Omni-Magician – Chapter 37, Hammer, I Quite Like This

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Just as Ye Chui was deliberating over the fact that the Magician Guild was so generous to the extent that they actually gave away a magic crystal, which was worth at least 100 gold coins, everyone in the Magician Guild Hall was frantically searching high and low for it.


The challenging puzzle, which the advanced Magician put in place, could not be easily deciphered by any ordinary human being. However, the reality was that the magic crystal had vanished from the mirror. This strange occurrence left everyone puzzled for words but the one who felt the greatest perplexity was none other than Basgen. During the time when the magic crystal disappeared, he had been laying down in the hall of the Magician Guild. [How is possible that someone took it away while I didn’t notice?]


[How is it possible?!]


“It must’ve been the doing of one of the Magicians who came in the morning to run some errands…”


After carrying out an investigation on the internal personnel of the Magician Guild, the investigation team unanimously eliminated them as possible suspects, before targeting those who visited the Magician Guild today as the possible perpetrators.


Basgen, who had been guarding the hall way today, tried his best to recall, “I remember the last time I saw the magic crystal in the morning was when Hammer came to the Magician Guild.”


“Who is Hammer?” Oberth, the Guild Master’s son, had a darkened expression as he immediately inquired.


“Hammer? Isn’t he the boy from Anthony’s Magic Cottage?” a clerk of the Magician Guild asked curiously.


“Yup, he’s the one.” Basgen nodded.


“What level is his Magician skills at now?” Oberth hurriedly asked, “Hammer? *Snorts* What kind of trash name does he have!”

(Silavin: Fucker is so disrespectful. I wish to introduce him to the back of my palm!)


“Hammer is currently a level two Magician. He was kidnapped for three months and was just rescued yesterday by the City Lord’s Daughter Lady Alfea. The City Lord’s Manor had also requested that we compensate the boy with a free magic wand.” the clerk answered, “I heard that the boy doesn’t have much talent in magic and does not have much future prospects. However, he does have sufficient skills to manage a magic store.”


“It is definitely not him!” Oberth declared – comparing his own outstanding magic talent as a level three Magician to that of Ye Chui’s. [How can this unknown figure in the magic world be much better than me in magic? And how could he have deciphered the space array and removed the magic crystal?]


“Shouldn’t we go and ask him?” Basgen had a differing thought.


“That man has gotten news that magic crystal was stolen and is fuming right now. We have to find the magic crystal as soon as possible! We don’t have the time to waste on such trash!” Oberth lashed out, “Mr Basgen, try and recall, who else had visited the Magician Guild in the morning!”


“All right then.” Basgen replied although he did not approve of Oberth’s saying that the magic crystal was stolen. After all, the magic crystal could not be considered stolen if that advanced Magician who placed it there had said that whoever is able to remove the crystal from the mirror would be able to keep it for himself… However, since Oberth was in an angry fit, Basgen did not add on anything.


[The Magician Guild is typically empty. However, for no particular reason, there were quite a few Magicians that visited in the morning…] Basgen frowned as he attempts to recall who those people were.


Unfortunately, due to Oberth’s insistence, they had eliminated the true culprit from the start.



~ Three days later







Crisp and intermittent knocking sounds could be heard from the backyard of Anthony’s Magic Cottage. As Debbie laid her great sword horizontally on the ground, Ye Chui was holding onto the Mithril Chisel and Mithril Hammer, as he constantly produced the knocking sounds. On the other hand, Debbie stood at a side, looking at Ye Chui with a worried expression.


“Hammer, are you up to it? What if your enchanting fails?” Debbie asked out of worry.


“Don’t worry, I’ve already managed to repair the enchantment on Alfea’s long sword. Compared to enchanting the long sword, your great sword is much easier.” Ye Chui said in a relaxed tone, “Even if I were to fail, your great sword would not be damaged in any way. At most, your great sword would just have a silver pattern on it.”


Enchanting may sound like an extremely advanced technique and in reality, it is indeed so. However, if one were to compare it to carving magic scrolls, it would just be a level harder. Furthermore, since Ye Chui would carve 30 magic scrolls each day, he felt that enchanting wasn’t that difficult.


Of course, Ye Chui no longer had to make magic scrolls. For the past few days, Debbie had allowed him to shift his focus. Instead of making magic scrolls, he was to practice and perfect the art of enchanting. After all, enchanting makes more money than selling magic scrolls!


<Wind Blade> was the only enchantment array on Alfea’s long sword.


<Wind Blade> is recognised as a basic offensive spell and it isn’t too hard for Ye Chui to repair, since he had read up on it in one of the books that he had bought from Cara’s Magic Bookstore. Since he had been diligently studying, many of the magic arrays and spells were already memorised by him. Thus, repairing an enchanting array such as this was a simple task for Ye Chui.


Currently, his goal is to enchant the <Wind Walk> enchantment array onto Debbie’s great sword.


<Wind Walk> is classified as a basic auxiliary spell, which has a function that increases the speed of an object or person. This enchantment array is the most popular amongst great sword users. After all, not only is the enchantment array capable of increasing the speed of the great sword by two times, it can also increase the might of the sword!


