Omni-Magician – Chapter 21, Killed by the Iron Swordsman’s flame

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Icicle

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


The set of battle armour that was dumped at the corner of the room used to be Carrey’s many years ago. Made using the most ordinary black iron, the battle armour weighed at 10 kilogrammes and could protect all parts of the body. Back then, though he only owned it for a few months, Carrey begged his father for a new set of tin battle armour which was lighter and prettier.


Even if this clumsy battle armour could be sold, it would be worth at most a few copper coins – not much more than the price of scrap metal. Hence, Busca left the battle armour in the room, where it slowly rusted and truly became a pile of scrap metal. It was so worthless to him that he did not bother touching it even after spring cleaning.


[The rusty joint areas of the battle armour could render it useless. Even if it was usable, how can a weak Magician like Ye Chui unleash such strength while wearing it?]


But now, the battle armour has suddenly stood up right in front of Quinn’s astonished eyes. Ye Chui was undoubtedly the one in the armour. Quinn then realised the absurdity of the rusty battle armour – the chestplate was covered with a layer of beast skin riddled with holes drilled by worms, the arms were wrapped with tattered pieces of leather and there was a porcelain vase also wrapped in thin strips of beast skin. This image was even more hilarious than the comedy that Quinn had watched.


Quinn’s initial feeling of shock quickly evolved to that of slight mockery. He could approximately guess what Ye Chui was about to do in that battle armour, but didn’t sense that Ye Chui was of any threat to him; he only found it hilarious. Quinn then pointed his long sword at Ye Chui as he giggled, “Little rascal, do you intend to fight with me while wearing that piece of junk?”


“Actually, I would like to say something to taunt and ridicule you, then vent my anger later on when we fight,” Ye Chui’s muffled voice could be heard through the faceplate of the battle armour, “But I’m about to suffocate to death. In order to wear this set of battle armour which is one size bigger, I had no choice but to wrap a layer of beast skin around my body. Now, I perspire profusely. So… let’s cut the crap and let the fun begin.”


(Icicle:  Why the need to explain what you’re wearing????)


[What fun?]


[How would you like to begin?]


[What is fun to you?]


Very soon, Ye Chui made Quinn understand the true meaning of fun. It meant that he was about to have ‘fun’ torturing him.


*Krrk, krrk*


The rusty bearings of the joints of the battle armour only hindered the wearer’s movement. Thus, a loud and jarring creaking sound complemented Ye Chui’s movements. His left arm was very thick as it was covered with a layer of beast skin, and within the beast skin was an old porcelain vase. The opening of the vase which was around the size of a fist was placed at the back of his hand, with a black and shiny opening directly aiming at Quinn.


Quinn was clueless and wasn’t concerned about what Ye Chui was up to. Ye Chui had a magic wand in his hand when he knocked Quinn unconscious using magic spells. Now, he is but a Magician without a magic wand, one that is seen by others as an easy and harmless prey.


Of course, Quinn wasn’t complacent.


The thought of Ye Chui possibly tossing countless magic scrolls like what he did to Carrey flashed in Quinn’s mind. Even if Ye Chui did the exact same thing, Quinn wouldn’t be afraid as the room was very cramped; Quinn could instantly dash to Ye Chui to knock him unconscious or even kill him. In fact, when Quinn got hold of the news of Carrey’s plight, he secretly mocked at his stupidity – the result of the battle wouldn’t be so bad if Quinn was the one fighting instead.

(Silavin: … you are really smart, you know that?)

(Icicle:….it’s the bad guy minion disease, quite prolific)


Therefore, Quinn remained alerted and arrogant. He grasped his long sword and dashed towards Ye Chui, in preparation to knock him unconscious.


He moved, but Ye Chui moved as well.


Quinn was significantly faster than that of Ye Chui’s and he barely needed a second to reach Ye Chui, who was standing just two metres away.


However, Ye Chui only needed a tenth of a second to move his finger.


His left pinkie finger in the battle armour moved.


