Omni-Magician – Chapter 33, Don’t make money too quickly

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Proofreader: Skoll


While chaos erupted in the Magic Hall due to the sudden disappearance of the magic crystal, Ye Cui and Debbie had already reached Cara’s Magic Bookstore along Stardust Avenue. After leaving the Magic Guild, they roamed the streets and found a place to eat, before arriving at the store.


Thinking back on the lunch they had earlier, which cost four silver coins, Debbie held a solemn look as she spoke to Ye Chui. “Hammer, make sure that you don’t casually touch any of the magic books in the store as we have to purchase the magic book once you lay your finger on it. Furthermore, I heard that the enchanting technique is very difficult to grasp, so it is expected that such a specialised teaching guide would be expensive. If it is too expensive, I would rather not buy it, since you won’t be able to learn it with the little intelligence you have…”

(Silavin: Oh no she didn’t!)


Ye Chui rolled his eyes in frustration. [Such accusation! What do you mean by saying that I can’t learn it with my intelligence?! I will ensure you swallow your words when I prove to you that I’m the Father of Studies!]


While reigning in such thoughts, Ye Chui entered the Magic Bookstore with Debbie. Like the previous time they visited, there was no one in sight in this huge store. The emptiness of the store sent chills down Debbie’s spine as she couldn’t help but sighed, “How can this bookstore survive till now?”


“She managed to cheat us of nine gold coins the previous time we patronised her store.” Ye Chui reminded Debbie in a low voice.

(Silavin: Ye Chui, I don’t think you need to remind her…)


Debbie became silent for a moment before sighing again, “When can we open such a shop?”


Ye Chui immediately became speechless as he was shocked by the girl’s ability to change her thinking so quickly, before walking straight to the innermost book shelf while laughing to himself, “We shall open another Magic Cottage in Stardust Avenue in the future.”


Enchanting is categorised under the scope of magic, hence the book must be placed on the magic bookshelf. Before Ye Chui reached the magic bookshelf, his eyes were already scanning the top row of books; looking out for any book title that had the faintest relation with enchanting. Unfortunately, Ye Chui was quick to discover that none of books on the entire bookshelf had the least bit of relation to enchanting.


“It isn’t here?!” Ye Chui was dumbfounded. [How is it possible that they don’t have any enchanting-related books?]


Debbie also helped Ye Chui to look through the bookshelf and confirmed that none of the books were related to enchanting. Looking at the disappointed Ye Chui, she tried to comfort him, “I recalled that father had once told me enchanting is an extremely profound technique. This type of book must be extremely precious, to the extent that the Magic Bookstore does not sell it.”


“Girl, what you said is incorrect. My bookstore doesn’t contain any enchanting-related books, not because it’s too precious, but because it’s impossible to explain the enchanting technique in a book.” Cara’s voice suddenly played out as she walked down the staircase nearby.


As the sound of her footsteps grew louder, the pair of slender moving legs caught Ye Chui’s eyes. Next, was the alluringly tight battle dress, which showed off her wonderfully fine-tuned, muscular abdomen. Soon, a pair of perky, large swaying chest entered his view, causing him to appreciate in silence.


However, he knew what was coming next – a face attached to a pair of disgustingly large fangs, able to turn stomachs and falter hearts. Thus, while avoiding her face, Ye Chui asked in a strange tone. “Is… it because the enchanting technique is so profound that no one can write it into a book?”


“You’re wrong. There’re no enchanting-related books because the enchanting technique is too simple.” Cara walked from the base of the staircase towards the pair with a smile on her face.


“Too simple?” Ye Chui and Debbie both turned their heads with a confused expression, only to see Cara having her meal. She was holding a roasted mutton leg in her hand…


“That’s right, it’s too simple.” Cara continued to explain, “The enchanting technique can be explained with just a few words. And some magicians are able to completely grasp this technique in less than a day. However, there are some people who, no matter how hard or long they try, will never be able to learn such a technique. Hence, the learning of this technique really depends on one’s talents. Little Brother, are you interested in learning the enchanting technique?”


After speaking her piece, Cara’s eyes became predatory-like, staring at Ye Chui as though he was a roast lamb ready to be eaten. “I can introduce you to an Enchanting Master and assure that he would pass all his knowledge on the enchanting technique to you.”


After hearing such a melodious plan, Ye Chui was in the heavens. However, his lifted spirits quickly settled down as he became vigilant all of a sudden, “How much is the intermediary fee?”


*Hahahaha!* Cara laughed crudely, “It seems that you’re smart, little Brother.  It’ll not cost much… Just five gold coins.”


“Five gold coins?! Why don’t you go rob a bank?” Ye Chui snapped back angrily.