Similarly, in order to enchant this magic matrix onto the great sword, Ye Chui also had to form the magic model of the magic spell in his mind. In other words, he needed to learn the magic spell before he is able to enchant it onto the great sword.


This is a pre-requisite of enchanting for all human Magicians.


Typically, a Magician would need to spend a lot of time to learn a new spell, and form its magic model. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Ye Chui.


Regardless if it is <Wind Walk> or <Wind Blade>; he only needs to spend a short amount of time, before being able form the magic model. After all, for a hacker standing at the apex like him, finding out the small things that made up this spell was a piece of cake to him.


His ability would definitely cause a stir if known by many, but Ye Chui isn’t aware of it.


After a while, the hammering sounds coming from the backyard stopped. Ye Chui inspected the great sword before passing it to Debbie. With a cough, he spoke. “The enchantment is completed. Try it out.”


A bright, blinding light immediately shone into Debbie’s eyes as she used one hand to lift the great sword. The blade was originally black in colour but at this moment, one side of it had a leaf-vein like pattern on it. In total, Ye Chui carved out four <Wind Walk> arrays onto Debbie’s great sword. If one were to order this type of enchantment from an Enchanting Master, it would undoubtedly cost serval gold coins.


“Two <Wind Walk> magic arrays were enchanted on each side of the great sword, so as to counter each other. When you grasp your great sword with your left hand and input sword aura into it, the magic arrays on one side of the great sword would be activated, thus producing a huge propelling force, which allows the sword to spin quickly. When you grasp your great sword with your right hand and input sword aura into it, the <Wind Walk> magic arrays on the other side of the word would be activated, causing an opposing force in the opposite direction and the sword to halt to a stop.” Ye Chui explained.


Magic power is required to activate the magic matrix. Although they both have different attributes, the sword aura and magic power is actually the same thing; they are merely named differently in different professions. The enchantment done by Ye Chui on Debbie’s great sword is designed with Debbie’s Giant Spinning Top attacking move in mind. When Debbie uses the Giant Spinning Top, the array on one side of the sword would be activated and her spinning speed would be increased.


If she wants to stop spinning, she can activate the magic array on the other side, which would cause a ‘braking’ effect and make her slow down.


“Try it out!” Ye Chui smilingly suggested to Debbie.


Debbie’s eyes glint with an excited expression as she used both hands to grasp the hilt of the great sword. Following Ye Chui’s instructions, she injected her sword aura from her left hand, towards one side of the great sword. The array on that side activated and made a *siiii siii,* whistling sound. Unable to control herself, Debbie started to revolve. Meanwhile, Debbie, as though it was already planned in her head, immediately cried out in astonishment as she turned into a human top, spinning faster and faster.


The spinning speed was at least twice as fast compared to the time when she only used her pure strength!


The might was doubled as well!


If Debbie were to face off with the Protection of War God move by Carrey, she could definitely go head on against him fearlessly!


Seeing that the results of his enchanting were so successful, Ye Chui revealed a satisfied smile.


Then he cursed.


“Ahhhhh…” Debbie’s screams continued endlessly. Her petite silhouette soon became blurry as she became frantic due to the speed of the spinning.


Ye Chui yelled hurriedly, “Quickly activate the other two <Wind Walk> magic matrixes on the other side of the sword!”


However, it was obvious that Debbie couldn’t hear Ye Chui’s instructions as her speed increased tremendously. Soon, dust filled the entire backyard as though a tornado had just swept past.


“Shit, will everything be fine?” Ye Chui couldn’t help but feel worried.


Debbie suddenly let go of the great sword in her hands!


Due to the centrifugal force from the spin, 50kg great sword flew without stop, till it collided with the southern wall of the yard. *Bang!* Sparks flew around as the wall made of stone crumbled under the tremendous force; creating dust clouds and fragments that shot off. It took a while before the dust settled down to reveal a great sword, half submerged into the ground, displaying its might – no difference to that of a bomb!


Debbie continued to spin like a table top, unable to stop herself. Even when Ye Chui came in to intervene with a hug, his body was beaten down to the ground. Taking the opportunity to stop, Debbie quickly sat on him.


Ye Chui felt that his body was about to fall apart, but he knew that Debbie was more important. So, he anxiously asked, “Are you okay?”


Debbie, with a dazed expression and red complexion, collapsed onto Ye Chui’s body and rubbed her head. Then, she turned her head towards the concrete wall that had collapsed due to the impact of the great sword and the pedestrians who stood at the opposite side of the street in astonishment. She looked at Ye Chui and laughed heartily, “Hammer, I quite like this.”


“…” Ye Chui was speechless.


Although <Wind Walk> is a basic magic spell, it was visibly different from the gale magic scrolls he had carved before. The gale produced by the gale magic scrolls was instantaneous. On the other hand, since <Wind Walk> was enchanted onto the weapon, the power of the wind could last for a long time if magic power is continuously supplied.


[If that is the case… Then if I enchant <Wind Walk> onto an armour, wouldn’t the person be able to fly if the wind power is strong enough?]


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