Omni-Magician – Chapter 22, The Lightning Attack of the Iron Swordsman

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Icicle

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


“Quinn! Quinn! What happened?!”


Hasty footsteps coupled with Locke’s shouting reverberated through the halls outside the room. Standing at the entrance of the room, Ye Chui grabbed the glowing red long sword. His posture was slightly weird – his two legs were slightly bent and spread apart, one forward and the other backwards, while his chest and hips were pushed forward. It seems like Ye Chui was preparing to receive a powerful blow from his enemy.


Indeed, Ye Chui was about to receive a formidable attack from his opponent.


He calculated the time quietly and waited for Locke’s shadow to peek around the corridor, while his left pinkie moved at the same time.


Each finger on his right hand had a parchment-based lead wire he made which connects to the flame magic scrolls within the flower vase on his right arm. Similarly, all five fingers of his right hand were connected to other parts of his body via the parchment-based lead wires.

(Silavin: That’s… a hell lot of wires.)


The lead wire from his right pinkie traces to his chest area.


A parchment was pasted on his chest and two magic scrolls were hidden under it.


In a few seconds, Locke’s silhouette finally appeared before Ye Chui. Locke obviously had a long sword in his hands. When Locke noticed someone, he immediately made an alerted and preventive move.


Locke had no clue who was under the suit of battle armour but knew that the battle armour was made for Carrey. The sight of the strange and large armoured opponent made him more vigilant.


However, his vigilance was of no use here.


Ye Chui moved his left pinkie.


A bright light emitted through the beast skin on Ye Chui’s chest and became a flash of lightning.


The two scrolls under the beast skin at his chest were four times stronger than the original lightning magic scrolls.


Ye Chui modified the original lightning magic scrolls to the extent that its usage would unleash four times the original destructive power. That means that he had twice of that power ready to use.


With Ye Chui’s programming experience as a hacker, he was able to modify the lightning scrolls he created to a certain extent. Normally, ordinary lightning scrolls would be activated to send out uncontrollable lightning scattering about randomly. However, Ye Chui managed to create this new lightning scroll using his own created functional array, which has the ability to direct the lightning in the desired path.


Taking a stance to balance himself from the recoil scrolls’ eruption, the lightning instantly flashed through the narrow and dank prison cell, illuminating all in its path. Locke was already panic-stricken, and this move only worsened it.


An uncontrollable scream that spoke of torture emerged from within the blinding strike of lightning. Flames were then hailed forth from Ye Chui, relentlessly surrounding and blasting Locke’s body.


If one were to look from a distance, it would seem that a bright blue fist of lightning struck from Ye Chui’s chest out of nowhere. Undaunted by Locke’s long sword, the lightning clouted him and forced him to jump from the ground.


When the prison cell door swung open, Locke’s body flew against the wall from the impact.


The sizzling and zapping sounds created from the sparks accompanied the cracks of bones shattering. Even the renovated cave seemed to vibrate a little, with a few pebbles and dirt dusting from the ceiling.


Such a jolt of power would certainly kill anyone instantly.


It seemed like before Locke hit the wall, he had already been electrocuted.


Ye Chui did not know the exact strength of the current produced from two intermediate lightning scrolls combined. However, he could estimate from the terrifying power that the scrolls displayed could without a doubt electrocute a person. As long as the current invades and conquers the body, it should fry all organs within.


Even with the thick animal skin he had on with his armour suit, Ye Chui could still feel a numb and uncomfortable feeling when the scrolls were used. On top of that, the recoil from using the scrolls forced Ye Chui back several centimetres and left him gasping for breath.


Ye Chui’s eyes lands on Locke’s lifeless body, his skin scattered with burn marks as white smoke oozed out of him.


[He’s dead.] Ye Chui concluded and walked off. Out of the prison cell was a corridor of at least 10 meters long, dimly lit by magic lamps attached to the walls. At the centre of this corridor stood Busca, frozen from shock.


Initially, Busca was following closely behind Locke in this underground passageway. When he walked to the middle, Busca could already see Locke opening the prison cell door. A light then flashed spontaneously, engulfing Locke. In the blink of an eye, he had hit the wall where he now laid dead. The scene turned Busca’s body stiff from fear. His whole body was rooted to the ground.


Busca was forced back into sobriety only when he saw the big suit of armour walking out of the prison cell. Seeking to live another day, Busca turned around and ran towards the exit.


Wearing the set of clumsy and heavy battle armour, Ye Chui had no chance of catching up to Busca. Fortunately, he didn’t have to give chase. Ye Chui raised his right arm and aimed the opening of the second porcelain vase, also wrapped in a layer of beast skin, at the fleeing Busca.


Ye Chui’s right hand still tightly held the bright red long sword. In the next moment, he put the long sword down and against the wall and tore off a part of the beast skin on his right arm to expose a fine thread that was tied to a piece of shattered porcelain. Ye Chui, in the battle armour, clumsily grabbed ahold of the piece of porcelain before giving it a hard tug.


The fine thread that used to belong to the tattered bedsheets he slept in was connected to a particular magic scroll within the porcelain vase. Previously, the only reason the magic scrolls within the porcelain vase could be activated by finger movement is because of the gap at the bottom of the vase. Now, the porcelain vase attached to his right arm was perfectly aligned, and a fine thread was the only means to activate the magic scroll within it.


Ye Chui activated a magic scroll within the porcelain vase when he pulled the fine thread.


It was a double gale magic scroll.


The strong gale blasted into the cramped hallway from the mouth of the porcelain vase. The porcelain vase cracked soon after.


Ye Chui did not have to worry because following the release of the gale magic scroll and the cracking of the porcelain vase, the high pressure exerted on the objects contained in the porcelain vase caused them to bolt out as well.


Indeed, this was Ye Chui’s self-made artillery shell.


He used the power of the gale to launch the artillery shell.


This simple and crude looking shell was laughable in terms of appearance. It was quickly approaching Busca, who was clambering between the walls to save his own life…

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