Omni-Magician – Chapter 42, Iron Swordsman 2.0 Initiate!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Night had fallen.


But the light in Ye Chui’s room within Anthony’s Magic Cottage was still shining brightly.


Within the room, Ye Chui sat cross-legged on his bed, with Busca’s space ring placed in the heart of his palm. As he closed his eyes and knitted his eyebrows together, he tried to study and unravel the secrets of the space magic array within the space ring.


Three days after obtaining the magic crystal, Ye Chui managed to fully comprehend the nine remaining magic symbols in the fastest speed possible. Assiduously researching about the magic crystal using the space magic articles that he had obtained, Ye Chui managed to obtain a brand-new understanding of space arrays.


When Ye Chui tried to unravel the secrets of the space ring on his first few attempts, he could only do so by trial and error, as though he was a blind man trying to cross the river – only capable of fumbling, losing his sense of direction, or even drowning.


Every step of the process was incomparably difficult.


However, with the new understanding brought about by the magic crystal, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.


This made him recall the first time he had tried to hack into the back-end system of a website. Although he started clueless as to how he should go about it, he soon managed to get the hang of it, after understanding the principle by which the back-end system works on and having a clear thought process of how he should do it.


Hacking into the back-end system of a website and deciphering the secrets of the space ring was obviously two different entities, but they both seemed similar in the eyes of Ye Chui. The explorative, yet challenging aspect of this task gave him the motivation and joy he needed to carry on.


Suddenly, Ye Chui opened his eyes.


“I did it!”


Ye Chui’s spiritual power permeated into the space ring. He stimulated the operational principle of the space magic array, carried out a series of attempts, before finally managing to open the door which was hindering his consciousness from exploring. He also conveniently modified the blockade array of the space magic array. In magical terms, Ye Chui had managed to ‘tame’ the ring.


At the same time, Ye Chui felt immense exhaustion, but the thought of resting had never crossed his mind. In an instant, everything within the space ring was retrieved.


*Huala!* Ye Chui’s mattress was immediately covered with things.


The items that caught Ye Chui’s eyes first were two brass coloured cards!


These were actually Gnome Bank gold coin cards. Ye Chui hurriedly held the two gold coin cards in his hands and scrutinised them. He then realised that each gold coin card had 100 gold coins stored within it – it means that were 200 gold coins in total!


There were still some other gold and silver coins scattered around his bed. After counting the coins, he made a conclusion – there were eight gold coins, 23 silver coins and 46 copper coins.


“I knew it! Busca had hidden all his wealth within the space ring!” Ye Chui’s face was filled with ecstasy and surprise.


At first, Busca could readily take out 100 gold coins from his chest area when Ye Chui demanded it from him. However, after Busca was murdered, there wasn’t anything valuable on his body. This led Ye Chui to think that Busca had kept all his wealth within the space ring, and it turned out to be the case. 200 gold coins was not a small amount!


Following that, Ye Chui proceeded to go through the other items – several magic scrolls, normal magic items, clothes and even a piece of women’s lingerie… It seems like Busca had a unique fetish.


Suddenly, Ye Chui’s eyes lit up as he noticed an exquisite box.


“What’s inside this box?”


Ye Chui hurriedly held up the box in his hands. As he did that, he could sense intermittent waves of energy moving about in the box and immediately knew that this box was not any ordinary item. Hence, he carefully opened the box and a ray of light blue light covered his face thereafter. Ye Chui’s eyes opened even wider, “This… is a magic stone! And it’s a magic stone of the highest grade!”


A magic stone is a kind of mineral that contains magic power.


Magic stones were commonly seen, as magic furnaces relied solely on these to provide magic power. Similarly, some battle armours actually had magic stones inscribed into them to allow magic arrays to function. In simpler words, magic stones were akin to batteries, just that they provided magic power instead of electrical power.


The magic power encompassed within a magic stone differed from stone to stone. Low-grade magic stones, which had limited magic power stored within them, were used for magic furnaces, since they were only able to operate simple magic arrays, such as the furnace fire array. On the other hand, the magic stone retrieved from Busca’s space ring was definitely of the highest-grade. As such, the value of such a magic stone could be as high as tens of gold coins!


Of course, the discovery of this piece of magic stone made him very excited.


[Magic stones of this kind cannot be bought in the market, no matter how many gold coins one has, as it is very precious and rare. I was originally worried about the supply of magic power for my Iron Swordsman suit. But now, with this magic stone, everything can be resolved!]


Ye Chui hurriedly jumped off his bed and ran to his table. From the thick encyclopaedia, he pulled out a loose piece of paper, which had a drawing of a human armour suit, drawn using goose feathers.


At one glance, the battle armour looked high-end, as though it was a blueprint for some high-tech weapon.


In reality, the drawing was an actual blueprint – it was the blueprint for Ye Chui’s Iron Swordsman 2.0.


Within these three days, Ye Chui summarised all the learning points he attained during the three months of imprisonment, as well as the new knowledge of enchanting to create an all-new Iron Swordsman suit. This set of battle armour was mainly enchanted with a <Wind Walk> magic matrix, supplemented by magic matrices used for attacking, such as <Lightning> and <Fire> magic matrices.


Considering that one would feel hot and stuffy within the battle armour, Ye Chui even prepared a <Stream> magic matrix to lower the temperature, which was enchanted on the interior of the battle armour. Actually, <Frost> magic matrix would have been more suitable for lowering the temperature within the battle armour, but after much serious deliberation, Ye Chui felt that the combination of the ice, wind and water elements would form a magic matrix that would be hard for him to control. Hence, he could only settle for the <Stream> magic matrix.


To Ye Chui, the Iron Swordsman blueprint which he designed was absolutely viable, but the only flaw was the problem of supplying magic power to the battle armour.


In the movie, a small nuclear reactor would be needed to supply energy to the Iron Man suit. However, the Iron Swordsman suit which Ye Chui had envisioned required a lot more magic power to activate the various magic arrays on it. In addition, being a scrawny and weak Magician without a strong body and spirit, even more magic power would be needed for the Iron Swordsman to unleash the ultimate Swordsman skills. Hence, ordinary magic stones would not be able to provide the magic power. If the magic power provided by the magic stone was insufficient, the body would go into shock within seconds of using the battle armour.


The magic power within Ye Chui could be used to release at most three or four Basic Offensive Spells, or up to seven or eight auxiliary spells, such as <Wind Walk>.


Ordinary magic stones were unable to support Ye Chui’s battle armour for a long period of time – Ye Chui definitely didn’t want to battle small monsters with a time limit, just like Ultraman.


And now, with the help of the magic stone found among Busca’s belongings, everything could be easily resolved.


[I wonder what Busca’s magic stone is used for. But it no longer matters. All that matters is that I have picked up a valuable treasure!]


Ye Chui felt an indescribable sense of excitement in his heart. He then tidied up his bed and prepared to go out with the two gold coin cards. [The shop which specialises in armour suits on Stardust should be open at night, right?] He couldn’t wait to purchase a new set of battle armour, before modifying it to become his Iron Swordsman 2.0.


The storage space within the space ring was about one-metre square – just the right size to store a battle armour. In the future, he would be able to transform into Iron Swordsman 2.0 anywhere and anytime…


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