Omni-Magician – Chapter 31, The Magic Crystal Within the Mirror

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Most human cities on the Aigen-Dazs Continent had facilities, such as the Magician Guild, the Swordsman Guild, as well as the Mercenary Guild. These facilities enabled the Magicians, Swordsmen and Mercenaries to form groups which made the interaction between one another more effective and efficient.


The Magician Guild of Stan City was situated in the western region. From afar, it could be observed that the Magician Guild did not have the imposing aura compared to the edifice of the Mercenary Guild, nor did the Magician Guild have the liveliness of the crowd at the Swordsman Guild. The Magician Guild appeared just like an ordinary two-storey building. Although the profession, Magician, was the most respected in the world, the number of people who qualify to be one were few and far between. Out of the hundreds of thousands of residents in Stan City, the number of Magicians did not exceed one hundred.


Apart from the ordinary-looking façade of the Magician Guild building, the entrance of the building looked desolate as well.


Magic tools which Magicians used, such as parchment, magic ink and magic wands could only be purchased from this building. However, these magic tools were used frequently by Magicians. Magicians interacted within their respective cliques, unlike the Swordsmen and Mercenaries, who assembled at their respective guilds or mutually challenged one another.


“I’d like to purchase a magic wand.”


After walking into the hall of the Magician Guild with Debbie, Ye Chui scanned the surroundings and saw a deck chair at a corner of the spacious and quiet hall. An old person in a long, black magician’s gown was lying on the chair, while humming to a tune and drinking a bottle of liquor at the same time. Ye Chui then walked over and spoke in a soft tone.


The old person lying on the deck chair seemed indifferent and was absorbed in drinking liquor. He then looked towards Ye Chui, “Ehh, are you that Hammer?”


“You know me?” Ye Chui was stunned. [Although there are less than one hundred Magicians in Stan City, I don’t think many people know my name yet.]


“Hello little brother, I’m called Basgen.” The old man deftly jumped up from his lying position. He said in a seemingly friendly tone, “The news of you defeating Carrey, a level four Swordsman, with magic scrolls has already spread through the entire Stan City. Busca, that old fox, even asked me to cure his son. So, I got to know your name.”


“Hammer.” Debbie whispered into Ye Chui’s ears, “I’ve heard father mentioning his name. He’s a level five Magician, who specialises in light element magic. He’s also a well-known magic doctor and might become a priest in the future.”


After a Swordsman gets promoted to an advanced Swordsman, the Swordsman will be categorised into different classes, such as Great Swordsman and Long Swordsman. There was a similar categorisation for Magicians as well. Priest was one of the classes which a Magician could choose after being promoted to the advanced level, and a Priest specialised in light magic.


Concurrently, Basgen was taking on an important role within the Magician Guild.


Debbie’s words instantaneously made Ye Chui look up to Basgen with respect, “Mr Basgen, I’d like to purchase a magic wand.”


“I’ve heard that you’d been imprisoned by Busca and his useless son and you had been rescued only yesterday?” Basgen seemed unsurprised by the fact that Ye Chui wanted to buy a new magic wand, “The City Lord’s Manor have conveyed a message to me yesterday, saying that your magic wand had been destroyed and you would be coming here to buy a new one. The cost of the new magic wand will be borne by the City Lord’s Manor, so feel free to choose whichever wand you like.”


“Really?” Debbie’s entire petite face lit up instantly upon hearing Basgen’s words. According to Debbie, the happiest thing on earth was to be able to purchase items without having the need to pay…


However, Ye Chui was not in the least happy. [Don’t tell me that the agreed compensation would be just a magic wand.]


Ye Chui was currently an elementary Magician and the magic wands elementary Magicians used were not considered expensive. At a price of only a few silver coins, how could it compare to the expected compensation of many times more?


Basgen didn’t sense Ye Chui’s unhappiness and he laughingly walked towards the Magician Guild hall, “I’ll go get the magic wands. Kindly wait here.”


