Omni-Magician – Chapter 47, The Statue’s Weakness is Its Left Thigh!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Based on the combat strength of the Swordsman statues, they can be classified as level two Swordsmen. However, even against five Swordsmen: Debbie, a level two Swordsman (the strongest Great Swordsman in her level); Alfea, a level five Swordsman; and three level four Swordsmen, the statues still managed to stand their grounds. If this was a fight with seven level two Swordsmen, they would already be exterminated. Unfortunately, these statues have the ability of regeneration, enabling them to recover after every inflicted injury. This simple ability caused an increase in difficulty in the battle.


On the other hand, Balmain, the agile Dual Swordsman, casually walked around the battlefield. His role in the adventure team was to analyse the battling scene and pinpoint the weakness of the Swordsman statues. However, being engrossed in the battle, he fell short of his expectations and did not have a clear view compared to Ye Chui, the onlooker.


While Ye Chui was manipulating his magic scrolls to attack the Swordsman statues, he quickly discovered something new, [Wait a second… When I hit certain parts of the statue’s body, it doesn’t heal as fast…]


Under the barrage of the adventure team’s attacks, the statue continuously broke down and restored itself. It could be deduced that there were Magic Matrix around its body, which were controlling their movements. If Ye Chui had guessed correctly, this was a high level earth elemental magic. Otherwise, there was no way to explain the possibility of forming a Swordsman statue with this level of strength. Therefore, destroying the magic matrix, which transfers magic power from a magic stone within its body, was the only way to finally end it. Unfortunately, from the start of the fight till now, Balmain and the others could not manage to find the core of the array. They tried the forehead, chest and other general locations thinking it would be fatal to the statue but all their efforts were fruitless.


However, Ye Chui managed to discover that the different body parts of the statue was recovering at different rates. The restoration of the forehead was slower than the chest, while the restoration of the chest was slower than the restoration of its abdomen…


[Since these Swordsman statues must have been activated by a magic stone, the magic stone should be together with the core of the magic matrix. The core of the magic matrix has to be close to the body part where the speed of restoration is the fastest…] Ye Chui deduced and continued to further examine the swordsman statues for the magic core. Suddenly, his eyes brightened up as though he had been enlightened. [Its the thigh!]


After a series of analysis and deduction, Ye Chui thought that the core of the magic matrix was hidden on the inner side of the statues’ left thigh!


“Alfea!” Ye Chui yelled immediately, “Everyone, focus your attacks on the left thighs of the statues!”


While shouting out instructions, Ye Chui started to manipulate his magic scrolls and focused his attacks on the Swordsman statues’ left thighs.


Ye Chui chose to shout Alfea’s name, as he knew that Alfea was the only one person out of the five who is able to accomplish the task with ease. On the other hand, if he got the others to attack, they might disrupt the order in the attacking formation.


Ye Chui’s sudden yell startled Guthem, Bill and Oberth, who were nearby him. Guthem held his long sword in an alert manner and said indifferently, “What nonsense are you spouting? Does Lady Alfea require your guidance?”


Oberth glanced at Ye Chui with an unsatisfied look – this kid was starting to be out of breath, since he had continuously cast magic spells just to spite Ye Chui.


However, there was something about Oberth that Ye Chui admires. [This genius Magician, a level three Magician, does actually have much more stamina and magic power than I do. I could at most cast three to four Elementary Offensive Spell, but he has managed to cast at least 20 magic spells up to now?!]


This was the disparity in their capabilities.


Of course, battling requires intelligence.


Alfea and Debbie was now a little exhausted, after pitting themselves against the four Swordsman statues. Alfea had encountered Swordsman statues in her previous adventures, but those adventures were carried out with some other experienced people, who were able to discover the weakness of the statues quickly. Thinking about it now, she was pretty scared at that time and it slipped her mind to ask her team members about the method of figuring out the weakness of the statues. She even naively thought that the weakness for every Swordsman statue is the same. But now, the statues that she encountered were largely different than the ones she met the previous time.


