Omni-Magician – Chapter 28, Gonna die, gonna die, gonna die

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“Do you even know how to enchant items?” Alfea stared at Ye Chui with a questioning gaze after hearing his words.


As Ye Chui spouted in the moment of impulse, he suddenly became anxious. In reality, Hammer’s memory within Ye Chui had warned that talent would be required to learn the enchanting technique since forging and enchanting were known to be the forte of the Dwarves. And while it might seem like a piece of cake for the dwarves, it would take a very long time for any human to master the enchanting techniques.


Furthermore, there was a stringent prerequisite for learning the enchanting technique – one had to be a Magician.


There were no more than ten people skilled in enchanting within Stan City.


As Ye Chui’s eyes met with Alfea’s gaze, he subconsciously became startled and started to stammer unconfidently, “I know… just a little.”


“Anyway, the enchanting magic array on my sword is merely a <Wind Blade>; it should be quite easy to repair.” As Alfea responded to Ye Chui’s lack of confidence, she passed her long sword to him.


In astonishment, Ye Chui hastily received the long sword from Alfea, “Do you trust me so much with your long sword?”


Alfea’s mesmerizingly gorgeous face revealed a gentle smile, “I bet you don’t have the guts to do anything to my sword.”


“…” Ye Chui remained silent. [As a genius Swordsman and the daughter of the City Lord, she definitely knows what she’s talking about.]


The horse carriage wasn’t comfortable for Ye Chui as it traversed and bumped on an uneven rocky road, but he had his entire concentration shifted to the long sword within his embrace. Deep in thought, he extended his hands and felt the floral carvings on the long sword before gently using his finger to touch its blade.


“Enchanting, in simple terms, is to carve magic arrays on sets of battle armour. However, the method of carving is different from that of carving magic scrolls. After all, the magic tool used for scrolls, which only has one use, is magic ink, while the magic tool used for enchanting is probably… Mithril?”


Ye Chui tried his best to recall the information related to enchanting from Hammer’s memory.


[Using a special tool, one will be able to integrate Mithril into weapons and battle armours while forming the floral patterns and magic matrixes. But how do the magic matrixes get embedded into the floral patterns?]


Enchanting was the process of integrating Mithril into weapons or battle armours through the carving of unique floral patterns. However, Ye Chui was unable to comprehend how the magic matrixes were formed through carving. As his fingers slid across the floral engravings on the long sword, he was able to sense the vague aura of magic, but he did not know how the aura came about.


[Enchanting seems like an extremely troublesome thing to do…]


Although Ye Chui sensed that enchanting wouldn’t be easy, he didn’t flinch. Instead, he wanted to give it a go. [Even if I am unable to repair the long sword, Alfea wouldn’t blame me, right?]


The horse carriage stopped at the intersection of the avenue where Anthony’s Magic Cottage was at.


“I hope you’ll be able to repair my long sword within half a month,” Alfea hoped as Ye Chui alighted from the horse carriage, “As for the reward, I will give it to you when the time comes.”


“Sure.” As he jumped off the horse carriage, a thought seemed to have popped into his mind, “What about the compensation we spoke of earlier?”


“…” Alfea did not expect Ye Chui to remember her promise to him. She rolled her eyes and replied helplessly, “Don’t worry, Busca is now dead after committing those heinous crimes. According to the Empire regulation, his entire fortune will be confiscated. When the time comes, I will ask my father to give some of his fortunes to you.”


As Alfea finished her words, she hopped into the horse carriage and closed the door, “Athol, we are returning to the City Lord’s Manor.”


“Alright, Miss Alfea.”


Before leaving, Athol smiled at Ye Chui to express good intention. However, the two protruding fangs from Athol’s mouth made his smile very frightening…


Ye Chui forced a smile back at him before walking to Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


“Hammer!” An auntie, who was doing grocery shopping on the streets, ran towards Ye Chui with an astonished expression, “Is… Is it really you? Look at your pathetic state! What happened to you?”


“Err, it’s a long story.” Ye Chui looked at the compassionate auntie and pointed to Anthony’s Magic Cottage, “I have to go back first.”


“You better hurry back. Debbie has been depressed about your absence,” The auntie told him hastily.


Ye Chui nodded his head and subconsciously quickened his footsteps. Ever since he was reincarnated into Hammer’s body, where he spent half a month with Debbie and three months being imprisoned by Busca, he had a strange yet indescribable affection for Debbie. At first, Ye Chui thought that it was Hammer’s memories that were playing tricks on his mind, but after the time spent together with Debbie, he realised that he had developed sibling-like love towards her.


[Perhaps a small part of a ‘loli’ plot could be seen being played here.]


Ye Chui gradually made his way to the entrance of Anthony’s Magic Cottage. From afar, he had already noticed a petite lonely silhouette sitting on the steps of the entrance. It was noon and the sun was beating down harshly on the ground. Debbie had her hands wrapped around her knees, and her head was buried within them. The presence of the 50kg sword beside Debbie only further undermined her size.


He felt as though there was a melancholic tune playing in the background as he saw the scene before him.


“Debbie…” Ye Chui raised his voice slightly.


The petite silhouette moved slightly. Debbie then raised her head from her arms and looked towards Ye Chui.


Debbie was expressionless before she rubbed her eyes to ascertain that it was Ye Chui who called her name, not anyone else. Immediately, she jumped for joy, but in the next moment, she became furious. She was angry about Ye Chui leaving without informing her and sending only a slip of paper back within the three months he wasn’t around. Debbie dashed towards Ye Chui with her small adorable face filled with grudge and hatred.


She clenched her fists and her teeth, as though she was about to violently beat Ye Chui up.


Ye Chui felt a cold shiver being sent down his spine. [Don’t tell me that I’m going to die under her? I just survived three months of imprisonment…]


Based just on her ability to wield the 50kg without much effort, Ye Chui wouldn’t stand a chance of survival if she were to attack him…


Just when Ye Chui’s heart started to palpitate furiously, Debbie arrived in front of him. The anger on her face instantly turned to pity, as tears started to gush out of her eyes. She then pounced onto Ye Chui and hugged him with all her might.


“Hammer, where have you been? I really missed you…”


“I… I missed you too…” Ye Chui replied in a hoarse voice. He was being suffocated by her strong hug. “Can you loosen your hug before you continue speaking? My bones are about to break. I’m gonna die, gonna die, gonna die…”

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