Omni-Magician – Chapter 39, The Power of the Giant Spinning Top

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Standing at only 1.5 meters tall, Debbie had a petite build that made her seem like a little girl from the neighbourhood. As she brandished the 50kg greatsword in the air, she pointed to a man, who had a height of more than two meters and seemed to be the symbol of the term ‘human tank’ and screamed, “Tall one, let’s fight!”

(Silavin: Gangsta!)


This scene was so weird to the extent that everyone’s minds were frozen from shock for a second.


Even Ye Chui could not contain himself – his gaze quickly dropped to the floor. He was so embarrassed to the point that he wished to hide his face from the world…


However, on the other hand, Debbie felt totally comfortable in this situation. This girl started to dash towards Bolton with battling intent in her gaze. The determination seen on her adorable face made everyone feel the fire to fight within her.


[This strong girl definitely has the passion for battling.] Most people at the scene would subconsciously have this thought in their heads. However, Ye Chui was the only person in the crowd who knew that this strong girl’s true passion was for gold coins…


Ye Chui knew that he was unable to stop Debbie from battling. Though he was worried for her, he subconsciously developed a sense of anticipation in his heart, as he thought of the collapsed southern wall in their backyard. Nevertheless, he also subconsciously grabbed the magic wand at his waist and held it in his hands, while untying the knot of the magic robe. Although Debbie did not request for him to carve any magic scrolls these few days, Ye Chui still made some strengthened basic magic scrolls just for self-defence. And now, he had 30 of those strengthened magic scrolls in his magic robe.


Ye Chui was thus confident of rescuing Debbie, if any unfortunate accidents occur later on.


Alfea, Athol, Balmain and Damon regained their senses quickly. Fearlessness was the most advocated quality in the warrior profession. Hence, Debbie’s courage to step up and battle Bolton was certainly a surprise to many in the crowd. Furthermore, a petite stature does not mean much in this magic world. For instance, Alfea is already a level five Swordsman – who would have imagined that she had the capabilities to take down everyone at the scene?


“Little girl, I wish you all the best and I hope that you can be victorious!” Alfea encouraged Debbie with a smile.


Ye Chui had a thought in his mind. [Alfea’s encouragement would have been more effective if she had said that the reward for winning the battle was 10 gold coins.]


Alfea’s desire for Debbie to emerge victorious seemed to have upset Guthem, who was in red battle armour. He then walked over to his little brother and whispered to him, “Bolton, leave no mercy!”


Bolton looked at Debbie with bright eyes – he felt that the vast difference in body size would allow him to torture her easily. He then replied his brother, “Bro, I won’t disappoint you!”


“Silly boy, you’re fighting for your own glory, not mine!” Guthem sternly warned him.


Bolton gave a foolish laughter, “I got it, bro.”


Everyone in the field made way for the battle, while Debbie and Bolton stood exactly opposite each other, with a greatsword in their hands.


The clash between the two strong Great Swordsmen thus begins.






The deafening sound produced by the strong impacts of the clashing of the greatswords was a unique characteristic of battles between Great Swordsmen. The slashing of the great sword would leave a trail of disaster behind – some flora in the garden was not spared from the battle as well. This caused the servant gardeners, who were sweeping at a distance, to look straight immediately. [Indeed, you guys don’t know the pains of taking care of the plants…]


Debbie and Bolton soon had multiple clashes with each other.


Bolton was a level three Swordsman, who had a muscular built, while Debbie was a level two Swordsman, who had a petite stature. No matter which aspect does one look at, Bolton does have the edge over Debbie at winning. However, in reality, the skills proved to be equally-matched in the tense battle.


[It’s because Debbie’s greatsword had been enchanted!] Ye Chui thought to himself.


Although Debbie had often caused Ye Chui to be speechless, since she chose the profession of a Great Swordsman, it means that she has an innate talent to battle. Despite only using the enchanted greatsword only once, Debbie had already mastered the technique of how to use the <Wind Walk> array perfectly. She could, in the instant when the great sword swings down, activate the array and increase the power of the great sword tremendously. This gave her a huge advantage in the battle.


Guthem, who was in red battle armour, increasingly became stone-faced. [How can my little brother be unable to defeat this girl after so long into the battle? It’s such a disgrace!] He then shouted involuntarily, “Bolton, you idiot! Take her down quickly!”


