Omni-Magician – Chapter 36, The Magic Crystal Can Be Regarded as a USB

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Undoubtedly, Cara was a cunning, yet somewhat warm merchant.


After knowing that Ye Chui possessed the gift of enchanting, she immediately decided to get on good terms with him. If he were to seek help from her in the future, she would gladly do her utmost to help. Naturally, she also expects the same from him, where he would help her to the utmost if she needs it; a relationship with mutual benefits.


This was something Debbie understood very well and was delighted to receive Cara’s friendship. A personal connection like this was important in business and essential when starting up something like a store.


“I have read the encyclopaedia before and it describes Beastmen as simple-minded battle maniacs. But it’s different in Cara’s case.” While walking on the road back to the magic store, Ye Chui said in a strange tone.


My grandfather also mentioned this too.” Debbie thought for a second before speaking again. “Cara’s indeed very different from your average Beastman – too intelligent. That’s why she was chased out from her tribe.”

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“…” [I guess it’s somewhat expected. Intelligence isn’t a quality that is greatly regarded within the Beastmen race, since they only value strength. Regardless of gender, if a Beastman lacks strength but is intelligent, they would probably regard that Beastman as a human – someone who isn’t of their kind…] Ye Chui analysed.


They walked to the street where Anthony’s Magic Cottage was located at and ran into some random pedestrians. As Ye Chui’s news of return has spread to the ears of everyone around the area already, some of those who saw him crowded around him out of curiosity.


In relation to Ye Chui’s disappearance, a divide in opinions was created among the people and everyone maintained an exuberant level of curiosity of wanting to know more of the truth of the matter. Thus, Ye Chui explained that he had been kidnapped by Busca for three months but managed to escape, and thanks to his fortunate encounter with the invincible Iron Swordsman, he was finally granted an opportunity to escape. Naturally, while he spoke, he highlighted the grandioseness of the Iron Swordsman.


When passing by Busca’s store, Ye Chui saw that there were many people who gathered there. They were mainly people from the City Lord’s Guards, who were tasked to confiscate Busca’s fortune after his magic store had been officially shut down for good, and bring it back to the City Lord.


Since Busca was widely recognised as the tyrant on this street and had a hateful reputation, the surrounding neighbours were all in shock, but at the same time, gratified, after news of his death in the hands of the Iron Swordsman had reached their ears.

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Watching the goods being moved out of Busca’s mansion, Ye Chui suddenly recalled the space ring in his possession.


[All of Busca’s treasures are sure to be in this ring! I must quickly find a way to unravel the space array in this ring!] Ye Chui secretly swore in his heart.

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During the afternoon, Ye Chui took the opportunity to diligently study the Enchanting Technique. Of course, being self-conscious of the level of his enchanting skills right now, he did not choose to repair the magic matrix on Alfea’s long sword immediately.


During the evening, Ye Chui was trying his best at hacking into the space array within the ring. However, he came to the realisation that to unlock this thing, he will need to be able to comprehend the nine other magic symbols. Likewise, he also felt that if he were to use this ring to meditate, he would be able to uncover more understandings on magic symbols. Unfortunately, the elements, Space, Darkness and Light were related to the nine remaining magic symbols and were a very abstruse concept to comprehend.


Even to midnight, Ye Chui still could not manage to find any means to unlock the ring. And feeling the weight of exhaustion on his mind, Ye Chui decided to fall asleep first before doing anything else. However, when he took off his clothes, getting ready for bed, he noticed the magic crystal in his pocket that he had brought home from the Magic Hall. [I’ve completely forgotten about you…]


[This magic crystal is unlike those crystals harvested from magic beasts’ bodies…] Ye Chui analysed and looked through the encyclopaedia in the hope to understand the marvellous uses of this magic crystal. He managed to find out that in the hands of a Magician, this magic crystal could store information! However, that was not all there was to it. Due to its gorgeous appearance as well, this magic crystal was high in demand, unlike the normal magic crystals. Typically, normal magic crystals were quite cheap, so at the first glance, Debbie mistook this crystal as an ordinary magic crystal that was from a level one Magic Beast; completely useless in her eyes. Thus, she was greatly disappointed when Ye Chui acquired it out from the mirror.


At that point in time, Ye Chui did not have enough time to inspect the crystal and shoved it into his pockets. But at that very moment, he was earnestly researching and studying this magic crystal that he had taken in a spur of a moment.


Using his spiritual powers to analyse the magic crystal, he felt that it was akin to a USB.

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[I see… I can regard this crystal as a USB.]


After more in-depth analysis, Ye Chui discovered that the storage space of this USB wasn’t that small. [If I were to compare this to a normal USB, and taking an assumption that each magic symbol can be considered as a byte of memory, then this USB is at least 128MB!]


Although the USB only had a memory of 128MB, it was only considered small for a USB in his previous world. In this world, such an object is considered priceless; especially when an ordinary level one Magic Beast’s magic crystal would only be able to store at most 1MB!


Of course, magic crystals can store not only magic symbols, but also a Magician’s will. Thus, with this humongous amount of storage space, this magic crystal was definitely something extremely expressive. However, what made Ye Chui surprised were the contents within the magic crystals, [explanations of magic symbols!] being caught in such a sudden state of delight caused the boy to silently scream in excitement. But he forgot to speak.


In this magic crystal was a clear record of explanations regarding the 32 magic symbols. Furthermore, the explanation of each magic symbol took up 2MB of space!


Although magic symbols can be comprehended through a magic book, the most direct and effective means of learning was through the inheritance of other magicians. Whereby, one can study using their spirit. Similar to this was when a magician learns magic symbols through the input of what others stored within the magic crystals.


As the magic crystal comes with explanations of magic symbols, the value of it will be very high!


Moreover, the magic crystal makes it seem like an advanced Magician is personally teaching the person who owns it.


However, Ye Chui quickly realised that this magic crystal does not only store the explanations of the 32 magic symbols, but also a vast number of magic spells and magic arrays, including the explanations of the said arrays. Such information made this magic crystal is worth so much more.


[With this magic crystal, it seems as though an advanced Magician is personally teaching me! The value of this thing must be at least 100 gold… No wait, it must be more than that!] After finally managing to calm his nerves, Ye Chui smiled while recalling the fortunate opportunity that came with his choice; to bring back the magic crystal once it was taken out of the mirror. [Going to the Magic Guild was really my good fortune.]


[With this magic crystal, not only will I be able to fully understand all 32 magic symbols, my understanding of magic will also be more profound.]


However, the most profitable findings would definitely be the explanations on the space magic arrays. There were so many detailed explanations that it seemed to hint that the owner of this crystal was someone who excelled in space magic.


[With this thing, I can definitely open up Busca’s ring! As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way!]


Although Ye Chui was preparing to sleep due to exhaustion moments ago, he now became many times more energetic because of the unexpected discovery.

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