Omni-Magician – Chapter 44, Then, I must have been the World’s Biggest Loser

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Ye Chui wore a brand-new, long, black gown, which was the standard clothing for all Magicians. Under the sleeves of the long gown was an ordinary-looking ring, worn on his right index finger. On the other hand, Debbie, who was still wearing an oversized soft armour, carried her 50kg great sword on her back.


Since both Debbie and Ye Chui were not short of money at the moment, Ye Chui proposed to Debbie to buy a new set of battle armour. However, she rejected his proposal after much serious deliberation. A typical Great Swordsman would need a hardy suit of armour – such was common sense. However, Debbie was against this sense of reasoning. For her, it was essential to be agile in combat. Rushing into the fray and activating Giant Spinning Top; such an amazing tactic would only be burdened by a bulky and heavy suit of armour. Thus, light weight armour was preferred.


Of course, Debbie had already prepared all kinds of medications. Although she was a little greedy, she could still tell what was of higher importance.


Ye Chui and Debbie arrived at the City Lord’s Manor after a long journey. After the entrance guards confirmed their identities, they both were hurriedly ushered in and brought to the same garden they were in the last time they came. Now both of them could no longer deny the amount of wealth City Lord’s Manor had, as the destroyed and messed-up garden had been restored to its original state.


The City Lord’s daughter, Alfea, who was also the initiator of this adventure, Beastman Athol, Dual Swordsman Balmain, and the Mercenaries Damon and Bill had all geared up, ready to take on whatever came their way in the adventure.


Alfea wore a heroic-looking battle armour, just like the one she wore when Ye Chui saw her outside the restaurant. Presented in a shining silver tone, her battle armour was probably manufactured from tin.


Alfea seemed exceptionally hospitable when Ye Chui and Debbie arrived. As Debbie was the only other girl in this adventure, Alfea was even warmer towards her. Alfea even kindly explained all the important points to take note of during the adventure.


Discovering that Debbie was wearing only a simple soft armour, Alfea recommended that she gave the tin battle armour she wore the previous time to Debbie. However, Debbie rejected her kind suggestion.


Now, Athol, Balmain and Damon all came and talked to Ye Chui. Knowing that it was Ye Chui’s first time joining an adventure, they warned him about the important points to take note and Ye Chui took down notes seriously.


Not long after, the last two people on the adventure team arrived. One of them was Guthem, who wore a red battle armour, and the other was Oberth, who wore a long black magic gown. They talked softly to each other while walking, as though they were friends.


Ten days ago, Ye Chui had attacked Guthem with a lightning magic scroll. The attack left Guthem’s red luxurious armour in tatters, with many scorch marks. Meanwhile, some of his hair was burnt to a crisp, as though it was caught up in a small explosion. But now, his hair seemed to be well groomed. Not to mention, his red suit of armour seemed to have undergone careful maintenance. With a face filled with vitality, Guthem stared at Ye Chui with the same expression he had ten days ago. Eyes cloudy and cold as his lips wiped into a sneer, filled with disdain.


“Oberth and Guthem, you both have finally arrived.” Alfea welcomed them with a smile.


“Miss Alfea, it’s my honour being able to embark on an adventure with you.” Oberth seemed polite in front of Alfea.


On the other hand, Guthem walked towards Ye Chui and smiled coldly, “Adventures can be risky; I hope you can walk out of the ancient tomb alive.”


Ye Chui looked at Guthem and frowned, before breaking out into laughter, “I will definitely walk out in one piece; and I will live a good life thereafter. Whoever makes my life difficult will have an even more difficult life than me.”


Guthem’s smile became more cunning, “Interesting…”


“Guthem!” Balmain choked as he walked towards Ye Chui, with his eyes sternly warning him about the contract.


Guthem immediately raised up both his hands and gave an ‘I didn’t do anything’ expression, before turning around and walking to Oberth.


“Don’t be influenced by him. If he dares to do anything funny to you during the adventure, he will get his punishment.” Balmain patted Ye Chui’s shoulders and comforted him.


“Hehe, I know. It’s all right.” Although Ye Chui laughingly said this, his heart thought differently. [I might not hurt him during the adventure, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t do so after the adventure. For now, he might not be afraid of me, but let’s see how he is when he meets my Iron Swordsman armour that is hungry for action.]