Hearing his brother’s words, Bolton instantaneously became tense. He suddenly gave a loud shout, sprang up with both his hand grasping the greatsword, then swung his sword downwards fiercely!


The power and aura he had was frightening to many, thus Debbie dodged his attack by evading to the side with her greatsword quickly.


*Boom!* A big hole was created on the blue stone ground.


If the blow was to land on a person, the person would have lost his life. Bolton gave a blood-thirsty sneer and wailed, before continuing to attack Debbie with such overwhelming, yet clumsy method.


Thus, the blue stone pathway leading to the garden had a few more big holes in it. The servant gardeners stared at Bolton with their eyes in fury. [Do you know that we have to repair the ground?!]


Bolton’s attacking method seemed to have exhausted his physical strength and sword aura, but he wasn’t lacking in these two things. Pound after pound, his self-satisfying laughter became increasingly louder and dangerous aura can be felt all around him.


Debbie started to retreat.


It was about time for Debbie to showcase her ultimate attacking move.


She nimbly did a backflip to distance herself from Bolton, then grabbed her great sword with two hands and took a deep breath.


“This little girl is about to lose!” Guthem laughed indifferently.


Alfea, Athol and the others gave a worried expression. Debbie’s petite, yet courageous silhouette has already won over their support.


Ye Chui already knew what Debbie was about to do and his eyes lit up instantly.


Soon after, no matter who it was – Alfea, Guthem, or those servant gardeners, who were still fuming over the damaged blue stone ground and the destroyed plants – all of them had their eyes wide open. The little girl, who held the great sword with her two hands, started spinning at an increasing speed and the friction between the air and the blade of the sword produced a whizzing sound.

The scene just resembles a giant spinning top. As the spinning speed increases, the fallen leaves and dust in the garden started flying into the air, forming some sort of ‘tornado’.


It was the first time Bolton had seen someone use this attacking move.


In fact, no one in the crowd had actually seen this attacking move before, except for Ye Chui. Hence, all of them had a jaw-dropping expression plastered on their faces.


‘Ahhhhh…” Intermittent screams of either excitement or shock came from Debbie’s mouth.


Her screams jolted Bolton awake. Having felt that danger was imminent; he quickly held onto his great sword with two hands and raised it above him. Bolton then let out a loud shout, before looking up to Debbie.




It was noon at that moment, when the sun was still shining brightly in the sky. The sunlight reflected by the shiny blade of the great sword maliciously blinded the eyes of the crowd.


After Debbie used the Giant Spinning Top, she was now both on the offensive and defensive side of the battle. She also perfectly made up for the weakness of all Great Swordsmen – stiffness of movement. As Bolton looked up, he was immediately swept away by the moving great sword and an awful *doong* could be heard.


Bolton’s great sword slipped out of his hands.


Following the strong impact, Bolton’s huge body fell backwards uncontrollably.


Not decreasing the speed of the great sword, Debbie spun herself over to Bolton’s body.


At this moment, Debbie’s great sword had an immense amount of power stored within it. Let alone Bolton, even small rocks would be crushed to pieces when dealt with the great sword!


“Debbie!” Ye Chui screamed hurriedly. It is inevitable for injuries and deaths occur in such battles and Debbie would not have to be responsible for any injury or death, but Ye Chui does not want Debbie to actually take someone’s life.


In an instant, the blade of Debbie’s greatsword brushed past Bolton’s head.


Suddenly, the wind in the garden seemed to have lost its power and direction, as it started to disperse in all directions.


Debbie maintained her pose with both her hands holding onto her great sword – her body leaned forward slightly, as the blade of her sword was merely inches away from Bolton’s brain. She had managed to stop her greatsword and posed in such a manner just inches from his brain.


It was the braking effect of the two <Wind Walk> arrays, which Ye Chui carved onto the other side of the sword.


Of course, Debbie perfect control of the arrays was also pivotal in stopping in time.


Spinning the great sword was easy, but making it stop suddenly at such a high speed was no easy feat. After managing to pull off this difficult task, her arms started trembling due to the exhaustion.


But… She won.


Bolton, who had been sent flying by Debbie’s spinning greatsword, had just landed underneath a tall tree. The impact of Debbie’s spinning greatsword caused Bolton’s sword to be lodged right in the centre of the tree trunk.


Sitting motionlessly on the ground, Bolton’s eyes glanced at his great sword, while intense fear overwhelmed his patience. Then, this tall and muscular man started wailing in fright…


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