Omni-Magician – Chapter 46, Inefficient Attack

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


At the end of the long corridor was a gigantic iron door; and right in front of the iron door was a row of Swordsman statues. Just as the adventure team arrived in front of the door, a trap seemed to be triggered – the Swordsman statues started moving, as they brandished their stone-made long swords towards the adventure team. Intermittent rumbling sounds then reverberated through the entire tomb chamber.


“Get ready to battle!”


As Alfea let out one loud scream, she grasped her long sword with both her hands and swung the long sword forward.


Enchanting attack <Wind Blade>.


A white-coloured air wave emerged from the blade of Alfea’s long sword and swept horizontally towards the row of Swordsman statues.


*Zila, Zila*


Within an instant, all seven of these Swordsman statues froze in their steps and each of them suffered a cut of about two inches deep.


However, the injuries inflicted on these Swordsman quickly disappeared.


The <Wind Blade> attack released by Alfea was obviously much stronger then Ye Chui’s <Wind Blade>.


Of the seven Swordsman statues, four of them on the right seemed to have slowed down significantly due to the injuries they sustained and they were now a distance behind the other three Swordsmen statues.


As Alfea gripped onto her long sword, she said indifferently, “Maintain the formation. Guthem and Bill, you guys are in charge of ensuring the safety of Oberth and Hammer. Don’t let any of the puppet guard get near them. Debbie and I will deal with these four Swordsman statues on the right, while Damon and Athol will deal with the other three. Balmain, try to sneak attack them and find out their weaknesses! Oberth, maintain the visibility within the tomb chamber!”


At the speed of a bullet, she rattled out her orders and for the first time, started her battle with the four Swordsman statues on the right.


As the strongest Swordswoman of the adventure team, she had to step up and be responsible for dealing with the four Swordsman statues. On the other hand, Debbie assisted Alfea in her attacks. Due to the narrowness of the corridor, she could not display her Giant Spinning Top attacking move, but due to her talent in battling, she could adapt to the circumstances and work perfectly with Alfea.


A loud bellow could be heard from Athol at the other side, as he portrayed the incisiveness of Beastmen Warriors intrepidly. Similarly, Damon, the experienced Mercenary, displayed the expertise of his profession – extremely powerful close combat capabilities. Together, the both of them guarded the three puppet guards closely.


Balmain, on the other hand, displayed the swift and deft movements that Dual Swordsmen specialise in, as he launched his unwavering swift and merciless attacks on the three Swordsman statues.


“The skill level of the Swordsman statues is comparable to that of a level two Swordsman and they are activated using only magic matrixes. If we don’t destroy the revolution puppet array, there’s no way we can defeat them!”


“Do take note that these Swordsman statues only attack and not defend, so do not deal with them using your usual protocol.”


“The core of the magic array isn’t in their brains, so try attacking the other parts of their bodies and find their weakness quickly!”


“Be careful of their sweeping attacks! Their actions are pretty much fixed – after carrying out their chopping attack move; they will display their mightiest sweeping attack.”


Balmain’s voice could be heard constantly. He had proved to be useful to the team during the battle with the Swordsman statues – summarising the attacking and defending characteristics of the Swordsman statues.


Ye Chui and Oberth retreated quickly and distanced themselves from the main adventure team. With Guthem and Bill defending them from the back and front, both of them stood in the centre while watching the exciting combat with their eyes peeled.


Intermittent clashing sounds between weapons could be heard within the dimly-lit corridor of the ancient tomb.








*Ahhh!* – this was the roar of Athol the Beastman Warrior.


It was Ye Chui’s first time encountering such a battling scene in this world. It barely took half a minute for the activation of the puppet guards’ attack to evolve into the chaotic situation that Ye Chui witnessed. At this moment, Ye Chui had finally experienced the excitement of an ancient tomb adventure. It was to the extent that he could not recover from his daze – his mind had been too engrossed in a world of astonishing battling scenes. In simple words, he was dumbstruck…


*Zila* the airborne sound that a flash of lightning made Ye Chui recover from his daze immediately. The lightning was actually a magic spell cast by Oberth.


It was a magic spell which used lightning element, but it was not the same as the <Lightning> magic spell that Ye Chui knew about. After Oberth cast the magic spell, the lightning condensed into the shape of a spear gun, shot towards a Swordsman statue which Athol was battling, and penetrated its rock-like forehead.