“Ehh?” Debbie let out a soft sound.


“What’s wrong little girl?” Basgen asked laughingly. He was seemingly interested in this girl, who carries a 50kg greatsword around.


Pointing at a mirror at the side of the hall, Debbie was in a daze, “There seems to be something in the mirror.”


Ye Chui also looked at the mirror curiously.


It was a full-length mirror. Like any other ordinary mirror, Debbie and Basgen’s reflections could be seen clearly in the mirror. What was unusual about the mirror was that there was a crystal-looking blue object hanging from within the mirror. Ye Chui then examined the mirror thoroughly and concluded that the crystal did not exist in the real world.


Debbie stood before the mirror and waved to herself, and her mirror image in the mirror similarly waved back at her. However, her hand in the mirror image seemed to be able to pass through the crystal.


[Does the crystal only exist within the mirror?]


“Hehe.” Basgen laughed after seeing both their actions, “That’s a magic crystal which was placed into the mirror by an advanced Magician who was a guest of the Magician Guild. He also placed some of his magic knowledge within the magic crystal. One will be able to own the magic crystal, so long as the person manages to retrieve it from the mirror.”


After randomly suggesting the idea to Ye Chui, Basgen looked at him, “You can try it as well.”


Basgen walked into a room at a corner of the hall after giving Ye Chui the suggestion.


Although Basgen suggested Ye Chui to try retrieving the magic crystal from the mirror, he didn’t actually think that Ye Chui would be able to do it.


The magic crystal was placed into the mirror using high-level space magic.


The guest who recently visited the Magician Guild was a level 9 advanced Magician. He was about to enter the specialist realm and had an honourable status. The Guild Master of the Magician Guild of Stan City had always wanted his son to learn from this master. His son was considered gifted, having ranked as a level three Magician at the young age of 17 years old. However, the advanced Magician was reluctant to accept the son as his disciple. After pleading with this advanced Magician for a long time, the advanced Magician decided to set a tough challenge – retrieving the magic crystal from the mirror. He even proclaimed that whoever was able to retrieve the magic crystal would be his disciple.


Many Magicians had attempted to retrieve the magic crystal from the mirror several times, including Basgen. However, their attempts were futile.


[If Ye Chui, the level two Magician, was able to pull off this feat… Hehe, then the sun would rise from the west.]


Debbie and Ye Chui, who were in the hall, thought that the challenge was some kind of gimmick – a Magician setting a tough problem just for the sake of fun. Hence, they got excited and decided to try to get the free item.


“Hammer, Hammer, come and try.” Debbie urged Ye Chui enthusiastically. She first attempted retrieving the magic crystal with her small hands. In the end, her fingers could only touch the hard surface of the mirror and was unable to retrieve the thing within the mirror.


Following her, Ye Chui also reached out his hand and it unsurprisingly hit the hard surface of the mirror as well. However, Ye Chui’s expression changed slightly – he saw a door.


It was a door similar to that when he tried to hack into the space ring.


The advanced Magician had set up a magic array on the surface of the mirror and he used the magic array to store the magic crystal within the mirror.


It was for certain that the magic array set up by this advanced Magician was much simpler than the one on the space ring. It was just a normal door, without any locks on it. One only needs to push the door open, instead of cracking the door lock.


Thus, Ye Chui pushed the door open.


His hand was able to reach into the depths of the mirror. It was as though the surface of the mirror became a tranquil lake and Ye Chui’s hands merely reached into it.


It was without much effort that Ye Chui retrieved the magic crystal within the mirror.


“Ehh, how do you take it out of the mirror just like that?” Debbie was instantly disappointed, “Hammer, you’re so stupid and you actually managed to retrieve the magic crystal from the mirror? That thing must be worthless.”

(Silavin: oh clueless Debbie. Always a pleasure reading your speeches.)


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