Omni-Magician – Chapter 173, Mother of Glasses will be born!

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Ye Chui, who was squatting in the corner of the bath, watched the four girls enter the bathroom. Their adventure in the dark forest and experience in the tomb bonded the four girls. So, they did not mind taking a bath together, and the experience of sharing life and death with each other greatly solidified their friendship.


Ye Chui wanted to stand up and sneak away, but when he was just about to get up from the hot water, Debbie closed the bathroom door and took off her dirty inner armor.


As She was removing her clothes, she saw Ye Chui’s clothes lying on the floor at the corner of the bathroom, the little girl clicked her tongue and said, “How could Hammer not take back his dirty clothes!”


The lump on the floor grew bigger as she threw her inner armor into it.


The next moments were simply unforgetable for Ye Chui. The few girls that laughed merrily, began to take off their clothes…


Dragon Baby, which was lying comfortably in Vivian’s arms, was placed gently on the edge of the bath. The little guy gurgled twice, and suddenly turned his head to where Ye Chui was standing. Though he could not see Ye Chui, he could sense his presence through the Servant Contract. Therefore, he became puzzled. [What is the master doing stealthily?]


“You little thing, Do not expose me!” Ye Chui immediately said to the Dragon Baby through the Servant Contract.


“Gu gi?” Dragon Baby asked a question.


Noticing the call, Vivian came over and picked up the Dragon Baby: “What’s wrong with you, baby?”


“Gu Ji” Dragon Baby’s attention was decisively shifted to a certain aspect, and he plunged happily.


For reasons everyone understands by now, we can’t describe the following in detail. So, let’s keep it in our imagination. In short, Ye Chu stayed nervously and excitedly in the corner of the bathtub, holding the stealth Magic Wand tightly in his hands. The happiness and excitement he felt came too fast, too fiercely, and he could not bear it…


Ye Chui turned his eyes to the stealth wand in his hands. Any trace of magic interference can immediately remove the invisibility effect. It can be said that this magic wand is almost useless in the battle. [I really wondered what Booth invented it for…]


Suddenly, Ye Chui thought that Booth had actually looked as inscrutable as Gandalf, but he would occasionally show traces of perversion…


[I don’t know if I can equip the stealth function with my new armor.]


The whole experience almost lasted an hour, and Ye Chui finally managed to crawl out of the bathroom.


What made him have the urge to vomit blood, was that Debbie took away his clothes before she left, so Ye Chui was naked when he ran back to his room …


The whole night was silent.


Early morning, the next day, the Dragon Baby who was originally following Vivian, returned to Ye Chui. The little guy was calm when he was next to his Master. Ye Chui patted his head and placed him on the side. He got up from the bed, got dressed, stretched his waist, and went to the washroom. He walked into the research room, and from now, he would be using his full attention to develop the new armor!


He already had a preliminary idea for the new armor, but he still needed the help of Dawkins to complete it. He needed to integrate Dawkins’ understanding of lightning and fire into the armor. Although Dawkins cannot use magic, however, knowledge of magic theory is invaluable, allowing Ye Chui to perfect many functions of the new armor.


Normally, Dawkins would not be willing to help him, but the situation was vastly different now. In some ways, Ye Chui has to thank Faria.


When it was time for breakfast, Ye Chui came out of the laboratory. In the kitchen on the ground floor, he saw the four girls sitting at the dining table, relaxing. Anthony’s Magic Cottage was guarded by Booth’s spell, which meant that they were safe. But this was also equivalent to house arrest, especially for Vivian and Dawkins, who had lost their powers and felt uneasy.


In fact, Vivian was better off. This naive girl had always thrown around the Bible. But Dawkins was different. She had a variety of discomforts. There weren’t many indications yesterday, but now, it was starting to show. Especially with the loss of her magic power. Now, she can no longer resist the cold and has to wear more clothes. Furthermore, her highly myopic eyes deepened her insecurity.


When Ye Chui came to the kitchen, she sat at the dining table with her arms around her shoulders. She didn’t know whether it was because of the cold or because she was afraid, but she hadn’t felt like this for a long time. She stared at the dining table in front of her, which caused anyone who saw her to feel a sense of pity.


Debbie, Alfea, and Vivian looked at Ye Chui, and the expressions of them were still a bit strange. This might be because they were still shocked that Ye Chui was the Iron Swordsman.


