Omni-Magician – Chapter 38, Even I Am Afraid of the Ultimate Move

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Debbie was determined to be a Great Swordswomen. Among the various classes of Swordsmen, Great Swordsmen have always been the representation of strength. For her to be able to display such a destructive force with her greatsword, her words ‘Hammer, I quite like this,’ was definitely from the bottom of her heart. Her mutter caused Ye Chui to sigh in his heart as well. [You are really the epitome of a violent woman…]

The collapse of the backyard wall drew much attention as random passers-by remained dumbfounded at the scene. However, that was the least of Debbie’s concern as she was currently more focused on tidying up the backyard, before heading to the City Lord’s Manor with Ye Chui to return the long sword to Alfea.


What was the actual reason why Debbie was in such a rush to return the sword before noon? She had her own train of thoughts. [Although I’m not sure how much they would pay for the repair of the long sword, they should at least be able to treat us to a lunch, right?]


She had heard that the meals at the City Lord’s Manor’s were of a very high standard!


Following Debbie’s lead to the City Lord’s Manor, Ye Chui could not help but sigh in the depths of his heart. He did not have any means to control this greedy ‘wife’ of his.


They were not worried at about the collapsed southern wall at all. Since they had a close relationship with everyone in the neighbourhood, it was unlikely that one of their neighbours would steal from them. Likewise, the security in Stan City is renowned, with close to no pilferage cases occurring in this city. So, they could leave their house in such a state without worry.


Soon, Ye Chui and Debbie both arrived at grandest building of Stan City in Stardust Avenue. The guards that stood there were well aware of the purpose of their visit and joyfully granted them passage.


“Miss Alfea is currently in the garden. Please follow me.” One of the servants came to entertain her guests, Ye Chui and Debbie, spoke with a smile. She then led them deeper into the manor.


While Debbie and Ye Chui were led deeper into the City Lord’s Manor, both of them continuously sized up the surroundings. Not only did Debbie behave and look like a grandmother exploring the humongous garden, Ye Chui also had the appearance of one. This place was indeed a City Lord’s Manor – there was a massive mansion, expensive decoration pieces all around and even servants who would lead the way for the guests. For people who trespass into this place, they would definitely get lost. It was rumoured that there was a petty thief who actually had the guts to sneak into the City Lord’s Manor to steal. Although he had managed to loot some valuable items, he couldn’t find the way out of the manor and had no choice but to surrender himself to the authorities…


As they awed at the grandeur of the place, they soon arrived at the garden under the leadership of the servant.


Just as they entered the garden, they could hear a distant *Bang!* from weapons colliding.


Ye Chui was struck dumbfounded, “Is Miss Alfea practicing her swordsmanship right now?”


The servant smiled as she explained, “I heard that Miss Alfea is currently preparing for an adventure and is recruiting members to join her.”


“An adventure?” Ye Chui and Debbie both got interested.


The City Lord’s Manor garden was huge and was filled with a vast array of flora. Unfortunately, since it was autumn at that time when Ye Chui and Debbie arrived at the scene; they were only able to witness the withered leaves festering around the place. Even with all the cleaners around, the dull leaves would be carried into the air so long as the wind blew. Thus, it made the whole environment instantly seem isolated, as though the garden was a cruel place to work in for those cleaners.


Out of all these people, Ye Chui instantly notice the Alfea – a woman who was wearing a white long dress, displaying her peerless grace and talent to all those around. Without her suit of armour on, she seemed like a poised hero. In addition, there was the two meter tall Beastman in an armour suit, Athol, and the human Swordsman, who left a deep impression on Ye Chui, Balmain, who stood beside her. There was also another Swordsman called Damon, a Mercenary that Debbie was acquainted with. He would often visit and buy scrolls from Anthony’s Magic Cottage due to his liking towards Ye Chui’s scrolls.