Oberth noticed Guthem’s conversation with Ye Chui and appeared to be interested. While he saw Guthem walking towards him, he asked curiously, “Did you have some kind of friction with that boy?”

(Silavin: oh…)


“Yes, but it’s a minor issue.” Guthem superficially explained but his expression revealed that it was no small matter.


Alfea’s brows were knitted, expressing her discontent. She did not want any bad blood to exist between members of the adventure team. Although they had signed the Oath Contract to prevent any betrayal, it did not mean that they would coordinate with one another during the adventure. If they are unable to cooperate efficiently, the adventure would naturally become more difficult. Looking at Guthem with an expression of indifference, she swore to herself. [If he dares make any ‘accident’ while we are there, I will not spare him.]


She also noted Oberth’s interest in Ye Chui and introduced him, “Oberth, you haven’t met him before, have you? This is Hammer. He is an Enchanting Master and our adventure partner. Next to him is his friend, Debbie.” She then looked at both Ye Chui and Debbie, “This is the Magician Guild Master’s son, Oberth. He’s the most famous genius Magician in Stan City.”


Upon hearing Hammer’s name, Oberth thought to himself. [What kind of nonsensical name is that? Who will call someone that name? Wait… Hammer… isn’t that the name of one of those people who visited the Magician Guild that day the Magic Crystal was lost?]


The thought of Ye Chui stealing the magic crystal once again resurfaced in his mind, but since Basgen mentioned that Ye Chui was only a level two Magician, he was quickly cleared of suspicion.


For several days, the Magician Guild still had not managed to track down the lost Magic Crystal. The owner of said crystal, the level nine Magician who came to Stan City as a guest, was not pleased with this matter. This caused Oberth to feel anxious, forcing a search of everyone who visited the Magician Guild on that day. However, this person called ‘Hammer’, managed to slip away from his mind…


However, he got an epiphany but was quickly destroyed by his pride. [This guy named Hammer, looks like trash. If he truly managed to take the Magic Crystal away, then I will officially label myself as this world biggest loser!] Oberth wished to pledge his thoughts with a shout, but retained it within the confines of his mind.


Meanwhile, since Ye Chui was unaware that he was being labelled as ‘trash of the society’, he thought that it was only right to greet this team member of his politely, or even going as far as to give him a smile.


However, Oberth replied with a cold snort, appearing to disdain Ye Chui. Guthem who saw this scene also smiled with disdain towards Ye Chui.


Debbie immediately became unhappy and whispered in a low voice, “Who does this person think he is?”


Ye Chui patted Debbie’s shoulder with an expression of ‘don’t care about him.’


“Since everybody is here, then let our adventure commence!” Alfea announced as she started to move. She took out a piece of dark cloth that appeared to be all worn-out. However, there seemed to be different characters (Chinese Characters) written on this piece of cloth. Taking out her sword, she held it with both hands and was prepared to stab into this fabric, but before she was about to do so, she ordered, “Everyone, stand at least 2 meters around me. I am going to activate it.”


This piece of cloth was the key to entering the Doria’s Tomb.


When Ye Chui and Debbie, as well as Athol, Balmain, Bill, Damon, Guthem and Oberth heard her, they all stood beside Alfea. Once they were all in position, Alfea used both hands and forced the sword into the fabric on the ground.


The piece of cloth faded into a pure blue fog, engulfing them.


Ye Chui was curious at the strange situation but suddenly, *Bang!* a group of dazzling streams of white light wrapped around their bodies. Soon, all eight of them disappeared from the place.


In actuality, the method of entering the Doria’s tomb was a magic teleportation array.


When all eight of them were transported away, a dust cloud was produced. When it cleared, there was only the ground and the leaves that scattered all over.


Several servants in the garden quickly took their brooms and rushed back. They all had depressed expressions on their faces as they questioned in their minds, [Why Young Lady? Why must you always do things in this garden?]


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  1. I honestly hate this fucking novel. I keep reading it to see if it ever gets good. I like the hacker aspect of the premise, but the writing is so awful. Misunderstandings and stupid characters make this novel real bad.

    I’ve wrote this before, but the fact that Hammer didn’t say he took the crystal is so fucking retarded its unbearable.

    1. Or how debbie’s giant spinning top is an amazing technique. It seriously feels like the author is trolling whenever it’s mentioned, especially when he says Debbie wants to stay agile with a giant 50kg great sword.

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