Omni-Magician – Chapter 25, The Iron Swordsman’s Electric Trigger

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Ye Chui kneeled as soon as his legs slammed into the dirt. His legs were instantaneously struck with numbness.


Ye Chui looked cool with his landing posture. With both his hands still grasping the hilt of the long sword, Ye Chui pierced the blade through the chest of Carrey’s kneeling figure before maliciously knocking him onto the ground.


All Carrey needed to do when Ye Chui was about to land was to point his sword upwards. Unfortunately, Carrey was too taken aback at that moment to react. Just as the long sword penetrated Carrey’s torso, he collapsed to the ground.


Facing the sky with an expression of utter denial with his mouth wide open, he tried to mutter his last words only to have his tongue stick out as he took his last breath.


Ye Chui loosened his grip on the longsword and tried to straighten his body with much difficulty while staring at Busca, who was sitting on a wooden stool at the rear in a daze.


It seemed that Busca’s soul had left his body.


As Busca looked at his bloodied, fallen son, he involuntarily cried, “Carrey?!”


“He’s dead,” Ye Chui kindly reassured Busca.


Anyone would find movement difficult while wearing this set of heavy armour. Ye Chui started dragging himself towards Busca slowly, but he started panting almost as soon as he started moving. He was exhausted, suffocating and uncomfortable, but he still had one final important task to accomplish. With a smirk plastered on his face, he declared, “Now, it’s your turn.”

(Silavin: Sadism, check!)


Busca’s whole body trembled in fear as though the god of death was standing in front of him. He asked the armoured suit while shivering in fright, “Who… Who are you? Who the hell are you!?”


“Me?” Ye Chui chuckled.


Ye Chui no longer had to worry about Busca trying to escape. He had the opportunity to act like a lead actor in the movies – ramble on about some random things he thought was important to note before proceeding with other matters. He took the trouble to figure out how to remove his helmet easily before finally unbuckling the helmet and tossing it onto the ground.


Because of its huge size, Ye Chui’s head seemed to half in size when he removed the helmet. Funnily enough, Ye Chui had been looking through the mouth guard of the helmet for vision. Moreover, a layer of beast skin was wrapped around his head, making it harder for him to receive fresh air from his surroundings. Ye Chui looked comical, but Busca definitely didn’t think of it that way. Instead, Busca felt a sudden cold chill in the air.


Ye Chui continued to explain, “I am Hammer, a Magician Apprentice from Anthony’s Magic Cottage. I was referred to as a good-for-nothing Magician as my magic skills could only be used in real life situations. Whenever I come across any sort of trouble, I would hide behind Debbie. The thought of it makes me feel like a coward… But that is all in the past.” Ye Chui paused for a moment before continuing forebodingly, “Now, I am called Ye Chui and I am a hacker! Do you know what a hacker is? Well, whatever. You don’t have to understand this because you are about to die.”


Once he finished his speech, he reached out and grappled Busca’s head.


No one could know if it was the loss of Quinn and Locke or the death of his son, all by the hands of the man he had imprisoned for months to leave Busca in such a state of complete disarray. However, he was quick enough to regain himself. Acting based on his instincts alone, he clawed the leather-covered hand and begged, “No, please don’t… If you let me live, I will gift my entire fortune to you!”


“Who would believe the words from such a foul mouth? I was not reincarnated into this world to be imprisoned by you for three months! No one would be able to imagine the misery I have suffered under your cruelty. Do you think your wealth and apologetics can quell my anger?” Ye Chui raged on. Although it may sound like nonsense, he secretly and quietly snickered under the beast skin, “I remember the days when I was a child. There was this one computer game character’s move that I really liked. If I recalled correctly, it was called ‘Electric Trigger’!”

(Silavin: Please tell me if there is some kind of parody reference I’m not getting here.)


Finishing his response, Ye Chui’s left thumb jerked.


Similar to before, his left thumb was connected to a lightning magic scroll, but the magic scroll was linked to his skills. There were also five lightning magic scrolls. When Ye Chui activated the lightning magic scrolls via his left thumb, three of the scrolls would consecutively trigger and produce electricity to form a continuous flow of dangerous electric current.


The electricity then surged throughout his battle armour. Of course, the layer of beast skin underneath the battle armour would protect him from the electricity and prevent his own unfortunate electrocution.


Once the lightning magic scrolls were activated, flashes of blue electric currents started shooting out of Ye Chui’s left arm. Violent zapping and sizzling filled the air, clearing a path to enter Busca’s veins.


The electricity was very bright. If one were to stand at a distance watching the scene, it would seem as though someone used the move ‘Electric Trigger’.


Busca’s entire body started trembling while his dark red hair and beard stood on its ends. Soon after, white smoke started emitting from his body and the smell of barbeque and burnt flesh replace the zapping.


Ye Chui wasn’t feeling well then. Although the layer of beast skin insulated him from electrocution, the current flowing through the battle armour was still tingling and numbing, a voltage that was fortunately not fatal. Reining in the discomfort, Ye Chui let out a cry, “Ahh! So sore…”


The electric current didn’t last for long.


After the five lightning magic scrolls were depleted, Ye Chui wobbled and almost fell to the ground.


The smoke from Busca’s body was evidence that he was dead.


“Damn, I have to improve on this move next time…”


As Ye Chui glanced at the pathetic Busca, he murmured something to himself. He then sized up the surroundings only to realise that he was in the middle of a forest and had no idea how far he was from Stan City.


He confirmed that there wasn’t anyone in the vicinity before starting to remove the set of battle armour tediously. After 10 arduous minutes, he was finally free of the disgustingly stuffy armour and beast skin.


Ye Chui felt refreshed and cool as he released himself from his bond with the battle armour.


Ye Chui took another glance at the smoking Busca as his eyes lit up. Then, Ye Chui crouched and searched his clothes for anything valuable.


“Ehh? There actually isn’t anything?” Ye Chui was dumbfounded.


In Ye Chui’s recollection, he remembered vividly that Busca could fish out 100 gold coins from his garments when Ye Chui demanded it from him three months ago. It was hard to believe that he was not carrying anything.


Ye Chui suddenly thought of something and his eyes caught sight of a ring on Busca’s finger. He impulsively removed the ring from his finger and examined it carefully.


As he was inspecting the ring, a loud and low voice groaned from behind him, “What’s going on here?”


Ye Chui, terrified by the suddenness of the voice, turns around to the sight of a tall and muscular silhouette standing behind him.


It was a Beastman Warrior.


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