Omni-Magician – Chapter 43, A Mysterious and Wealthy Magician

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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Battle armour suits were common equipment in this fantasy world.


Every Swordsman should own a set of battle armour. “You can’t call yourself a Swordsman if you don’t have a decent set of battle armour.” This was definitely one of the most discouraging words a Swordsman could hear in this world.


Even if Debbie had her very own battle armour, it would be the one that she wore during the battle with Carrey – a soft battle armour that was similar to a cosplay costume.


Since Ye Chui was a Magician, he did not require a set of battle armour. If Ye Chui were to ask Debbie to buy a set of battle armour for him, rejection would be the only answer from her. Fortunately, Ye Chui had obtained 200 gold coins from Busca’s space ring. Thus, he was very grateful towards Busca for his generosity.


Battle armours were considered necessities for Swordsmen in this world. They could be classified into low-grade and high-grade ones. For example, the red battle armour Guthem wore was considered high-end and would cost at least 50 gold coins, as it was manufactured using tin.


As for the battle armour which Ye Chui was preparing to buy, the price could not be any lower. This was because the quality of the battle armour directly determined the amount of magic array one could enchant on it.


Besides the soft armour being the main material used in crafting the battle armour, black iron, tin, brass, silver, gold, as well as dull and purple steel were used. Of which, black iron is of the lowest quality and the most commonly used. During the time Ye Chui was imprisoned, the battle armour which he found was made using black iron.


Similarly, Debbie’s great sword was made using black iron, with the exception that dull steel was mixed into the black iron, making the sword even sturdier.


As the nature of the materials differ, their prices would naturally vary as well.


Ye Chui had done his research in the market these few days and found out that he would be able to purchase a set of good quality battle armour using 200 gold coins.


There was a shop named Bell’s Grand Weaponry on Stardust Avenue.


Ye Chui entered the weaponry just before they closed for the day.


“Mister, what would you like to purchase?” The receptionist in the weaponry looked listless and did not have a sense of hospitality towards the visitor who patronised the shop late at night. The receptionist squinted his eyes and sized up the visitor – Ye Chui was wearing a black magic long gown with a hood covering his head. This made his body camouflage with the dark surroundings, causing others to not be able to see his looks.


Ever since Ye Chui left Anthony’s Magic Cottage, he always had this image, as he did not want people to associate him with the Iron Swordsman.


Ye Chui sized up the weaponry, which was still brightly illuminated despite the darkness outside, and purposely said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll like to buy a set of battle armour.”


“Battle armour?” The receptionist looked at Ye Chui with a weird gaze. [Judging by his looks, this boy should be a Magician, so why does he need a set of battle armour?] Due to his desire to knock off soon, the receptionist did not want to entertain Ye Chui too much. He then pointed at a nearby shelf, “Mister, all the battle armours are displayed there. Please take your pick.”


After finishing his sentence, he yawned loudly.


Ye Chui nodded his head and walked to the front of the shelf, as his eyes scanned the shelf filled with various kinds of battle armour.


A typical set of battle armour would be able to cover one’s entire body, and it included a helmet, breastplate, shoulder plate, arm protector, bracer, belt, gloves, groin protector, greaves, knee protector, boots, as well as a weapon.


Ye Chui sized up these armours and concluded that there were mainly two different types of battle armour available – one of which was enchanted, while the other was not enchanted.


The enchanted battle armours would typically cost at least double that of those non-enchanted ones. After all, Enchanting Masters were rare and there were less than ten Enchanting Masters in Stan City. Furthermore, there were fewer than five Enchanting Masters who were able to enchant battle armours with quality assurance.


Since the price of one non-enchanted battle armour would be a lot less, Ye Chui would naturally pick it. At a price of 150 gold coins, the best non-enchanted battle armour this weaponry had to offer was made of dull steel. However, the dull steel material was naturally very heavy, thus this battle armour would weigh around 40kg. Ye Chui hence spent some time pondering and wondered how he would fight in such heavy battle armour…


Nevertheless, Ye Chui had to settle for less and chose a tin battle armour that cost 80 gold coins.