In fact, Debbie had known since she was transported into the tomb, yesterday. However, the shock Alfea felt was undoubtedly huge. She had no prejudice toward the Hammer, but she didn’t have a good opinion of the Magician. She envied the romantic feeling between Debbie and him, fantasizing that she and the Iron Swordsman could have such a deep relationship …


But the Hammer is the Iron Swordsman, which was an issue!


“Boss…” Vivian arranged a seat for Ye Chui and looked straight at him. She thought of the adjectives that Ye Chui used to describe the Iron Swordsman before. Powerful and cool, were all used to describe himself, so the boss was really narcissistic.


The breakfast is Vivian’s special breast enlargement breakfast, which is a simple vegetable soup with dry bread and some pickles. Ye Chui has been tired of eating such meals as of late, but the strange thing is, though the girls were always picky, Debbie and Alfea ate it with relish. It was true that women made great sacrifices for their body…


Dawkins didn’t eat much for breakfast. She was in a low mood, quickly placing down her chopsticks and leaving the dining table. When Ye Chui finished his breakfast, he walked out of the kitchen and saw Dawkins sitting on the stairs, leading to the courtyard. She looked at the courtyard wall in front of her with faint eyes. Her field of vision was probably blurry. In fact, she should just be in a daze.


Ye Chui sat down beside her.


Darkins turned her head to look at Ye Chui. It took a long time but when she recognized that Ye Chui had arrived next to her, she nodded, and continued to stare at the wall.


“What’s wrong with your eyes?” Ye Chui asked softly.


“They were broken because I was reading too many books …”


Dawkins hesitated for a while, but finally decided to tell Ye Chui something. Maybe she felt the need to talk to someone now. “When I was a kid, something happened to my parents. Although I survived with the help of my father’s friends, our relationship was awkward. At that time, I only had one thought. To become powerful. To find the Dark Magician who had bewitched my parents and kill him for revenge. So I worked hard and read countless books in order to learn magic. Unknowingly, I had received the title of genius magician, but in fact, I understood myself. My talent was subpar. It was just because I have been studying hard since childhood. At the end, my eyes have become worse, to the point where I could be described as blind … “


At the end of the day, Dawkins’ voice became lower and lower, and her hands were holding her shoulders, started to shake.


“Maybe… I can help you regain your sight.” Ye Chui suddenly said.


Dawkins was stunned, she turned her head to look at him but with her myopic eyes it was hard to pinpoint where he was. “You… what are you talking about?”


“Actually, long ago, I found out that your eyes were actually due to shortsightedness. You don’t need to care what shortsighted means, but it’s not very serious.” Ye Chui quickly explained, “I can make a tool that can help you regain your eyesight and see like an ordinary person.”


There was ecstasy and longing on Dawkins’ face. “Really? Are you serious?”


“Yeah.” Ye Chui said quickly, “but … It is not free.”


“You have helped me a ton already, so I can promise you whatever you want and anything is OK!” Dawkins said excitedly.


[Eh… how can she say something so passionate so easily?] Ye Chui felt embarrassed as he smiled, “I want you…”


He accidentally coughed at just that exact moment. Apparently, It seems that he ate some too salty earlier.


Dawkins’ expression changed.


Ye Chui hurriedly continued: “ I want your knowledge. My new armor needs your understanding of the lightning and fire, and I want to add them to my armor. In addition, I hope you can guard the secret, that I am the Iron Swordsman.”


Dawkins obviously relaxed and said with a smile, “Well, I will do my best to help you, and I will never tell anyone about your secret!”


“Then it’s done!” Ye Chui smiled smugly. The theoretical knowledge from a Dual Element, rank 9 magician is more than enough to improve the performance of his Iron Swordsman armor! He stood up with a smile, “No time to lose! Let me first help you. Come, we need to test how short-sighted you are!”


Although Ye Chui didn’t know how to test for myopia, he had to change his glasses very frequently in his past life. Because, he had been sitting in front of the computer for countless hours. So, he went to the optical store very often, and was familiar with the general process. He can simply help Dawkins to measure the distance she can see. And through some rough calculations use something like glass or crystal and let Dov create the glasses. It should not be too difficult.


The Mother of Glasses is about to be born!


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