Omni-Magician – Chapter 40, Struck by Lightning

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


From the time Debbie used her ultimate attacking move, the Giant Spinning Top, to the time she achieved victory by engulfing everyone’s eyes with a blinding light; the entire process took merely a few seconds. These few seconds were sufficient to make everyone dumbfounded, as no one would have imagined that a Great Swordsman would be able to pull off such a move that had a perfect combination of both defence and offense elements. Witnessing the lethality of the ‘Giant Spinning Top’ left all at the scene astonished; as they widened their horizons today.

(Silavin: My God, can we not make this thing sound so holy?)


Ye Chui’s nervousness quickly dissipated and was replaced by pride. [This little girl sure is talented in battling…]


He noticed from Debbie’s posture and grasp of her great sword, that stopping the sword consumed no small amount of her strength. Hence, he was prepared to immediately walk to her side to support her once the dust has settled.


However, at this very moment, a man was a step faster than Ye Chui – it was Guthem, the man wearing red battling armour!


With a face cold as ice, he approached Debbie while taking out the long sword on his waist.


Alfea and the others were still stunned by the shocking result of the battle and did not realise Guthem’s plan. However, Ye Chui noticed the anger in his eyes and could foretell what was going to happen.


Therefore, Ye Chui quickly waved the magic wand in his hand.


A white-coloured wind blade was suddenly released from the magic wand. *Zila* It sliced the grassy ground right in front of Guthem, creating a deep gully.


[Basic Offensive Spell, <Wind Blade>]


Since Ye Chui was able to fix the <Wind Blade> magic matrix on Alfea’s sword, he would have naturally mastered this spell.


Having noticed the gully that had suddenly appeared on the ground, Guthem’s murderous face turned towards Ye Chui with an ominous stare.


Before he could do anything, Ye Chui was already standing beside Debbie. With a wave of his hand, a few magic scrolls, which had not been activated yet, were casually thrown out by him. Although Ye Chui tossed the magic scrolls towards Guthem, they did not fall onto the ground. Instead, they were floating in mid-air mysteriously. From afar, Ye Chui used his magic wand to control these magic scrolls and make them surround Guthem.


[Basic Life Spell <Breeze>]


“Eh, what are you up to? Admit defeat! Or do you plan to go back on your words?!” Ye Chui spoke with a hint of teasing.


Guthem glanced at the magic scrolls floating around his body and smiled callously, “Magic scrolls? I heard that you defeated Carrey, the disgrace of the City Lord’s Guard, using these, but do you actually think the magic scrolls will be effective against me?”




After Guthem spoke his piece, a magic scroll floating beside his face was activated and flames started spewing out of the magic scroll in all directions, engulfing Guthem’s figure inside a sea of fire.


However, Guthem was unlike Carrey, the piece of trash. He was able to feel the movement of energy within the magic scroll at the instant when the scroll was activated. Hence, at that moment, he turned his body to a side and did a nimble backflip, evading the attack of the blazing flames.


However, there were a few strands of hair on a side of his head that were not spared from the flames, as a burnt stench could be noticed.


Ye Chui’s attack made Guthem enraged and he roared, “You must be courting DEATH!”


As he let out a loud scream, he held up his long sword high into the air, preparing to strike down Ye Chui with one ferocious attack.


After a *Ziz* was heard, a lightning scroll was activated directly above him.


It seems as though a lightning flashed through the bright sky.


And Guthem happened to be holding his long sword high in the air…


Therefore, strikes after strikes of lightning passed through his body by the ‘lightning rod’ at a high speed. Everything happened too fast for Guthem to even react to the situation. In the next instant, Guthem’s flowing hair exploded into a mess, while his face was burnt black.


Ye Chui was immediately delighted upon witnessing that scene. [You deserve to be struck by lightning wearing something like that.]


However, Guthem was a level four Swordsman, who has a muscular physique and strong body. Although Ye Chui’s magic scrolls had been modified to make it four times stronger, Guthem was unfortunately not fatally wounded. Instead, it simply made him angrier. He showed off a grin, trying to cool down his anger as he spoke, “Good. It seems that you do have the skills to humiliatingly defeat Carrey, that piece of rubbish. But I am not Carrey. Let’s see just how many more magic scrolls can you continue using?!”