What’s more, there were two human Swordsmen who were standing at the side watching the battle of yet another two human Swordsmen. In the battle was one who specialised in using the greatsword while the other was specialised in using the long sword.


The human Swordsman wielding the greatsword had a height that exceeded two meters. He had a strong and defined built, appearing to be extremely robust. If one were to compare him to Athol, the difference would not be much. Brandishing the great sword, he seemed like a perfect companion to it, easily causing over lookers to conceive his build as what all Great Swordsmen should be like.


Debbie’s eyes instantly lit up. Although there were many Swordsmen around, there were rare few Great Swordsmen. In the midst of her excitement, she commented, “This Great Swordsmen is quite strong! He must be at least a level three Swordsman!”


Ye Chui was staring at the overwhelming power of the Great Swordsman, but after Debbie made her comment; he turned his head towards her. He was now looking at the girl, who was only 1.5 meters tall, who had hung a 1.6 meter tall great sword on her back and sighed. [You really practiced the wrong thing…]


Meanwhile, the servant who guided both Ye Chui and Debbie to the garden quickly went to Alfea’s side. She informed the young lady of the purpose of their visit. Immediately, Athol turned his head to look at the pair. Athol, a simple and honest Beastman, quickly became joyous as he greeted the pair with a smile. “Little Brother, did you come here to deliver Miss Alfea’s long sword? I didn’t expect you to be able to repair it so quickly.”

After he spoke, the people around took notice of Ye Chui and Debbie’s presence and looked towards their direction. Balmain also gave them a smile and a nod. Damon, the Mercenary, stood there in a daze before realising that they were the owners of a magic store. He then gave a smile to show his good faith. However, the other two people were indifferent towards Ye Chui and Debbie’s existence.


Alfea walked over to Ye Chui and took over her long sword from Ye Chui’s hand. She then examined her weapon and brandished it against a nearby tree.


*Whiz* a translucent blade made of wind shot out after she made her slash. The translucent wind blade shot towards the tree, causing a loud rustle with plenty of branches and leaves falling down. This was a test initiated by her to check the effectiveness of the array, and the results were satisfying.


“You’ve actually managed to repair the magic matrix on my sword.” Alfea said. However, her voice soon turned mature, at least for someone who was 15-16 years old. “Your enchanting technique is excellent. And according to the market price, I shall give you 50 silver coins as the price for reparation.”


“Thank you, Miss Alfea.” Ye Chui said hastily, while Debbie, who was standing beside him, had a blossoming grin plastered on her face. [If it was before we became richer, I wonder how long she would stand here with that greedy grin on her face…]


Suddenly, a *bang!* rang through the entire place.


Everyone turned their heads to the source of the sound to find that it came from a powered slice by the greatsword wielding Swordsman. Meanwhile, the long sword wielding Swordsman was sent flying by that powerful attack. When he finally landed on the ground, his long sword had already been broken in two. Furthermore, with the blows he had taken, he was only able to slowly crawl on the ground. When he tried to make bigger movements, he vomited out blood. In his current state, he could only lie on the ground with a reluctant expression stuck on his face.


It was obvious that the victor and loser had been determined in this battle.


“Miss Alfea, does Bolton, my younger brother, qualify to join you in your adventure?” A swordsman clad in red armour, which both Ye Chui and Debbie did not recognise, spoke in a joyful manner, “Although my brother is only a level three Swordsman, he’s a Great Swordsman! He’ll definitely be someone who can hold his own in battles and aid in strengthening battling capabilities.”


“Of course.” Alfea hurriedly kept the long sword in her hand and responded with a smile. “Mr. Guthem, since your younger brother managed to defeat an already recognised Swordsman, he is naturally qualified to join my squad.”


“That’s great.” Guthem, who was clad in red battle armour, said smilingly. With a wide grin, he walked to Bolton’s side and patted on his brother’s shoulder. However, Bolton just stood there and smiled, as though he did not understand his older brother’s signalling.