Meanwhile, Cara was grinning with a self-satisfied look. No matter how she smiles, she always looks fiendish due to the two protruding fangs. With the mutton leg in her hand, she leaned against the closest wall and smilingly explained to Ye Chui, “There are at most five Magicians or Dwarfs who know about the enchanting technique within Stan City. Even if you find one of them, without my introduction, they will never teach you the enchanting technique. Thus, it’s only reasonable that I receive five gold coins as a token. Of course, whether or not you manage to grasp the enchanting technique is entirely up to you. If you manage to learn enchanting based on the enchanting technique…*HeHe* It would be a surprise if you don’t make money too quickly.”


“…” Ye Chui found that without her pair of horrendously large fangs, Cara’s serious facial expression would seem a lot more convincing…


Five gold coins, in monetary value according to Ye Chui’s original world, was 50000 thousand. Since it is uncertain if he would be able to grasp the enchanting technique after spending so much gold coins, both Debbie and Ye Chui were reluctant to spend the five gold coins…


Ye Chui looked at Debbie, who was showing a hesitant expression. She was clenching her teeth in deep thought, as though this was her life’s most important deciding moment. When Ye Chui was about to say something to her, Debbie unexpectedly took out a purse from her bosom happily and fished out five shining gold coins to give it to Cara. “Here’s five gold coins. Now, lead us to the Enchanting Master!”

(Silavin: I recalled that she was supposed to be flat chested o.0 how did she hide it?! Up-size?)

(Skoll: Much like how some jackets have interior pockets, quite a few pieces of medieval clothing had pouches sewn into the chest area, where it would be much more difficult for a thief to pickpocket you.)


Ye Chui, and even Cara, was shocked as to how readily Debbie took out the five gold coins from her purse.


With a few more bites, the entire mutton leg would have been engulfed by her (A scene so beautiful that I dare not describe it – Author). Even the bones were nipped clean, till it became stick-like. She threw the bones away and took out a towel at the side of her waist to clear up the grease in her hands. Once she was done, she stretched her hand out to receive the five gold coins from Debbie’s hand and placed it in the deep valley between her two mountains. With a smile, she walked towards the door of the bookstore, “Let’s go. I’ll lead you to the Enchanting Master now!”


Ye Chui and Debbie both hurried catch up to Cara as she left the bookstore. When they were by the roadside walking, Ye Chui looked at Debbie with a perplexed and surprised expression. Never would he have imagined that the person he had spent his whole childhood with, the person who was incomparable to being stingy, to have such boldness to take out five gold coins!


Watching such a scene, Ye Chui’s impression of Debbie drastically changed. [She must have noticed my sincere desire to learn enchanting technique and wanted to support me. Although she might be stingy, I guess when the time comes, she will always place the more important matters over wealth.]


“Hammer…” Debbie looked towards Ye Chui and spoke in a low voice while clenching her teeth.


“Yes, Debbie?”


“This five gold coins have bought you an opportunity. If you don’t manage to grasp the enchanting technique, don’t ever think about getting another copper coin in your whole life!” Debbie said to Ye Chui with a look of graveness and non-leniency.

(Silavin: Hahaha! Everyone had to have seen this one coming XD)


“…” Ye Chui became speechless.


[I knew it. Debbie was indeed moved by ‘it would be a surprise if you don’t make money too quickly’!]


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  1. God I honestly hate Debbie. For this to be a Chinese novel, these characters are awful similar to Japanese characters. Overbearing females, idiot-timid main characters.

    1. Interesting fact: anime is also quite popular in China; so, it should not be such a surprise that people adopt their troupes.

      And this guy, is only nice to those close to him. He is a serial killer to almost everyone else.

    2. Yup hate both of the main characters so far. Debbie is just awful and Ye Chui is way to timid. Plus he takes every insult Debbie throws at Hammer personally. Yeah, it would suck to repeatedly be called an idiot but Debbie still thinks he is Hammer, who was, a weak-willed moron. Plus I just dislike arrogant loli characters.

      It’s only my interest in seeing magic Iron Man that keeps me reading.

    3. It is pissing me off that half of the initial 100 gold should be his, along with profit from making the scrolls before as well, like how does he not have any money at all. I want to hit this author for making the MC financially dependant on someone who should be dependant on him. Like why? Are all Chinese or Japanese men like this?

  2. …She is unsuitable to manage a household’s finances. She can manage investment for the store, so just give him a third up front so he won’t have to live so pitifully.

  3. I myself actually like Debbie’s character. The ever so stingy little warrior is a really nice touch. Thanks for the chapter silavin and team. Are you still looking for an editor or a proof reader perhaps? Maybe I can help out.

  4. if this is a polygamy world… would debbie sell off her husband for a second wife to save money on book fees… just thinking if debbie and cara make a business deal and use mc as the bond… would he be happy or sad…

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