Elementary Offensive Spell <Thunder Spear>.


Similarly, this magic spell was classified as an Elementary Offensive Spell, but its destructive power and difficulty of execution were visibly more than the magic spell, <Lightning>.


Although the lightning spear penetrated the Swordsman statue’s forehead, it did not collapse. Instead, the wound on its head started to heal on its own, indicating that its forehead was not its weakness.


Ye Chui looked at Oberth subconsciously.


“Trash!” Oberth snorted as he noticed Ye Chui’s glance. Following that, he continued to cast another magic spell. As another Magician in the adventure team, Oberth felt very superior being able to still cast magic spells to help the team in the battle, under the protection of the two Swordsmen.


Ye Chui swore in an instant. [WTF? are you bad in math or something? Can’t you see that your actions are even more inefficient than mine?]

(Silavin: Yeah… Ye Chui says WTF very often in this novel)


Ye Chui then raised the front piece of his magic long gown and grabbed a bunch of magic scrolls, before throwing it out in a suave manner.


“Magic scrolls?” Oberth was momentarily dumbfounded when he saw Ye Chui’s actions. He then said in a despising tone, “You little piece of trash, do you think these magic scrolls are bricks? How can you throw them out without activating them? You…”


Oberth paused in his words.


Obviously, he did not know about Ye Chui’s speciality.


Instead of landing on the ground, the magic scrolls which Ye Chui tossed out mystically remained afloat in mid-air due to a current of cool breeze. With a wave of his magic wand, all the magic scrolls flew towards the Swordsman statues which Debbie was battling. All was within his control.




Just as that Swordsman statue held up his stone dagger in the air and was about to stab towards Debbie, a lightning magic scroll, which was four times as strong as the original one, suddenly exploded. The destructive impact of the explosion totally destroyed the statue’s arm and caused it to crumble into dust.


As Debbie was slightly dumbstruck, she turned her head and looked towards Ye Chui. Immediately after, she jumped into the air with her hands gripping her great sword and chopped the sword in the direction of the Swordsman statue’s head. Following the activation of the <Wind Walk> magic array on one side of her great sword, her sword became mightier. The head of the Swordsman statue’s head was chopped into half in an instant.


Debbie had spent the past 10 days mastering the control of the <Wind Walk> magic array on her great sword.


However, the attacks on the Swordsman statue did not seem to have any effect on him. His broken arm and smashed head slowly pieced themselves together, as though they had not been hurt.


Ye Chui’s brows were knitted as the attacks the adventure team rained on the seven Swordsman statues did not seem to have any effect on them. All of them had the ability to recover quickly and their battling prowess does not seem to decrease one bit – this was a tricky situation.


Ye Chui could no longer be bothered with Oberth, as he started to concentrate on assisting the five people who were battling the Swordsman statues by tossing magic scrolls. Under the influence of his <Breeze>, various magic scrolls flew across in all directions and exploded occasionally. By providing timely blows to the Swordsman statues, the five people on the team had their burden greatly reduced.


It seemed to Ye Chui that he was in an auxiliary position in some kind of game.


Oberth, who was standing beside Ye Chui, stood there in shock. [How can a Magician play with magic scrolls just like that?]


[Which Magician in their right mind would actually master life spells, such as <Breeze>?!]


Sensing that his dignity was at stake, a thought evolved in Oberth’s heart. [How can I lose to that little rascal?]


Hence, Oberth brandished his magic wand and attacked the Swordsman statues by casting magic spells.


Just as Alfea blocked off an attack by a Swordsman statue with her long sword, she noticed Oberth casting magic spells like nobody’s business and frowned. [Since Ye Chui is using <Breeze>, a magic spell that does not require much effort, he is definitely able to last for a long time without feeling exhausted. But how can Oberth use the attacking magic spells freely? These spells are sure to drain his energy. What if he uses up all his magic power? We might still need his help when we reach the inner hall!]


Moreover, it was obvious that Oberth did not intentionally cast the magic spells. Not only did his magic spells fail to assist the five people on the team who were battling the Swordsman statues, they even disrupted the order in the attack…


“Ehh…” Ye Chui suddenly made a discovery about the Swordsman statues, “It seems like the speed of recovery for different parts of their body is different…”


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