Omni-Magician – Chapter 29, A pleasant surprise

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


“You were imprisoned by Busca in the mountains for the past three months?”


“Yes. Not only did I have to endure terrible living conditions in the dark and stuffy log cabin, I had to obey to his command of carving 30 magic scrolls each day.”


“It’s all my fault; I should have tagged along in the first place…”


“The outcome wouldn’t have been any different with you around. They would surely find a way to kidnap me, given their numbers. Don’t blame yourself for this; am I not fine now?”




“Yes, Debbie?”


“I will protect you in the future.”


“Hehe, all right. You can stick close to my side when you marry me in two years.”


Debbie kept silent.






“What do you mean by okay?”


“I’m okay with marrying you. I was planning to marry you in the first place.”




As they caught up, the daylight burned away and it became evening and the dark sky was filled with countless bright stars. In the backyard of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, the door of Ye Chui’s room was tightly shut. While Ye Chui was in his room, he talked to Debbie, who was still sitting on the steps outside his room with both her hands supporting her chin.


Intermittent sounds of running water could be heard outside the locked door. Having only used the stream magic scroll to shower during the three months when he was imprisoned, where the flow of the water was little and hard to control, Ye Chui did not enjoy that kind of bath at all. Now, he was taking his time to enjoy every moment of the hot bath.


Ye Chui then walked out of the room in a set of clean clothes.


Ye Chui looked at Debbie and gave a warm smile. “Busca and Carrey were killed by… a suave and extraordinary Iron Swordsman. I also heard that the City Lord’s Manor will compensate me. So I guess our lives will be much better in the future.”


Debbie then looked at Ye Chui with an adorable expression. “Hammer, I have a surprise for you… Can you close your eyes first?”


[Surprise?] Ye Chui’s heartbeat quickened and some loving scenes flashed through his mind. [Since I discussed the topic of marriage with her just now, would she now give me a kiss?]


With an uneasy mind, Ye Chui agreed and closed his eyes. Considering Debbie’s petite stature, Ye Chui figured that it would be hard for her to reach his lips, thus he slightly bent his head down with his lips protruded.




*Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…* Wave after wave of powerful howling sounds played.


Ye Chui couldn’t contain his curiosity and opened his eyes to see what’s going on. At that instant, he cursed and swore – Debbie was spinning around with her great sword in the backyard.


Ye Chui was speechless.


[Is this the so-called pleasant surprise?]


“Hammer, I’ve been working very hard for the past three months and I can now do the Giant Spinning Top for half an hour without exerting much strength. I found a technique to help me – by fixing my eyes on a certain spot when I’m spinning, I can effectively reduce dizziness. Now, I’m working towards my target of spinning continuously for an hour!” Debbie boasted excitedly, “I wouldn’t be afraid to meet Carrey again. So, is this a pleasant surprise?”


“… It’s really a pleasant surprise.” Ye Chui didn’t want to disappoint her.

[Umm, Debbie is just like a little sister to me. I can live without a little kiss…] Ye Chui comforted himself.

(Silavin: Lies!)


Ye Chui then sat on the steps and watched Debbie spin around for half an hour.


Eventually, when Debbie could no longer spin, she stabbed her greatsword into the ground and leant into it, while tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks, “How was it? Am I impressive? Even if Carrey were to unleash the Protection of the War God, he wouldn’t be my match. I now feel that I have the potential to be promoted to a level three Swordsman!”


“That’s impressive.” Ye Chui portrayed an exaggerated congratulatory expression and clapped for Debbie.


Debbie did not detect exaggeration and her eyes lit up with joy. She wiped her perspiration off her forehead and looked at Ye Chui, “Hammer, I’m hungry after all the spinning.”


“… I’ll cook noodles for you then.” Ye Chui kindly offered.


Being reunited after three months of separation, Debbie and Ye Chui had now returned to their original daily routines…


While Ye Chui was cooking noodles in the kitchen, Debbie sat at the entrance of the kitchen as though she was afraid Ye Chui would suddenly disappear. She then probed, “Hammer, is the Iron Swordsman who saved you very powerful? Is he an advanced Swordsman?”


“He’s may not be an advanced Swordsman, but he is very powerful.”


Due to certain considerations, Ye Chui hid part of the truth about the advanced Swordsman from Debbie and only told her about how the mysterious character heroically saved him. While speaking of this Iron Swordsman and cooking the noodles at the same time, Ye Chui was very enthusiastic in telling his tale, “The Iron Swordsman was really impressive. Although his body was entirely shelled in battle armour and his face was hidden, I believe he must be very handsome. He was clearly trained in both swordsmanship and magic skills. Quinn and Carrey were easily defeated by him. When he dealt with Busca at the end, he even unleashed an ultimate killer move – El–c-Trigger, which was awesome…”


Ye Chui recounted enthusiastically, but when he paused and turned around – Debbie had already fallen asleep…


Ye Chui’s heart was instantaneously flooded with a warm fuzzy feeling. After earnestly cooking two bowls of noodles, he carried a bowl to Debbie, “Debbie, wake up and eat your noodles.”


Ye Chui laid on his bed that evening.


Ye Chui didn’t have to sleep on an uncomfortable wooden bed for the first time in three months. Lying on his bed, his mood remained carefree. Although he had just killed four men earlier today with the aid of his battle armour, he was not bothered; after all, he understood that this fantasy world was interesting yet dangerous. In order to survive, he needed to be wary and protect himself, even if it meant being the aggressor and killing others.


His captivity inculcated this particular mindset in him. Thus, he was guilt free.


As Ye Chui suddenly thought of something, he reached his hand into his pocket and took out a ring. It was the ring he previously removed from Busca’s corpse. If Ye Chui guessed correctly, the ring was a space ring which could store things within.


Ye Chui tried to transfer his magic skills and instincts into the ring, but he seemed to feel a door when he tried to do that.


Since the ring was Busca’s, only he could open the door of the ring.


The ring presented a space magic array, which had a simple recognition system. [Is this the legendary owner recognition magic tool?]


He licked his lips.


[Let’s see if I can hack into this ring.]


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