Omni-Magician – Chapter 32, Was the Magic Spell too Strong for the Magic Wand to Handle?

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As Ye Chui stared blankly at the magic crystal in his hands and listened to Debbie’s seemingly reasonable deduction, his expression became strange. [Is this magic crystal really a worthless item?]


The anticipation he had previously had now vanished!


When Ye Chui tried to hack into the owner recognition system of the space ring yesterday, he could effortlessly spot the door within the ring and he spent the entire night experimenting with various methods of opening the door. Hence, he could easily spot and open the door when he saw a similar magic array in the mirror today.


He thought it was a simple thing to do. Perhaps it was considered simple to others as well?


It was unknown to Ye Chui that no level two Magician in this world had ever tried hacking into a space ring. It was something that only advanced Magicians would try. Furthermore, there was definitely no one who could spot the door that was formed by the magic array effortlessly.


This feat required an accurate comprehension of the magic symbols and arrays.


The reason why Ye Chui could pull off this feat was because he had the wealth of experience in programming languages. His prior experience allowed him to subconsciously visualise the array which the magic symbols formed. This special ability he had was extremely useful and greatly valued in this magic world; and most Magicians would never be able to harness this magic intuition even until the day they died.


Perhaps in the aspect of spiritual power, Ye Chui’s Magician intelligence was considered inferior, but in terms of magic intuition, he was an absolute genius. Although Ye Chui called himself the Father of Studies, he understood that the hacking experience he had was a shortcut to mastering magic. However, he had no clue what his innate talent was.


Footsteps could be heard as Basgen returned to the hall after getting the magic wands from the room. Ye Chui casually slipped the magic crystal into his pocket and rushed towards Basgen with Debbie. Since Debbie and Ye Chui have both assumed that the magic crystal retrieved from the mirror was just a worthless thing, they didn’t give much thought to it. Instead, they were more concerned about the free magic wand that Ye Chui would be compensated with.


Basgen took out more than ten magic wands for Ye Chui to choose from; and each magic wand was carefully placed within a wooden chest. Basgen placed the wooden chests onto a round table in the hall and then opened them one at a time. He then laughingly said, “Little brother, take your pick.”


The magic wand was an important magic tool which Magicians used to cast magic spells. Without a magic wand, any Magician who has not entered the specialist realm would be just like any ordinary human. This was due to the fact that the magic wand acts as a medium for the magic matrix to unleash its might.


Materials used in manufacturing a magic wand usually have magic attributes. Morgan Tree, Blood Carving Tree, Purple Star Vine and Tong Pear Wood are some examples of materials used to manufacture magic wands.


Meanwhile, materials of magic beast nature have to be integrated into the magic wands as well, so as to stimulate the activity of the magic power, which is called magic core. The materials used are usually flamingo feathers and phoenix powdered scales, etc.


It is rumoured that the best material used to make the magic core is the dragon blood.


However, the last three Great Dragons have been killed in the War of Former Civilisation 5000 years ago. Thus, the quantity of dragon blood that can be found in today’s world is very little, and magic wands made using dragon blood are rare these days.


At the moment, Basgen showed Ye Chui the magic wands. It can be observed that the magic wands were of inferior quality, as these magic wands will be used by elementary Magicians after all.


“The pairing of a magic wand and a Magician is similar to that of a long sword and a Swordsman; a Magician must choose a magic wand that he admires, but in reality, the magic wand will also choose the most suitable master. Take a look at these magic wands and see which one allows you to accurately input your magic matrix into it.” Basgen said with a smile, suggesting that Ye Chui try all of them.




Ye Chui picked up a magic wand with gleaming eyes.


Having been imprisoned for three months, Ye Chui had a new understanding of magic. Through trial and error, Ye Chui had invented many novel magic scrolls. Since magic scrolls were just parchment with magic spells carved onto them, it meant that he had created several entirely new magic spells within the three months.


Of course, it was incorrect to say that Ye Chui actually invented the novel magic scrolls, as he merely applied what he learnt to multiply the power of the magic spells. This was done by doubling or quadrupling the magic element array within the magic spell. No matter how innovative the magic spell was, there were definitely many people who had done it before. However, Ye Chui was always filled with anticipation when he carved the magic spells onto the parchment.


[If these magic spells are cast through the magic wand, what kind of image would there be?]


