Omni-Magician – Chapter 30, Hacking Into the Space Ring

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Proofreader: Skoll

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Magic is the control of the power of nature.


Ever since a genius from the human race mastered the control of the power of  nature 13000 years ago, the application of magic by humans had become increasingly frequent, and many researchers had carried out thorough analysis on the essence of magic, before accurately categorising the various elements of the power of nature.


Simply put, magic elements could be categorised into eight types – water, fire, electricity, earth, wind, darkness, light and space.

(Silavn: I want readers to note that the author specifically wrote 7 types but when we counted the number of elements, it was 8…)


These were the eight elements of magic.


Inevitably, the myriad of things in nature could be categorised into many more types of elements. Hence, these eight elements of magic were merely basic elements, and entirely new magic elements could only be created through the interaction of these basic elements.


For example, if the wind element combined with the water element, the ‘ice element’ would be created. The combination of the water element and earth element formed the ‘wood element’ or ‘mud element’, while the combination of the earth element and fire element formed the ‘lava element’…


Rumour had it that when these eight elements fuse together, it would open the new frontier of the ‘time element’.


Since the existence of magic 13000 years ago, the genius who discovered magic was the only one who had unleashed time magic successfully and defeated a terrifying intruder from the northern part of the continent. However, it was just a rumour, and many researchers had widely doubted and debated if the eight magic elements would be able to fuse together in modern times.


Out of the eight magic elements, the water, fire, electricity, earth and wind elements were the most basic ones; and these were the elements which every elementary Magician must comprehend. Out of these five magic symbols which elementary Magicians must grasp, there was a particular one which helped to deconstruct these five magic elements.  


On the other hand, it was comparatively harder to deconstruct the space, darkness and light elements.


Having spent three months in the small black room, Ye Chui had successfully grasped the meaning of 18 magic symbols through countless experiments. Now, he could grasp a total of 23 magic symbols. There were nine more magic symbols which he had not managed to grasp, and they are related to the space, darkness and light elements. These three magic elements were so complex to the extent that the magic symbols related to them were almost impossible to grasp as well.


In order to comprehend these three magic elements, one must first be an advanced Magician.


Only advanced Magicians could use the space magic array.


And only advanced Magicians could manufacture a magic tool, such as a space ring.


However, one didn’t have to be an advanced Magician to be able to hack into the space ring – at least Ye Chui thought that he had the ability to hack into the space ring.


[The requirement for successfully dissecting the owner recognition system is like an electronic door, which requires a password to enter. However, the owner recognition system itself is made up of a set of complicated magic array, similar to that of a computer system. If I want to enter the system, I must first hack into the system and deduce the password of the electronic door. If I try to open the electronic door by brute, the computer system would be destroyed and the space ring would no longer exist…] Ye Chui tried to figure out how to hack into the space ring using the computer theory.


As one of the best hackers, hacking into the owner recognition system would be a piece of cake to Ye Chui.


However, now it seemed otherwise… It wasn’t that easy after all.


When Ye Chui walked out of his room with panda-black eyes the very next morning, helplessness could be seen written all over his face – the owner recognition system magic matrix had its own space array, formed from its own theories. Furthermore, it used nine magic symbols which Ye Chui had not fully comprehended. If he wished to hack into the owner recognition system, and its inner workings, it would be similar to hacking into a bank system using the basics of programming. There were many aspects of life which could be solved, no matter how experienced one was.


[It seems that before I can hack into this space ring, I need to first comprehend the remaining nine Magic Symbols.] Ye Chui thought to himself with an exhausted heart and mind.


“Hammer, what’s wrong?” Debbie asked, observing that Hammer looked troubled after practicing her Giant Spinning Top in the yard. Debbie was originally very lazy, but she had cultivated this habit of practicing her sword skills early in the morning.


“I had insomnia last night…” Ye Chui shook his head and went to the magical automatic pump to wash his face. Then, he turned his head to look at Debbie once again. With a smile on his face, he asked, “What would you like to eat for breakfast today?”


“You don’t have to cook today. I will cook some porridge later, so just rest.” Debbie said with eyes of tender care.


“It’s okay. I just didn’t have a good rest last night; no big deal.” Ye Chui entered the kitchen while shaking his head. His voice echoed out from the kitchen soon after, “I have to go out later today.”


“Go out?” Debbie immediately became anxious. “Why do you have to go out?”


“I need to go to the Magic Guild.” Ye Chui answered, “My magic wand has been destroyed by Busca. Without a magic wand, I can’t do anything. So I must go to the Magic Guild to get a new wand.”


“Oh, then I shall accompany you there.” Debbie said hastily. Since Hammer just came back yesterday, she felt an overwhelming sense of relief and joy. However, with such emotions also came the fear and worry of him vanishing once again; only to send a letter of regard stating he was going to preserve world peace. Thus, she swore that she would always stay by Hammer’s side to protect him.


Ye Chui had started preparing the food. While doing the preparations, he thought of something and said, “Oh, I just recalled. I have to make a trip to Cara’s Magic Bookstore later to buy a few books.”


After she heard Ye Chui’s desire to buy more books, Debbie immediately recalled the past when he bought the two expensive magic language books; and became anxious. “Again?! What kind of books do you plan to buy this time?”


The vivid memory of being cheated of nine gold coins was an expensive lesson for her.

(Silavin: Hahahah! Love this girl!)


“I’d like to buy a book on enchanting.” Ye Chui thought of the long sword which Alfea passed to him.


“Enchanting?” Debbie also thought of the long sword which Ye Chui brought back the previous day, “Hammer, I was about to ask you; why did you bring Alfea’s long sword back? In my recollection, father didn’t seem to know any enchanting skills. If so, how would you know how to enchant?”


“I don’t know how to.” Ye Chui answered nonchalantly, “That’s why I want to buy some books on enchanting.”




Enchanting is a complex skill that only Dwarfs and Magicians can use, and Ye Chui actually plans to study it now?


“But Hammer, enchanting seems hard.” Debbie cautioned him.


“How difficult can it get?” Ye Chui proclaimed in a confident tone, “There isn’t anything that is too difficult for the Father of Studies to learn!”


Having comprehended 18 magic symbols on his own and created a set of magic battle armour to kill the four people who imprisoned him, Ye Chui now felt that he was the Father of Studies and nothing was an issue to him…


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  1. There are 5 basic elements. Adding light & darkness to them makes it 7.
    Space & Time are not elements. Take of space as the vessel, then elements are the rules working inside the vessel, whereas time is the nature of law which binds the vessel itself.

    1. I like your answer.

      I am curious if the TL has read ahead on raws.. ? It talked more about space magic and what is thought to be in that world.

      1. Yeah, I read through the whole story already. The thing is, the author specifically wrote that that space is one of the 8(7) elements. That has not changed throughout the entire story.

  2. Instead of 5 elements , we could say that the author was influenced by “Avatar: the last airbender” and made Electricity an extension of fire ^^

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    […Ye Chui now felt that he was the Father of Studies and nothing was an issue to him…]

    Nothing is an issue for him anymore… except those remaining magic symbols that he does not understand yet.
    Or did he already forget about them while thinking about enhancing?

  4. Thanks for translating.
    Ye Chui is the one who saved the business, and earns money. But the money is taken by Debbie, and he has to beg for money and explain why he wants it. So sad. Is Ye Chui a doormat, who likes to be walked on, used and abused?
    This idiot still wants to marry Debbie the psycho. 🙂

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