Omni-Magician – Chapter 26, It’s a Miracle That One Doesn’t Need to Take Responsibility for Committing Arson and Murder

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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As Ye Chui came face to face with a two-metre tall giant in a suit of strong iron armour who had green skin, large fangs and a frightening face, he subconsciously let out a scream, “What the hell!?”


“What the hell?” the Beastman Warrior repeated hoarsely. In an uncouth tone which was comical and honest, he responded, “I’m not called ‘what the hell’. My name is Athol.”


Ye Chui was speechless.


The Beastman Warrior, named Athol, sized up the terrible state of the surroundings. When he saw Carrey’s corpse, his expression changed slightly. It wasn’t long before he fixated his gaze on Busca’s burnt corpse, which was still smoking. He then questioned, “Who are you? Did you kill these two people? How did Carrey die?”


Hearing Athol say Carrey’s name, Ye Chui’s heart started to palpitate. [Don’t tell me that this Beastman is on the same side as Busca.]


A simple glance would make anyone realise that the Beastman’s physique and imposing attitude wasn’t something that Carrey and Quinn could hold a candle to. Even if Ye Chui still had his battle armour on and had unused magic scrolls left, it would be suicide to go up against this Beastman.


As Athol did not make any advancements contrary to Ye Chui’s suspicions, his subconscious defensive actions gradually faded. Athol walked over to Carrey’s corpse and examined it carefully.


Ye Chui stood aside with his heart in his mouth and then placed Busca’s ring into the pocket of his Magician robe discreetly.


After a while, Athol finally broke the silence, “Judging from the wounds, Carrey was killed by a sword, stabbed from a height, from above. The huge sword must have penetrated through his body armour and sealed him to the ground. Judging from the pair of footprints here, the attacker does not seem to have been very agile. However, it seems that Carrey did not even make the least bit of an attempt to dodge the attack. This idiot must have gotten so scared that he forgot to move.”


After accurately re-enacting and analysing the scene in his head, Athol turned his head towards Ye Chui.


Ye Chui became tense and he tried to explain using the most sincere tone, “I didn’t kill him…”


“Obviously. Even a fool could see that you weren’t the one who killed them.” Athol reinforced naturally.


Ye Chui thought to himself, [What? Do I seem like such a lousy Magician?]


Athol then walked over to Busca’s corpse and inspected it, “He was electrocuted to death, but he doesn’t seem to have been killed by an ordinary lightning magic scroll. It seems more like the doing of the intermediate attacking magic spell, ‘Lightning Strike’…” After giving his detailed analysis, he turned towards Ye Chui again, “Who exactly killed both of them?”


Ye Chui wanted to let out a burst of laughter and mock Athol.


However, using his intelligence, Ye Chui put on an innocent and sincere expression and came up with a story, “I don’t know the person… He is a suave agile man in battle armour, swift in movement and attacks and had a cool image. Oh, he also told me that he was called Iron…”


At that moment, Ye Chui wanted to say ‘Ironman’.


But he knew that the language this fantasy world uses was vastly different from that of the modern world he came from. Although Ye Chui had inherited Hammer’s memories and had no problem communicating in this world, there were some things stored in Hammer’s mind that were not easily interpreted.


The word ‘Ironman’ could not be easily translated into the language understood by this fantasy world. The word ‘iron’ can be explained easily in their language, but one would take some effort to explain the word ‘Ironman’.


Hence, Ye Chui paused for a moment, before finding the most appropriate word to use.


“…Swordsman. Iron Swordsman.” The phrase ‘Iron Swordsman’, which would become popular in the Aigen-Dazs Continent in the future, appeared in this world for the very first time.


“Iron Swordsman?” Athol’s thick eyebrows knitted together, “The killer is an advanced Swordsman?”


“Huh?” Ye Chui was stumped. [How did the phrase ‘Iron Swordsman’ give him the impression that the killer is an advanced Swordsman?]


Athol looked at Ye Chui’s stumped expression and explained, “Nicknames are only used by advanced Swordsmen. Since the Swordsman who saved you was named ‘Iron Swordsman’, I believe that he must be an advanced Swordsman. Eh, wait, wait, wait. The old fella was electrocuted to death. Does the Iron Swordsman know magic spells too?”


Ye Chui subconsciously nodded his head in agreement.


“Then he must be a Magic-Swordsman.” Athol concluded, his eyes green with envy, “Since he is trained in both magic skills and the sword, he must be very formidable.”


The Magic-Swordsman is a hybrid profession between both Magicians and Swordsmen. Magic-Swordsmen are considered as Magicians who practised swordsmanship before they started learning magic. They are rarer than Magicians and their battling skills far surpass that of the same-ranked Magicians and Swordsmen alike.


It was the first time Ye Chui had heard of such a profession. He satisfyingly thought to himself, [Wow, I didn’t know I was that good…]


[I heard that magic arrays can be carved on battle armour. I wonder if he would be able to research it. Perhaps the cool and dazzling iron battle armour seen in the movie could be replicated by him.]


As he let his train of thoughts run, Athol’s eyes turned towards Ye Chui once again, “What happened to you? Looking at your sorry state… I wager that you were kidnapped by Carrey, that bastard?”


As of now, Ye Chui was half-convinced that the Beastman Warrior was not an ally of Carrey. However, Ye Chui could not conclude Athol’s alignment. After contemplation, he decided to tell the truth, “My name is Ye Chui and I am a Magician…”


“You were the Magician who maimed Carrey!?”


Hearing Hammer’s name, Athol’s originally-fierce face unexpectedly revealed a tinge of happiness. He then interrupted Ye Chui, “Haha, I didn’t expect you to be that interesting Magician who defeated Carrey. That useless person has always been viewed by us as the disgrace of City Lord Guards. After he was expelled from the City Lord’s Manor, we celebrated with drinks.”


Ye Chui felt honoured to know that he had a good reputation outside.


Athol’s expression turned darker and it seemed like he made sense of the entire situation, “Seeing you like that… I guess you were imprisoned by Carrey and his father? I heard you were an expert in carving scrolls. Did they imprison you to manufacture magic scrolls for them?”


Immediately nodding his head, Ye Chui said, “That’s right! That is exactly what happened!” He then asked worriedly, “Now that Busca and Carrey are dead along with their two subordinates in the basement of the log cabin… Will I get into any sort of trouble?”


“Hmph. This mean villain deserved his retribution!” Athol slapped his chest forcefully, “Don’t worry, you can rest assured that you will be fine!”


“Oh really? That’s great!”


Ye Chui finally heaved a sigh of relief knowing he doesn’t have to take responsibility for committing murder and arson.

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    1. They are the same “person”.
      Ye Chui’s soul reincarnated into / fused with the boy called Hammer.
      But you are correct with the mess up of the names.

      He lives as “Hammer” in the fantasy world.
      So he should have said “My name is Hammer and I am a Magician…”

      I think the author is sometimes confusing the two names himself and therefore makes such a mistake.

  1. No Anikome Hammer was the name of the person who’s body was possessed Yu Chui. Hammer is the mage apprientice while Yu Chui is the hacker from our world.

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