Omni-Magician – Chapter 41, The Most Degenerated Family in History

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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“Oberth’s magic talent far surpasses his father. I heard that he’s about to be a disciple of a level nine Magician. If that happens, his future achievements would be limitless! He might even have a chance to enter the Specialist Realm!” Listening to Alfea speak about Oberth, the indifferent man who was standing beside his little brother, spoke with much respect towards Oberth, while looking at Ye Chui with a gaze of disdain, “His magic is definitely much stronger compared to that of an unorthodox Magician.”


Ye Chui turned his head towards Guthem and sneered. *HeHe*


Guthem was speechless, “…”


[So what if he is talented young Magician? It doesn’t concern me in any way.] Ye Chui thought to himself. However, he was more concerned about the friction between Guthem and himself. [What if Guthem purposely sabotages, hinders, or even threatens me while we are exploring the ancient tomb…]


Alfea seemingly noticed Ye Chui’s worry and with a smile, she tried to console him, “Those who join our team on the adventure will need to sign an Oath Contract. During our adventure, if anyone were to violate the contract, the person would encounter the wrath of the Oath.”


“How mysterious…” Ye Chui already knew the existence of the Oath Contract. However, what he wished to unravel was the operating principle behind it. [Is it due to magic? It seems like it’s something advanced…]


Alfea smiled and within her palm, she presented a folded piece of paper to Ye Chui, “This is the contract for our adventure.” She then looked at both Ye Chui and Debbie. “Both of you should have a look. Fill in your names if there are no issues.”


Ye Chui received the contract and opened it up. After reading it, he then passed it to Debbie.


The contents of the contract were not complicated. ‘If a person from the public was to join this private adventure, the person cannot mutually circumvent or wound their teammates during the period of adventure. Otherwise, the perpetrator would receive the Oath’s tribulation. After the adventure, the initiator, Alfea, would receive 30% of the prize, while all the other members would each receive 10%.’


Furthermore, there were additional clauses of various classifications.


Under the clauses were the signatures of the fellow participants of the team: Alfea, Athol, Balmain, Damon, Bill, Guthem and even Oberth; leaving out two spaces to be filled. It was at this moment that Ye Chui noticed that the contract had a line of small letters written at the bottom of the page, saying ‘The Oath Contract is made by the glory from the church’s light. The quality is assured and the price is kept cheap at one gold coin.’


After seeing the line of words, Ye Chui could not keep his cool any longer. [Haiz, the high standard that a contract should have immediately dropped due to this line of words…]


Ye Chui seriously scrutinised the contract and realised that it was made of a material no different from the ordinary parchment. He then started to question the effectiveness of the so-called Oath effect of the contract. However, just as both Debbie and Ye Chui filled in their names on the contract, an unexpected thing happened – a golden ray of light, which could be seen by the naked eye, emerged from the surface of the contract and covered both of them. Moreover, Ye Chui had an unexplainable feeling.


“The contract is now established.” Alfea took the contract from Ye Chui’s hand and glanced at their signatures. With a slight movement of her hand, the contract disappeared instantaneously – it was probably kept into her space ring, “Our adventure will commence in 10 days. Debbie and Hammer, do take this time to prepare yourselves.”


“Miss Alfea.” Debbie suddenly thought of something important and inquired, “At which tomb are we conducting the adventure? Is it far?”


Hearing Debbie’s questions, Alfea uncontrollably laughed. Athol, Balmain and the others also had a slight smile involuntarily plastered on their faces. Balmain thus explained, “The ancient tomb is located very far away, but we only need an instant to enter that tomb – it is the Doria Tomb.”


“Doria Tomb?”


Upon hearing the name of the ancient tomb, Ye Chui and Debbie simultaneously became dumbfounded. Suddenly, Hammer’s memory quickly flashed through Ye Chui’s mind; and this made him understand the meaning of the Doria Tomb.


Doria Tomb was a type of ancient tomb. This type of ancient tomb was usually hidden within a massive space magic array, and was not located in any part of Aigen-Dazs Continent. It was thus no wonder that Balmain said that the tomb was located in a very remote place.


As long as one had the key to enter the ancient tomb, one would be able to enter the tomb instantaneously, no matter the time or place.


This ancient tomb was named as such due to the relationship with the Doria family.


The Doria family was a huge magic family, which existed around 2000 years ago; and the members of this family were masters at space magic. The entire family specialised in manufacturing space rings, space necklaces and other space products, which were of good quality and popular with the masses. At the same time, the Doria family, till this day, was still managing a special magic service: burial service.


There were some famous Swordsmen, Magicians and Knights, who hoped that their graves would remain forever. In order to achieve this, they would build their grave tomb in a massive space array, thus opening another space, which would allow their bodies and treasures to remain to the end of time.


The Doria family had been providing this burial service for about 1000 years. There were countless Knights, Swordsmen and Magicians who trusted the construction of their grave tombs in a space array to the Doria family; most of which were well-known characters in Aigen-Dazs Continent.


Then, about 1000 years ago, something surprising happened – the Doria family encountered an unprecedented disaster, where the entire family was wiped out by another strong family!


At the same time, a book which recorded the grave tomb magic array was divulged to the whole world.


Through the recording of incidents in this book, one would understand the core of the grave tomb magic array and manufacture a space key to enter the grave tomb. Therefore, a tide of ancient tomb adventurers started from there. From statistics, it is recorded that there were more than 1000 grave tombs that had been looted within the past 100 years… Maybe it should be said that these adventurers gave these ancient tombs the name of ‘Doria’s Tomb’.


In contrast to the riches and wealth seen inside of a ‘Doria’s Tomb’, the adventurers now marked the Doria Family as ‘History’s Most Degraded Family’.


It was rumoured that there was a small group of Doria family descendants that tried to restore the fortune and fame they once had. However, it was easier said than done.


Occasionally, the entrance to a Doria’s Tomb would appear in front of people, and this time, it was Alfea’s luck to have accidentally obtained the Tomb’s Keys; presenting her a chance to form an exploration group.


“The Ancient Tomb Master lived 1300 years ago. He is said to have been a rank 9 swordsman. So, I suspect that there are many valuable treasures from his ancient tomb.” Alfea said with a smile. When she continued to speak, she turned towards Ye Chui and Debbie, “In ten days, our adventure will commence. So, you must be well prepared by then!”


“Miss Alfea, I understand.” Debbie’s face turned ruddy from the thought of the exciting adventure ahead.


“Good.” Alfea returned a nodding gin and she turned to look at Damon, Bill and Guthem. “We shall meet in ten days.”


What she was implying was for the visitors to leave. Therefore, the three of them bid farewell to each other as a form of respect.


On the other hand, Ye Chui was a little frightened. [If we go now, won’t I have to miss lunch? If only Debbie wasn’t so stingy…. I was anticipating a good western lunch later…]


Everyone successively left the Manor while Ye Chui walked along with Debbie expressing his depressed emotions.


Guthem, who was leading his brother away, looked back at Ye Chui from afar. Seeing both Debbie and Ye Chui gradually moving away, his expression remained ice cold and cloudy. With his hair in a mess, including some burnt marks on his face and his loose tattered red amour, Guthem was in a pathetic state.


“Elder Brother, are we going to let them leave like this?” Bolton asked after noticing his brother’s ugly complexion.


“We have signed an Oath contract so, I cannot initiate a fight with them now… But!” Guthem’s eyes flashed a murderous light as he snorted. “Just wait until  our adventure is over!”

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