Omni-Magician – Chapter 45, Doria’s Tomb Adventure Guide

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Following the dissipation of the blinding ray of white light, Ye Chui discovered himself in a dimly-lit corridor. Damon, the experienced Mercenary, then took out a white sphere, which was the size of an egg, from his pocket. The white sphere, which was obviously a magic creation, emitted soothing rays of white light, enabling everyone in the adventure team to have a clear view of the surroundings.


Debbie stood next to Ye Chui. The excitement and anticipation this little girl had for this adventure had now transformed into fear and anxiety. Standing in this unfamiliar ancient tomb, her petite stature started to tremble slightly, indicating the terror in her heart. However, it must not be overlooked that this little girl still had the calmness to garb Ye Chui’s hand despite the panic she felt, “Hammer, don’t worry. I’m by your side, so don’t be afraid.”


“… Your voice seems to be shaking.” Ye Chui seemed to have noticed the anxiety within her.


This was not Alfea’s first adventure. As the leader of the adventure team, she appeared very calm, “It seems like we have entered the Doria’s Tomb safely. Magician, we need some light.”


“Huh?” Upon hearing Alfea’s words, Ye Chui subconsciously thought that it was directed at him. Hence, he took out his magic wand from his waist and wondered if he was supposed to cast a fire magic spell, or something similar.


However, Ye Chui quickly realised that he had mistaken Alfea’s words – the Magician that Alfea was referring to was Oberth.


While Ye Chui was pondering over whether to cast the fire magic spell, Oberth had already brandished his magic wand in his hand and summoned the spell in a soft voice, “Light Drop.”


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell, <Light Drop>, was cast.


A ball of bright light shot out from the tip of Oberth’s magic wand and travelled forward at lightning speed. Light waves, which can be witnessed by the naked eye, slowly extended into the depths of the corridor ahead of the adventure group.


As the light waves combed every nook and cranny of the corridor, it left some star splendour on the walls – it was the doing of the magic spell. These star splendours can sustain its combustion for around 10 minutes.


Oberth’s magic spell had earned the praise of his team members.


“It is very rare for a level three Magician to know how to use an intermediate magic spell, especially for magic spells that controls the element of light, such as <Light Drop>. Oberth is definitely worthy of the title ‘Stan City’s genius Magician’.” Guthem was generous with his praises. He then glanced at Ye Chui’s magic wand, as he had noticed Ye Chui pull out his magic wand after misunderstanding Alfea’s words previously. Guthem looked at Ye Chui in disdain and said to him, “Mister Enchanting Master, I see that you have pulled out your magic wand. Do you plan on casting a light magic spell?”


“…” Ye Chui rolled his eyes and turned his head away, as he was not interested in Guthem’s provocation.


Upon hearing Guthem’s commendation, Oberth felt very happy and looked at Ye Chui in an arrogant manner, “Although I’m a level three Magician, my father said that I already have the skills of a level four, or even level five Magician. My father didn’t want me to go for the level four promotion examination because he wanted me to concentrate on consolidating my spiritual power.”


“Oberth, wait till you attain the rank of a level four Magician – the entire Stan City will be in astonishment.” Guthem immediately praised him once again.


“How am I that talented?” Oberth replied humbly, but his facial expression says otherwise – he had an ‘I’m that talented!’ look on his face.


Thanks to Guthem, Debbie also did not have a good impression of Oberth. Ye Chui then felt a tighter grip of her hand.


“Don’t bother.” Ye Chui said in a low tone and curled his lips, expressing his nonchalance towards the existence of Oberth. His line of sight focused on the star splendours left behind on the stone wall, as he reached out his hand to feel them. All he felt was a warm and gentle sensation.


“I’ve already managed to comprehend all 32 magic symbols, including those related to the element of light, but I still haven’t had the opportunity to research such magic elements… Mmm, these star splendours must’ve been formed by the congelation of the light element. Their structure looks very strange; they looked as though they shimmering granules.”


