Omni-Magician – Chapter 24, The Flying Attack of the Iron Swordsman

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


The log cabin had been engulfed by the ferocious flames. Thick smoke from fire and dust could be seen billowing from the centre of the cabin. It was constructed using dead logs and dry straw and was about to collapse, showing the intensity of the heat of the flames within the cabin.


Busca, with the support of Carrey’s arm, sat on a wooden stool pitifully. The golden robe which Busca was wearing had become worn and tattered.


Carrey’s face was filled with fear and anxiety as he tightly gripped onto his long sword with his hands. Trembling from fear, he couldn’t help but ask, “Father, that battle armour… Is Hammer really inside that armour?”


“Isn’t it obvious? Is there anyone else in this log cabin, besides Hammer?” Busca responded in a frustrated tone.


It seemed that Locke and Quinn were trapped in the basement of the log cabin, where the blaze caused by Ye Chui’s flame magic scroll continued to spread.


Carrey hoped that the flames would be able to completely seal off the exit of the cabin.


His hopes were crushed soon after.


A silhouette gradually emerged from the tiny log cabin.


Due to the clumsiness of the battle armour and the thick layer of beast skin beneath the metal plates, he was temporarily protected from the heat. However, the thick smoke in the air was going to suffocate him.


Furthermore, the heavy set of battle armour made it very tedious for Ye Chui to climb up the stairs. His exhausted pair of legs made the situation worse. He was about to faint under the extreme temperatures. The remaining few magic scrolls beneath the layers of beast skin on his body and under the battle armour couldn’t last him very long.


Then, he moved his left ring finger and some magic was transmitted to the parchment.


Numerous magic symbols that functioned as transmitters were written densely on the string-like parchment. It extended from Ye Chui’s left hand to the beast skin on his armour’s back with parts of it pasted onto his body.


The instant Ye Chui moved his left ring finger, the beast skin was aroused.


Ye Chui had an idea to fix a thick piece of wild boar skin onto the back of the battle armour firmly and coil it up. The Gale was activated within the coil of wild boar skin and the beast skin was blown upwards. From afar, it seemed like a long pole attached to the armour’s back.


Ye Chui made a wind pouch for himself using the beast skin. He made the wind pouch to propel himself into the sky.


The strong wind that expelled from the pouch was like a bellow blowing on the flames that continued to expand its grip over the wooden cabin. The wind also blew away and smashed several wooden tables and chairs. Even the log cabin itself swayed under the impact of the gale, though it still stood rooted to the ground.


This provided Ye Chui with a strong propelling force. The strength of it made his body move forward a few steps forward uncontrollably. After all, he had no prior practical experience in using such a thing. Although he was unfamiliar with how it worked, he managed to use it pretty well, especially in such an environment. He achieved balance after a while.   


The gale within the wind pouch was produced by the gale magic scroll. Ye Chui developed the scroll and like the advanced flame magic scroll, it had four times the destructive power of a usual gale magic scroll. Although the original scroll would already have enough strength to blow a man with a large build away, it is uncomparable to the reinvented gale magic scroll.


Unfortunately, the gale only lasted for a short while.


However, there were three more reinvented gale magic scrolls within the wind pouch.


Feeling the strength of the wind pouch on his back weakening, Ye Chui moved his middle finger.


As he reached the perimeter of the log cabin, he planned to hit the wooden planks beside the door, but under the strong propelling force of the wind pouch, he was unable to change directions easily.


The wind pouch was strong and the battle armour was thick, there was no need to worry.


The most important thing was the wooden walls weakening from burning.


As Ye Chui activated the second gale scroll, the wooden wall buckled under the intense wind and crumbled from the elements.


At the same time, both his legs left the ground.


Under the force of two gale magic scrolls, Ye Chui’s speed increased greatly. As he tried to escape from the log cabin, his body started hovering. Maybe he was jumping instead of flying, but no ordinary person would be able to jump that high. Even Carrey, a previously level four Swordsman, can achieve such a feat.


Both Carrey and Busca stood around 10 metres away from the log cabin and saw the suit of battle armour crash into the wooden wall amidst the inferno before it flew into the sky. When Ye Chui levitated upwards and away, the blazing log cabin finally lost its legs and collapsed to the ground.  It was perhaps due to the impact of the crash, or the already unstable frame of the log cabin.


This undoubtedly added magnificent colours to Ye Chui while he was soared out of the chaos.


In Busca’s and Carrey’s vision, the sight of Ye Chui’s silhouette in the battle armour flying out of the flames was spectacular and nothing short of cool, but it also gave them a sense of death.


“Father, he… he…” Carrey stammered. [It is impossible for someone to jump that kind of height. It is impossible for a level four Swordsman, not to mention a level two Swordsman. If Ye Chui was indeed in the battle armour… It means that a mere level two Magician managed to do it?]


If Ye Chui could hear Carrey’s voice right now, he would definitely be jesting. [Magicians use their intelligence. Their intelligence!]


Although Ye Chui had the perfect Hollywood-style hero entrance, it was still distressing. [Shit, I’m flying, I’m really flying… but I’m going to fall. Shit…]


After all, Ye Chui wasn’t exactly flying. It was the upward force of the wind pouch that enabled him to float to that height. As the power of the gale weakens, he would descend to the ground.


Ye Chui was already starting to fall.


At that moment, the sight of the dazed Carrey who was pointing his long sword forward caught Ye Chui’s eyes. Standing directly below Ye Chui, Carrey was dumbfounded at Ye Chui.


Ye Chui’s body was slanting slightly downwards. He and his armour would be hurled directly at Carrey if fate allows.


In such a short amount of time, Ye Chui managed to do two things – he aimed for the long sword in his right hand and moved his right index finger.


The third gale magic scroll was activated.


The shrivelled wind pouch stirred once again. The power of it quickened Ye Chui’s descent, to a worrying speed.


It meant that the long sword aimed at Carrey would have a greater effect.


Without any mishaps, the burning-hot tip of the long sword pierced through Carrey’s chest.


Several months ago, Debbie’s long sword scratched Carrey’s battle armour and Ye Chui’s magic scrolls damaged it further. After that incident, his battle armour was no longer shiny and was no different from an ordinary tin battle armour, as its inherent defence attribute had lost its effectiveness completely.


The long sword gave Ye Chui the power to finish Carrey off. The tip pierced through Carrey’s battle armour almost effortlessly, then through his chest, emerging from his back…


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