Suddenly, a large flame burst out of the flower vase which was tied to his left arm.


The huge flame instantly engulfed the eager and confident Quinn.


If one were to open the bracer on Ye Chui’s left hand right now, they would be able to see a parchment congealed into the form of strings, just like wires connecting Ye Chui’s fingers to the opening of the flower vase. Each strip of the parchment had magic symbols carved onto it. They served as messengers, allowing Ye Chui to use his fingers to activate the magic scrolls in the flower vase.


Since parchment could be used as a carrier for magic symbols, it behaved like a lead wire. Through the activation of magic power by Ye Chui’s fingers, the magic scrolls in the flower vase would be ignited. It was probably the first time that someone discovered that parchment could be used for other purposes, besides carving magic scrolls.


A scarlet red raging flame burst out of the flower vase. Its power was much more destructive compared to the flame magic scrolls that Anthony’s Magic Cottage sells. Judging from the extent of the rage, this kind of flame was at least four times more formidable.


This was Ye Chui’s hard-earned result, a culmination of the effort he invested within the last three months, where he had painstakingly managed to understand 17 more magic symbols out of 32, bringing the total number to 22. Ye Chui had actually designed a flame magic spell that was multitudes stronger, but these magic spells could not be borne by a piece of parchment.


The flame erupted from the porcelain vase and spread throughout the cramped space. Furthermore, the high speed at which the flame erupted from the mouth of the vase trailed, sweeping towards Quinn.




Quinn’s pitiful cries which had a hint of sorrow could be heard from within the raging flames. His clothes were instantly obliterated, revealing his reddish skin. His hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard singed while his eyes disintegrated. Quinn came to a stop, brandishing his long sword in pain and screaming at the same time. The originally humid and foul-smelling room was suddenly filled with the stench of burnt flesh.


The flame only remained ablaze for a short while, before it was extinguished.


Ye Chui once again moved his left pinkie and the flame erupted again.


There was a total of five magic scrolls in the porcelain vase. Through the connection between the ‘lead wires’ made from parchment and the fingers of his left hand, the magic scrolls could be activated to be shot out of the vase like projectiles. The temperature within the vase wasn’t high; hence the magic scrolls could be preserved. The hungry flame ate Quinn and his cries became even more pathetic. Quinn tried to hack Ye Chui blindly, but he quickly conceded and retreated backwards from the unbearable pain. He crashed into the table that accompanied Ye Chui for three months, then collapsed to the ground alongside its splinters.


Ye Chui moved his left middle finger and the flame erupted for the third time.


For the past three months, Ye Chui has had to endure the terrible living conditions; the foul-smelling room, Quinn’s incessant scolding, being treated like a slave… Ye Chui’s heart was filled with anger. In his previous life, Ye Chui was a hacker who stuck to his principles, but that did not mean that he was a good person. A hacker is still a hacker no matter what. Ye Chui did not have the best morals and ethics. He openly wished for Quinn to perish in his flames.


Quinn eventually stopped moving. His whole body was now charcoal black, contrasting with his glowing red sword.


Ye Chui confirmed that Quinn was dead.


Ye Chui wanted to continue roasting Quinn, but when he moved his thumb and index finger, the flames did not erupt from the vase. It seems like the flame in the vase lost its effect after the two scrolls within it were burnt.


Ye Chui rammed his arm into the wall at the side and the porcelain vase shattered. He flung his arm to remove the shattered pieces of the flower vase and the tattered beast skin before walking towards Quinn with caution.


Quinn was thoroughly dead.


No one would be able to survive such an intense flame… Considering that this is a fantasy world, there shouldn’t be any level two Swordsman who could survive this.


Ye Chui rotated his wrist and then bent down strenuously to take the bright red long sword from Quinn’s burnt hand. By now, there were footsteps rushing to the room. [Locke is probably dashing down after hearing the commotion…]


Ye Chui walked towards the door with much difficulty.


Of course, the set of battle armour could do more than shooting flames out.




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