Omni-Magician – Chapter 35, An Enchanting Talent that is Greater than the Dwarves?

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Proofreader: Skoll


The Magic Chisel is a unique magic tool. In the hands of an Enchanting Master, a Magic Chisel would be able to perfectly carve out magic matrixes onto magic appliances. Mithril will directly seep into the magic appliances, forming a special silvery floral pattern. This is the reason why enchanted armours or weapons would have silvery floral patterns on it.


And now, as Ye Chui used the Mithril Hammer and Mithril Chisel for the very first time, silvery floral patterns started to form on the surface of the metal sheet – it was a pattern formed by the simple furnace fire array.


As Ye Chui was unsure if he had succeeded, he examined the flame-like fire patterns with a strange look. Then, while he was about to pick it up, Dove suddenly dashed over and snatched the metal sheet in Ye Chui’s hands to examine it in detail first. Thereafter, he turned to Ye Chui with a surprised expression, as his line of sight continuously shuttled between both Ye Chui and the metal sheet.


Cara and Debbie, who were standing outside the straw shed, had noticed that something was amiss.


Cara frowned and quickly asked, “Dove… What happened?”


“Hammer?” Debbie inquired as well.


Ye Chui looked at Dove in an agitated manner. [Could it be that I have managed to succeed on my first try?] Although he has always regarded himself as the Father of Studies, he was still astonished by the feat he had accomplished.


Dove suddenly jumped up and grabbed Ye Chui by the collar. This muscular Dwarf seemed to be more agitated than Ye Chui, “Little rascal… Do have the genes of the Dwarves in your blood?”


Seeing Dove grab Ye Chui by the collar, she got furious immediately and bent down. Brandishing her 50kg sword with a single hand, Cara rushed to prevent Debbie from doing anything rash, “Don’t worry, everything’s fine.”


Being grabbed by the collar by Dove, Ye Chui felt extremely uncomfortable and he said hurriedly, “Judging from my height, do you think I have the genes of the Dwarves? Moreover, I’m a Magician!”


Only humans are allowed to enter the profession of Magicians – although enchanting seems similar to magic, they are obviously two totally different entities. If the blood of the Dwarves flows through a human’s body, that human would not possess the gift of magic.


Dove had just realised that he got his facts mixed up and loosened his hand on Ye Chui’s collar, though still holding on to the metal sheet with the other hand. With a surprised look, he exclaimed, “It’s the first time that I saw a person manage to succeed at enchanting on their very first try… Little boy, your gift at enchanting is definitely at least on par with the Dwarves!”


Ye Chui had now confirmed that he had talent in enchanting and that it is as good as the Dwarves. He was also quick to understand that his personal hacker experience aided him a lot in mastering the Enchanting Technique.


The essence of enchanting is the full understanding of the magic matrixes of the Magicians. Thus, it is almost impossible for most Magicians to learn how to transfer a complete magic matrix onto the Mithril Chisel within their lifetime. However, it was a piece of cake for Ye Chui – having been in the programming industry for a long time in his past life, some strings of characters would seem 3-dimensional to him, hence cultivating his intuition.


And this intuition is the key to enchanting.


This was also the very same reason why he could spot the door in the space magic array.


Debbie stood outside the shed in a daze for a few seconds before realising what had happened. [How can it be that our dumb and slow-witted Hammer actually has the enchanting talent of a Dwarf?] This little girl suddenly felt her breathing become increasingly rapid and inserted her great sword into the hard blue stone ground. She dashed into the shed, pounced onto Ye Chui, then gave him a really, really tight hug, just like a small beast.


At that time, Ye Chui only had one thought. [I’m gonna die, gonna die, gonna die…]


At last, Ye Chui managed to push Debbie away from his body. He then rubbed his numb arm, which was squeezed by Debbie and speechlessly look over to the joyful Debbie, “Are you that elated?”


“Of course! I didn’t expect you to have the gift of enchanting.” Debbie proclaimed, “It seems as though I saw gold coins falling out of my bag.”


“…” Ye Chui was speechless.


Thereafter, Ye Chui recalled he had something important to do. He then looked bashfully at the Mithril Hammer and Mithril Chisel that he had put down just now. Such enchanting tools could be bought at the Magic Guild, but would definitely cost an arm and a leg. Although Both Debbie and Ye Chui have a combined asset of tens of gold coins, they couldn’t bear to spend it on such expensive items. It isn’t the case that they couldn’t bear to buy the enchanting tools, but since Dove had already promised to give it to him for free, why should they spend extra gold coins on it?


Thus, Ye Chui looked at Dove and smiled, “Err, did you say that you will give me the Mithril Hammer and Mithril Chisel for free if I succeed at enchanting on my first try?”


Dove’s expression turned from one of amazement to that of shock. He was merely teasing Ye Chui, as in theory, no ordinary human being would be able to succeed at enchanting on their first attempt… but Ye Chui managed to do so. The cost of a pair of enchanting tools are astronomical, moreover, Dove’s pair of enchanting tools came from the Dwarf tribe in the blue mountain. This means that the quality of his tools is many times better than the ones human Magicians imitate.


How could he bear giving these enchanting tools away?


However, Dwarves are born straightforward and are famous for having a code of honour, thus Dove’s flesh and his heart hurt while making this hard decision. After hesitating for a while, he beckoned Ye Chui to come over, “Okay, this pair of enchanting tools will be yours in the future. I hope you can use them to create fabulous pieces of work!”


Seeing that Dove kept his word, Ye Chui was more or less surprised. Of course, he accepted the gift readily and packed it with a happy heart. He then smilingly said to Dove, “Master Dove, thank you for your generosity.”


“Hahaha, it’s my honour to meet such a rare talented Magician like you. I can invite you to be my guest at the Blue Mountain in the near future. I believe that the Dwarves will look forward to your arrival.” Dove tip-toed and patted Ye Chui’s shoulders.


If Ye Chui was playing a game now, he would have received a message from the system, ‘Congratulations! You have obtained a favourable impression from Dove of Mount Blue, the Dwarf Enchanting Master.’


Similarly, Debbie didn’t expect Ye Chui to succeed at enchanting on his first attempt. As she recovered from her daze, she bent down and peeked her head into the shed, “Little brother, I didn’t expect that you have the gift of enchanting. It’s really out of my imagination!”


“These five gold coins were well-spent.” Debbie smiled sweetly, as she didn’t purchase some counterfeit and inferior products.


“No, it’s two gold coins.” Cara said. She fished out three gold coins from her chest pocket and returned them to Debbie, “Previously, the two gold coins were for Dove’s lesson fees. The remaining three gold coins, which were supposed to be an introduction fee – please take it back. Who knows, we might have a chance to do business together in future.”


Ye Chui seemingly heard a message from the system again, ‘Congratulations! You have gained a favourable impression from Cara, the Beastman!’


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