron Swordsman. Today, when we were teleported to the dark forest, he told me himself. Alfea, you should think about it carefully. When we met the Holy Spirit, we were already in the dark forest. How could the Iron Swordsman have time to save us? The Hammer is the Iron Swordsman.”

Alfea still couldn’t believe it. 


“Gu Ji?” Dragon Baby seemed to realize that the atmosphere had become a little strange, he jumped up and down on Ye Chui’s shoulders, looking curious.

Debbie’s attention turned to the Dragon Baby. She thought of her speculation in the tomb and asked him, “And what the hell is going on with that Baby? Don’t tell me that he was bought with ten copper coins. Who would believe that?”

“You believed it before!” After seeing Debbie’s eyes flare up, Ye Chui quickly kept his mouth shut and realized that he couldn’t continue to hide it anymore. Several girls witnessed the scene where the Dragon Baby in the tomb frightened the other Magic Beasts. He couldn’t hide it anymore, so he sighed and explained, “Well, the Dragon Blooded Beast we encountered in the dark forest was actually the baby’s mother. When we strayed into the dark forest, you fainted and didn’t know it at that time. We were captured by an Intermediate Magic Beast, which Snow Dragon Beast Controlled. She was seriously injured and was about to die. So, she tasked me to take care of her baby.”

“How is that possible for a female Dragon to entrust her baby to a Magician from the Human Race?” Dawkins was shocked. “I’ve never heard of such a thing! Didn’t she ask you to sign a Servant Contract with her baby?”

“Uh… yeah… The Servant Contract was established by the female dragon, and originally the baby was the master and I was a servant, but when the baby was born, I managed to reverse it.” Ye Chui explained.

“You reverse the Servant Contract established by the female dragon !?” Dawkins was too shocked to look straight at him.


“I couldn’t do it alone…” Ye Chui looked at Vivian gratefully, “It was thanks to Vivian.”

“What?” Vivian froze for a moment, questioning him strangely, “Me? I… I didn’t do anything.”

“You did…” Ye Chui whispered with shame on his face, “The newborn baby was attracted by your chest and then gave up the Servant Contract.”

Everyone: “…”

Several girls looked at the Dragon Baby standing on Ye Chui’s shoulder and they suddenly became very quiet. They have never heard of a Magic Beast with Dragon Blood being conquered by the a girl’s bosom. What’s more, the Dragon Baby possesses <Dragon Might>, a talent skill which indicates it had the purest of Dragon Blood.

Then Debbie suddenly glared at Ye Chui angrily, and said with a flushed face, “Hammer, You I’m still going to give you hell!”

[What? Is it about changing her clothes? Yes, it must be that…] Ye Chui coughed, and was about to apologize, but then Debbie’s action instantly made him completely dumbfounded. Debbie reached out her hand and said to Alfea Confidently. “Alfea, are the four thousand gold coins that belong to the Iron Swordsman still with you? I will be keeping it! “

Ye Chui: “…”


[Whatever the case, this girl could never forget her soul was that of a miser…]

But the more than 4,000 gold coins in Alfea were, in the end, not confiscated by Debbie. This was mainly because then Ye Chui said that he needed the money to create a new Iron Swordsman Armor: 3.0. With his armor all worn out now, a new set is needed. At this important juncture, time. Although Debbie was a miser, she handed the 40 gold coin cards to Ye Chui.

(Silavin: Each coin card represents 100 gold coins for those that do not remember.)


In fact, Debbie’s response has been much better than Ye Chui expected.


He had thought that after telling Debbie his true identity, she would have cried or lost her temper.


However, Debbie was calmer than he had thought. In fact, this was thanks to the time she spent in the tomb. After her discovery, Debbie did not calm down for a long time, and her mood was complex. She felt anger, and surprise but as she slowly recalled the scenes with the Iron Swordsman: Skull Town surrounded by Wind Wolves; adventures in the dark forest; cooperation side by side when the Beast Tide came. She realized something.

[The Hammer has always been protecting me!]

Although Debbie hated the Iron Swordsman because of certain things, when she discovered his true identity, all she could feel was touched.

After coming out of the tomb, though she stared angrily at him, in her heart there was no rage at all.

Of course, pretending to be angry was still necessary to teach him a lesson.

Past 10 in the evening, in the bathroom of Anthony’s Enchanted Cottage.

Because the house of Anthony’s Magic Cottage had originally been a mansion in Stan City, the bathroom is large and comfortable. The magic-driven water heater can hot water with varying temperature for 24 hours a day. Today, after battles, one after another. Ye Chui was  exhausted. He prepared a pool of hot water in the bath, and took a hot shower before dipping inside the bath. He was deep in thought, thinking about how to develop Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 . The new armor will need all the magic knowledge he has learnt so far, and with Dawkins aware of his identity, he can also ask her for help. Her fire magic and lightning magic can make the Iron Swordsman armor improve several times over. 

When he was thinking about it, Ye Chui suddenly felt someone approaching towards the bathroom.

Ye Chui could release his Spiritual Powers. Although he can only talk telepathyically using his Spiritual Power to those with a meter around him, he can easily use it to detect the slight movement within 10 meters of himself. So, he knew that someone was preparing to sneak into the bathroom.

From the petite figure on the glass door of the bathroom, Ye Chui determined that the person was none other than Debbie. But this still confused him.

[What does she want to do?]


 [She should know that I am taking a bath, right now. Right?]


Outside the bathroom, Debbie’s face was flushed with nervousness and shyness. But her eyes were not those of someone willing to relent. “Hmm, Hammer has seen my body. It’s not fair, so I need to see his body !”


After saying those words to herself, she opened the bathroom door …

However, there was no one in the bathroom!

At the corner of the bathroom’s bathtub, Ye Chui, who was holding Booth’s stealth Magic Wand, staring at Debbie who appeared at the door of the bathroom. [What does this girl plan on doing?]

“What?” [Is he done? ] Debbie couldn’t help feeling regretful when she found that the bathroom was empty.

At this moment, Vivian’s voice came out suddenly. “Debbie, has the boss already taken his bath?”

“Yeah… he’s done…” Debbie responded.

“Great!” This time, Alfea’s voice appeared, “I have been closed in the tomb for several hours, and I feel dirty. Now, it’s our turn. Miss Dawkins, that’s the toilet. The bathroom is over here. No worries. I’ll lead you to the bathroom.”


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