Omni-Magician – Chapter 23, Iron Swordsman’s Artillery Attack

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


The artillery shell, which was just a small porcelain vase wrapped in a layer of beast skin with strips of paper attached to balance it appeared for the first time in this magic world. The novelty of the concept of an artillery shell seemed incompatible with the magic aura surrounding it.


For the past three months, Ye Chui had rummaged through the pile of trash in the prison cell and took whatever was useful to him. Fortunately, he found a porcelain bottle which was used to store medicine within the stack of tattered beast skins. The medicine in the bottle had already dried up and rotted, but the porcelain bottle was exactly what Ye Chui needed.


The small porcelain bottle happened to be big enough for one magic scroll to be stored inside, and that magic scroll was four times stronger than an ordinary flame magic scroll!


Of the five magic scrolls which he had mastered carving, the lightning magic scroll was the one with the highest lethality. In reality, the flame magic scroll had the strongest destructive power overall for its ease of control.


When a flame suddenly erupts within a cramped space, an intense explosive force would occur due to the high pressure.


The power of one flame magic scroll is equivalent to that of a firecracker.


While Ye Chui was trying to stuff the flame magic scroll into the porcelain bottle, he also added some broken pieces of the porcelain vase. Then, he tightly sealed the bottle and left a fine thread behind to be used as a trigger.


The fine thread was tied to Ye Chui’s wrist. When the porcelain vase flew into the air from the thrust, the fine thread would activate the magic scroll within the vase. Due to his deep understanding of magic scrolls, he was able to do things that many Magicians couldn’t even achieve in their lives. For example, creating a magic matrix on the magic scroll that could be activated by simply pulling at one corner of a scroll.


The strange-looking porcelain bottle, which had strips of paper dangling from it flew towards Busca at lightning speed.


At that moment, Busca had already reached the end of the corridor. While he was trying to drag his plump body up the stairs, he glanced at Ye Chui with a frightened expression.


In the blink of an eye, the porcelain bottle was right in front of Busca’s face.


Then, there was a loud explosion.


There was no way Ye Chui’s clumsily-made artillery shell would accurately hit Busca’s body and explode. Ye Chui could only manufacture the artillery shell based on his instincts; he had to estimate the time needed for the magic scroll within the vase to explode. If it took too long, the vase would shatter, and the magic scroll within it would become an ordinary flame magic scroll. If it was too short, Ye Chui could put himself in grave danger.


Ye Chui invested a lot of his time and effort into producing the scroll-based artillery shell, but it did not explode when it accurately hit the target. Instead, it exploded on the ground two metres in front of Busca.


The flames shot out in all directions with a boom.


Looking from a distance, the artillery shell seemed to be quite powerful.


Despite its simplicity, the artillery shell did have a certain destructive power.


What made Ye Chui satisfied was Busca’s pitiful screams echoing from a distance after the loud explosion.

(Silavin: I like the sadism 😀)


Although the shell exploded two metres in front of Busca, the shattered fragments of porcelain inside the vase as well as the vase itself flew in all directions. Ultimately, the strength of the artillery shell was strong enough to injure Busca thanks to the shrapnel.


As the smoke in the corridor dispersed, Ye Chui, who was still in the set of heavy and thick battle armour looked at Busca sprawling on the ground. Despite being in a pathetic state all covered in blood, Busca quickly got back on his feet and started yelling hysterically while trying to climb up the wooden stairs with much difficulty.


Ye Chui knitted his brows after realising that his artillery shell didn’t kill Busca. He shook his head and hastily walked forward, his hand still gripping the long sword.


Busca crawled up the stairs at a very slow pace, but Ye Chui was even slower with the set of heavy battle armour. Hence, when Ye Chui finally reached the bottom of the staircase, Busca had already disappeared, but his yells could still be heard, “Carrey! Carrey! Where are you? Come here quickly and save me!”


“Father…” Carrey sounded off with worry in his voice as he quickly ran down the staircase. “What happened downstairs?”


“Devil! There is a devil downstairs!” Busca screamed with his hoarse voice, but he was quick to realise something. “No! That’s not right. That devil must be Hammer! It’s him who put on that suit of armour! Carrey, quick! Help me to kill him! Kill him!”


“What happened to Quinn and Locke?” Carrey asked.


“I don’t know what happened to Quinn, but Locke has been killed by that boy! He managed to roast him using some weird lightning magic scroll.” Busca gradually regained his calm demeanour and continued, “You don’t have to fear him, Carrey. Just listen to what I have to say first…”


Their conversation gradually became inaudible.


Standing at the bottom of the set of stairs was Ye Chui, whose body had turned stiff from surprise. He had never expected Carrey to also be here. Even if Carrey had used the Protection of the War God and had a drop in his level, he was still much stronger than both Quinn and Locke combined.


Under Busca’s instructions, Carrey would probably be guarding the exit with his long sword in hand, waiting to ambush Ye Chui.


Ye Chui decided to stay his next move.


He pondered for a moment before turning around and walking to the opposite end of the corridor towards the electrocuted Locke. He then lifted the box, which had plenty of magic scrolls in it.


Once again, he exhaustingly delivered the box of magic scrolls to the bottom of the wooden staircase. By then, Ye Chui was already breathless and hot, but he could nothing but endure it.


He placed the box on the first step of the stairs. He then reached his hand in, took one out, tore it open and tossed it towards the top.


Lightning flashed from above him, then came Busca’s screams.


Ye Chui, revealed a satisfying smile and proceeded to use the second magic scroll, then the third, then the fourth…


A scene from four months ago seemed to have repeated itself.


Busca and Carrey were waiting for Ye Chui to appear at the top of the stairs, but little did they know that the only things that were appearing were magic scrolls.


Flame, lightning, gale, flying dust and stream magic scrolls all playing their part in wreaking havoc at the top of the staircase.


Busca and Carrey instantly transformed into sorry figures. Busca was already injured badly and was bleeding from shrapnel damage, but Carrey was…


Carrey had a psychological barrier with Ye Chui’s method of crazily tossing magic scrolls. Thus, when the magic scrolls were tossed towards the father and son, both of them fled for their lives from the log cabin.


The flame scroll lit the entire log cabin ablaze within seconds, the gale scroll intensified the fire, the flying dust scroll produced dense smoke within the fire, the lightning scroll caused lightning bolts to flash all over the cabin. The stream scroll didn’t seem to have much effect.


Ye Chui, still in the corridor in the basement, started to breathe rapidly as well.


He knew that Carrey and Busca did not have the means to continue guarding his exit route.


Hence, he moved the remaining magic scrolls to the side and started crawling up the stairs amidst the thick smoke. The set of battle armour and the layer of beast skin on his body insulated him from the heat, but only temporarily.


Furthermore, he could start to execute his next killer move once he has managed to crawl to the top…


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