The casting of magic spells required one to carve the magic model in one’s memory. Ye Chui has already firmly carved the magic models of the several new magic scroll arrays in his memory.


As he picked up a magic wand, he couldn’t wait to experiment and test the might of his new magic spell.


He was agitated; he didn’t even think about how Basgen would react if he were to see Ye Chui cast a magic spell.


<Four times lightning>


Ye Chui chanted something in his heart, and then waved the magic wand in his hand gently.




Suddenly, a bolt of lightning exploded from the tip of the magic wand, emitting white and blue rays instantaneously. It seems as though the fury of the intermittent thunder was concealed in the air, adding tension to the atmosphere.


A hint of astonishment could be seen in Basgen’s gaze. [This magic spell seems unordinary…]


However, the astonishment was temporary.


*Piak* the magic wand in Ye Chui’s hand suddenly snapped. Electric light continued to surge and twisted a section of the black magic wand. Following an “ah!” by Ye Chui, he released the magic wand in his hand only to feel numbness on his palm.


“…” The hall became silent.


Then, Debbie came over and trampled her foot onto Ye Chui’s thigh, “Why did you use the magic wand to cast an offensive spell when your offensive spell is not agile? See, the magic wand is now broken!”


While Ye Chui innocently rubbed his numb palm, he felt that something was wrong. [There definitely isn’t any problem with my magic spell. Moreover, the magic spell works when I carve it onto parchment. So, why did the magic wand break when I cast the magic spell though it?]


While Ye Chui was doubtful, his body involuntarily swayed. The casting of magic spells through magic scrolls, which encompassed four times the lightning array, required the magic power of the magic ink only. However, the amount of magic power used by him in casting of <four times lightning> was equivalent to him casting <lightning> four times in one breath. Thus, it was inevitable that Ye Chui was exhausted.


He smiled helplessly and turned his head towards Basgen, “Sorry, there seems to be some problem in casting the magic spell…”


[It isn’t ‘some’ problem, ‘a lot of’ problem!] Basgen had never seen someone destroy his magic wand while casting a magic spell!


[Unless… The magic spell Ye Chui cast was too strong for the magic wand to handle. But how can this happen on a level two Magician?]


[Maybe the magic wand is the one with problems?]


“Hmph, I must give some feedback to the magic General Guild. The quality of the magic wands definitely poses some form of hidden danger to the user!” Despite thinking secretly in his heart, he smilingly said to Ye Chui, “No worries, there’s probably some problem with this magic wand. You can try the others.” After pausing for a while, he suggested, “You better not use offensive spells anymore, use other magic spells instead.”


“All right…” Ye Chui agreed.


Soon after, Basgen felt a different sense of astonishment from before – he had never seen a Magician use the lifestyle spell <breeze> so smoothly, to the extent that it is able to control a paper dancing in the air!


[He must be so bored that he mastered the magic spell.]


Eventually, Ye Chui chose the most convenient magic wand, which magic core was made from flamingo feathers and the wand itself manufactured using Tong Pear Wood.


Bringing along the free magic wand, Debbie and Ye Chui left the Magician Guild hall happily. By that time, both of them have cleanly forgotten about the magic crystal.


Basgen packed up the magic wands, before continuing to lie on the deck chair in repose with his eyes closed.


Following that, there were many Magicians who entered the building, wanting to buy some magic tools or attend to some errands.


Towards noon time, an 18 year old young Magician tirelessly walked into the Guild Hall.


Seeing the other party, Basgen sighed and welcomed him, “Oberth, you’re here again.”


“Mr Basgen, I’d like to try again.” Although Oberth, this young Magician, looked tired, he still had an arrogant look. He walked directly to the mirror at one side of the hall.


Oberth, a level three Magician, is the son of the Guild Master of Stan City’s Magician Guild. The retrieving of the magic crystal within the mirror was a challenge specially designed for him.


Oberth is the most talented Magician in the whole of Stan City. However, since Stan City was just a small place, his talent was considered average in the entire continent. There was absolutely no way that he could enter the eye of that advanced Magician. Despite the magic crystal within the mirror being just a test, Basgen knew that it is impossible for Oberth to pass this test. In reality, this challenge was just a tactful method used by the advanced Magician to reject Oberth.


Oberth’s screams could suddenly be heard, “Mr Basgen, the magic crystal… The magic crystal has disappeared!”


“What?!” Basgen was startled.


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