“So, have we formed our squad?” Guthem turned his head towards Alfea and asked.


Just as Alfea was about to respond to Guthem, Balmain suddenly injected, “I suggest that we increase the size of our squad to include one more person.”


“What?” Everyone exclaimed and stared at Balmain with perplexed looks on their faces; Debbie and Ye Chui were no exception.


Balmain then extended his finger and pointed towards Ye Chui. “This little brother is an Enchanting Master. Since we are going to an ancient tomb, which is filled with all sorts of magic traps, we need an Enchanting Master, who is specialised in the traps, so as to detect and disable them. So, I suggest that we invite this little brother to join us!”


“Me!?” Ye Chui was dumbfounded. He had never expected an invitation to join them on their adventure.


Alfea frowned as she contemplated on Balmain’s suggestion. She then looked towards Ye Chui and asked, “Hammer, I would like to formally invite you to join us on our venture? After the adventure is complete, 10 percent of any harvest we find will belong to you. Are you agreeable with these terms? Oh, since you are our Enchanting Master, we will protect you with all our might in this risky adventure.”


“Well…. This is…” Ye Chui hesitated.


“Hammer, we really need you.” Balmain patiently tried to persuade him, “Please believe me when I say that this adventure will bring you no small amount of riches. What’s more, we will protect you with the best of our capabilities. Moreover, we will sign an oath contract manufactured from the church, thus you can be assured that we will keep our promise.”


After hearing Balmain words, Ye Chui had to acknowledge that he was tempted by this good offer. He knew that such an opportunity was one in a million, and often, returning from such a trip would normally yield no small amount of profit. Hence, every Swordsman, Mercenary, Magician, Follower and Knight, would jump at the opportunity whenever it arises.

(Silavin: Official raw translation, Rush like ducks. I know, WTF!).


What’s more, with the restriction of an oath contract, he need not worry about the other part not keeping their promise.


However, before he could say anything, Debbie quickly interrupted, “No! If you desire Hammer to join you on this adventure, I must tag along as well!”


Everyone stared at Debbie with shock.


“Hold on, girl. Aren’t you a Great Swordsman as well?” Guthem, who was wearing red amour, said with a sneer, “We already have a Great Swordsman in our team and we do not require another one. If you wish to join us, you have to defeat my younger brother first!”


The tall and muscular Bolton wielded his great sword in a display of power. The thought of being able to bully a little girl seemed to make Bolton excited…

(Silavin: Bad Reader! Bad! It’s not in a sexual way!)


“Debbie, there no need for this. If push comes to shove, I can just choose not to join.” Ye Chui knew very well that Debbie was worried for his safety, and thus, pushed for her own recruitment. However, if he could forgo the opportunity to go on an adventure just to ensure Debbie’s safety.


However, Debbie’s eyes sparkled as she explained. “I’ve heard of others who participated in an adventure to the ancient tombs. It is rumoured that one can earn dozens of gold coins, how can I possibility forgo such an opportunity?!” She lowers her voice and continued to whisper to Ye Chui, “What’s more, this guy called Bolton, he looks quite dumb. If he is only one level higher than me, I think I can take him down. I have my great sword which you have just enchanted. Didn’t you see my Ultimate Move: The Giant Spinning Top? What do I have to be afraid of? I do not think I will fall short of him.”


Ye Chui remained silent, or rather, speechless. [Debbie, you really need to change those pair of greedy eyes. This kind of sickness needs to be controlled!]

(Skoll: I’m really starting to get annoyed at this female-Weed fellow (reference to another LN, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor). Someone needs to knock some sense of restraint into this fellow)


It was tacitly understood that this was just like the battle earlier. Just like how Bolton had beaten the Long Swordsman in battle and gains his place in the team; the new challenger must defeat him to take over his place. Hence, Debbie stood tall; at least she tried to, as she held her great sword and pointed it towards Bolton. “Alright! Let’s fight!”


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