Some brass was blended into the tin material used for manufacturing this battle armour, thus it gave the armour a slight reddish and golden hue. The look of the battle armour was rustic yet not flamboyant, and its subtly luxurious style was perfect for Ye Chui. Moreover, the size of the battle armour and its weight of 6.5kg were just right for Ye Chui’s stature.


At the same time, since this battle armour was able to withstand a high amount of enchantment on it, Ye Chui’s needs had been completely fulfilled.


“I’ll get this!”


Ye Chui made up his mind at that instant.


“Have you chosen your preferred battle armour?” The receptionist saw Ye Chui return back to the counter and asked with a yawn.


“I want this suit of battle armour!” Ye Chui pointed to his choice.




The receptionist’s spirits were slightly lifted, as he had thought that Ye Chui was going to choose a soft armour that would cost at most dozens of gold coins. After all, besides the rare Magic-Swordsmen, there would be few Magicians who would be interested in battle armours.  Therefore, the receptionist would never in a million years think that Ye Chui would spend 80 gold coins on a pricey battle armour.


The receptionist suddenly becomes more hospitable to the Ye Chui, “Mister, are you going to pay by cash or gold coin card?”


“… Gold coin card.”


A brass-coloured card appeared in Ye Chui’s hands. He then placed the gold coin card onto the counter, but he couldn’t help but let his thoughts run wild. [WTF?! Please don’t tell me that I can swipe the card to pay? How can they have such advanced technology?! If not for my strong psychological bearing capabilities, I would have fainted!]


Ye Chui then broke out in a head full of sweat.


After the receptionist received the gold coin card from Ye Chui, he sensed and ensured that the gold coin card did have the value of 100 gold coins. Hence, the receptionist deftly took out 20 gold coins from the cash box and passed it to Ye Chui, “Mister, the battle armour costs 80 gold coins. Since I’ve received 100 gold coins from you, here’s your change of 20 gold coins.”


“…” Ye Chui was speechless.


The concept of swiping the card to pay for his purchase was perhaps too advanced for this world…


“Mister, do you need someone to deliver your battle armour to your house?” The receptionist enquired with a smiling face.


“No, thank you.”


Ye Chui knew that the deal had been completed. He then walked towards the battle armour, moved his hand slightly and kept the battle armour within the space ring in an instant.


The receptionist was probably used to such strange sights and hence was unalarmed. He then continued to speak, “Mister, the battle armour you have bought is not enchanted yet. If you need any enchanting to be done, you can approach our Bell’s Grand Weaponry, where we will link you up with an Enchanting Master, who will give you a 20% discount.”


“Ohh, it seems like they provide a one-stop service…” Ye Chui mumbled to himself, “It’s okay, I will contact an Enchanting Master on my own.”


Following his response, Ye Chui walked out of Bell’s Grand Weaponry.


The receptionist seemed to have thought of something and wanted to shout out to Ye Chui, “There’s a rule in Bell’s Grand Weaponry that states that any patron who purchases a weapon or battle armour has to register their name.” However, since no problem had occurred ever since this weaponry was opened, this rule could be regarded as obsolete. Moreover, the thought of his own cosy home made this receptionist choose not to tell Ye Chui the unnecessary rule.


The receptionist opened the log book, picked up the goose feather pen and wrote down the transaction – one set of tin battle armour, which costs 80 gold coins, was bought by a mysterious and wealthy Magician.


Due to the irresponsible receptionist from the weaponry, the Magician who bought a set of battle armour from Bell’s Grand Weaponry, had gained a reputation of being ‘mysterious’ and ‘wealthy’. And that reputation stayed with him for a very long time…


After that night, frequent yet intermittent knocking rhythms could be heard coming from Ye Chui’s room in Anthony’s Magic Cottage. *dang, dong, dang dong*


Debbie spent some money to hire several artisans to restore the collapsed southern wall.


These artisans who were restoring the collapsed wall were extremely curious about the knocking sound coming from Ye Chui’s room. But upon seeing the little girl spin around the backyard with her great sword, they struck off that thought in their heads.


Ten days just went past in the blink of an eye.


The southern wall in the backyard of Anthony’s Magic Cottage had been restored.


That morning, after Ye Chui and Debbie ate their breakfast of noodles, they embarked on their journey to the City Lord’s Manor.


The ancient tomb adventure was about to begin.


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