“Everyone, please get into formation.” Alfea said at that instant, “Traps can be found almost everywhere within the ancient tomb and thus it’s highly dangerous. From now on, I will lead the group by walking in front, while Debbie will follow right behind me; Athol and Balmain, you guys are responsible for the left and right wing of the formation; Bill and Guthem, you two are to ensure the safety of the rear of the squad; Ye Chui and Oberth, you guys shall just walk in the middle of the group.”


Everyone quickly followed Alfea’s instructions and formed themselves up in their respective positions.


The tactical formation of the adventure team displayed Alfea’s talent in strategic planning. Alfea, who is widely-recognised as the strongest of the team, took the lead naturally. Meanwhile, Debbie, who possesses immense destructive capabilities despite her low level, was positioned such that if any accident were to occur, she would be able to cover for Alfea’s blind spot.


The four Swordsmen were all positioned in a formation of a square, while the Magicians, who had the worst abilities in close combat, were stationed right at the centre.


“Everyone, be careful! We’re setting off now!” Alfea ordered.


Under her leadership, the adventure team started the journey into the depths of the corridor. Everyone was on their toes, as they hoped to prevent or react to any incident that might occur.


Ye Chui was rather anxious at the beginning of the adventure. However, after he saw Alfea’s calm demeanour as she took out a book, ‘Doria Tomb Adventure Guide’ from her space ring, her ability to explain the objects around the corridor, as well as her ability to instruct the team down the correct path when they met a fork road, Ye Chui knew that his worries were unwarranted.


Doria’s Tomb is an ancient tomb which the Doria family had constructed. After a thousand years of expeditions, generations of people have noticed that there was an order to which the interior of the Doria’s tomb was constructed. It thus could be said that the Doria Family constructed these tombs batch by batch.


After all, it seemed like the ancient tomb adventure was not at all like what Ye Chui had envisioned.


[Where’s the eerie and gloomy atmosphere?]


[Where’re the skeleton warriors?]


[And where’re the ancient tomb monsters?]


[It seems like we are a group of tourists on a sightseeing trip to this ancient tomb.]


“We’re only in the surroundings of the ancient tomb. After we enter the inner halls, we will encounter various kinds of unforeseen dangers. Knowledge on that place has not been recorded down in the Doria Tomb Adventure Guide, every ancient tomb has its owner who will design it; and it happens that this ancient tomb was created by a level nine Swordsman. So, this area must be enigmatically designed and filled with dangers.” Alfea considered that this was Ye Chui and Debbie’s first time participating in this type of tomb adventure and opened her mouth to answer.


[So, the climax will be over there? Good.]  Ye Chui’s anticipation rose.


Every 10 minutes, Oberth would release a spell called, <Light Drop>. It was used to illuminate the whole tomb chamber corridor. With his status as a Level Three Magician, he had spiritual and magical stamina with enabled him to continue releasing said spell, something which Ye Chui was currently incapable of doing.


However, since Ye Chui was the Father of Studies, he took the opportunity to start studying the light element.


Although <Light Drop> was recognised as an Intermediate Auxiliary Spell, its main function was to light up an area. Although it might impress others with its cool dazzling display, Ye Chui felt that it was only a mediocre magic spell. After all, when he started to construct the <Light Drop> magic matrix in his mind, he found that it would turn out without fault.


After sightseeing the ancient tomb… no, carrying on their adventure for about an hour, Ye Chui had felt his legs aching from the intense walking. They had finally walked out of the maze-like surroundings of the ancient tomb. In actual fact, navigating around the surroundings was not at all that hard if they were to follow the directions on the map.


Right in front of their path was a big door filled with rust, and in front of the door was a warrior statue wearing an entire suit of battle armour.


“We’ve reached the inner hall!” Alfea exclaimed as she hid the Doria’s Tomb Adventure Guide back into the space ring. In an extremely solemn voice, she said, “Everyone, be careful. Puppet guards can typically be found at the entrance of the inner hall – the battle is about to commence!”


Barely seconds after Alfea spoke, *Suo Suo*, *Suo Suo*, sounds of movements played out from the statues in front of the gate as they started to move.


[Great! Things are starting to get interesting!]


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