“Many.” Ye Chui cunningly replied as he opened his magic gown – there were numerous small pockets sewn on the insides of the magic gown and there were magic scrolls in every pocket. Judging from the number of pockets, there were at least a few dozen magic scrolls in his gown.


“…” Guthem turned speechless.


“Enough!” Alfea finally regained her senses and quickly rushed between the two. Calming herself down with a deep breath, she coldly looked at Guthem and asked, “Where do you think this is?!”


It was obvious from Guthem’s facial expression that he was holding in his rage. However, he dared not rashly attack Alfea. Although she is a mere level five Swordsman and was only 15 or 16 years old, he knew that she was a talented Swordsman. Even if there were three of him, he would still not be her match. Furthermore, they were inside of City Lord’s Manor.


Even at a disadvantage, he was still reluctant to let go. Staring coldly at both Ye Chui and Debbie, before shifting his gaze to his crying little brother on the floor, who had no strength to stand, he clenched his teeth in tolerance.


“Guthem, if you dare to continue this farce, then I will ensure that you will not live to see tomorrow.” Balmain suddenly arrived beside Guthem and pulled out two tall and slender daggers, before placing one at his neck, and the other at the artery on his thigh.


Since Balmain was a well acclaimed Dual Swordsman, Guthem had no choice but to give in. Finally, he managed to constrain his anger and returned his long sword to the side of his waist. Raising both hands, he gave a defeated smile while speaking, “I’ve made a mistake. How would I dare to cause such trouble within the City Lord’s Manor?”


Balmain slowly withdrew his daggers and placed them back to his waist. He then looked at Ye Chui with a face full of surprise.


However, Balmain was not the only one who was impressed with Ye Chui. Alfea, Athol, Damon, as well as another swordsman also had surprised looks on their faces, as they looked towards Ye Chui. Earlier on, Debbie, who had taken down Bolton with an unimaginable style, already left them in deep shock. But, they were even more impressed with Ye Chui, who was a level two Magician. If they were to consider the rumours between Carrey and Ye Chui, it was obvious that Carrey’s defeat was true. Even they themselves, now felt that retreat would be a more viable option when confronting a magic scroll master like Ye Chui.


Noticing that there was no longer any danger, he waved his magic wand, causing those scrolls that were floating in the air to fly back into his pockets. Even this simple move was shocking to the masses, as they had never seen someone so skilled with the magic spell, <Breeze>.


Ye Chui looks towards Debbie and asked, “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine… Just a little tired…” Debbie replied as she stabbed her great sword into the ground. With both hands holding onto the grip, she also looked at Ye Chui with astonishment. She thought to herself, [In the past, Hammer would always hide behind me when something went wrong. But now, it seems that he has changed…]


[Of course, he has changed for the better!]

(Silavin: For money making?)


Debbie returned a sweet smile to Ye Chui.


Ye Chui turned around and smiled at Alfea, “So is Debbie allowed to join in your adventure now?”


“Of course.” Alfea nodded with a smile as well, “I have not seen such a Great Swordsman like her before. Having her on my team would be such an honour.”


Debbie immediately pumped her fist up in excitement.


“Since the eight members of our team have been confirmed, Little Brother, I will introduce everyone to you.” Balmain said.


Ye Chui already knew Athol and Damon.


Guthem, the level four Swordsman was beside his depressed younger brother, who was still crying. He took a look at Ye Chui with cold and cloudy eyes but did not say anything.


As for the other swordsman at the scene, he was known as Bill; a level four Swordsman.


Since this was considered as a personal adventure, the team members were recruited by choice. Therefore, there were City Lord Guards such as Athol and Balmain, while the rest were mainly from the Mercenary Guild.


After the introduction, the servant, who brought Ye Chui and Debbie to the garden, took the injured Bolton away.


On the other hand, Ye Chui was baffled as once he did a head count, he noticed that there were only seven people present. Therefore, he asked, “Where is the eighth person?”


“That person is a Magician.” Alfea spoke with a smile. “He seemed to be busy as of late. So, he didn’t manage to come today. However, I can give you an introduction of him now. He is Stan City’s most talented young Magician. He is the son of the Magician Guild Master, Oberth.”

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Silavin: That fight though XD


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  1. I wish they would kick Guthem off the team since he was soo dishonourable as to attack after the 1v1 and wanting to kill both Debbie and Hammer. And since Guthem was reminded that he was in the lords manner, I’m sure he wont be so hesitant about killing outside of it will saying “not my fault”.

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