Upon hearing Ye Chui’s words, Alfea subconsciously felt dissatisfied, as she thought deeply. [Do I need you to teach? Why must I attack the left thigh of the statues? Ok… I guess there’s no harm in trying.]


As her train of thoughts paused, Alfea moved in an agile manner, dodging the attack of a Swordsman statue. As her body slid past the statues, she extended her long sword and stabbed in right into the left thigh of the statue.


“Ehh?” Alfea’s eyes it up, as she saw a flash of blue light within the black crushed rock.


[That’s the magic stone!]


[I found the right spot!]


“The left thigh is the weakness of the Swordsman statues!” Alfea exclaimed in excitement.


While declaring her discovery, Alfea contracted her long sword, before stabbing into the Swordsman statue once more. With a *piak!* sound, the magic stone, which provided the Swordsman statue with magic power, broke into pieces. The magic stone was about the size of a quail egg – if one were to attack aimlessly, it would take forever to find out the fatal weakness of the statues.


After Alfea crushed the magic stone, a ray of pale blue light quickly overflowed from it, as just like blue smog. This was an indication that the magic power was leaking out of the magic stone. Following that, the gigantic Swordsman statue disintegrated into grains of sand particles.


One Swordsman statue has been taken down.


The left thigh was indeed the weakness of the Swordsman statues.


Ye Chui actually managed to get it right.


Guthem, Oberth and Bill looked at Ye Chui in disbelief. What they could not comprehend was how Ye Chui managed to figure out the weakness of the Swordsman statues.


But this was not the only thing Ye Chui did that made them stare at him in disbelief – after Alfea managed to destroy one Swordsman statue by following Ye Chui’s instructions, Ye Chui mimicked Alfea’s actions and found out he exact location of the magic stone in the left thigh of the other Swordsman statues. Following some *zzaa!* and *boom!* sounds, lightning and flame attacks were concentrated on the left thigh of the Swordsman statues. In the blink of an eye, the magic stones from the three statues were exposed.


As Ye Chui moved the magic wand in his hand slightly, the miniscule magic stone was picked out from their thighs, using <Breeze> magic spell.


Without the magic power that the magic stone was providing, all the three Swordsman statues disintegrated into sand instantaneously.


Concurrently, Athol, Damon, Balmain, Alfea and Debbie all worked together to take down the remaining three Swordsman statues in no time.


From the encounter of these Swordsman statues to the end of the battle with them, a total of five minutes were used. The adventure team spent majority of the time in deadlock with the Swordsman statues; it was only in the last half a minute when there was a breakthrough – Ye Chui figured out the weakness of the statues. Out of the seven Swordsman statues, three of them were destroyed single-handedly by Ye Chui.


Through this incident, the members in the adventure team began to see Ye Chui in a different light.


Ye Chui could not be bothered about their change of perspective towards him, as he dashed towards Debbie. Seeing her head full of perspiration, he stretched out his hand and wiped it off for her, “Did you injure yourself?”


Debbie shook her head and looked at Ye Chui with a surprised gaze, “Hammer, how did you know the weakness of the Swordsman statues?”


Guthem, Oberth and Bill also walked over to them. Upon hearing Debbie’s question, Guthem interrupted in a dissatisfied tone, “Hammer, you must have known the weakness of the Swordsman statue beforehand! If you already know about it, why didn’t you declare to the team? This caused us to waste lots of time!”




Ye Chui turned his head and looked at Guthem. [This guy is bent on insulting and mocking me! I swear!]


Just as Ye Chui was about to speak, something caught his eyes, “Be careful!”


A disintegrated Swordsman statue suddenly restored itself and emerged right behind Bill.


Alfea quickly went into action.


Just at this moment, the star splendours on the walls of the tomb chamber flickered, before turning dim rapidly.


The <Light Drop> magic spell happened to lose its effect at that moment!


“Oberth!” Alfea yelled in an infuriating tone. Maintaining the visibility in the tomb chamber was a task given by Alfea to Oberth. Just at this critical moment, the <Light Drop> magic spell actually lost its effect and caused everyone to fall in darkness!


“Light Drop…” Oberth started chanting in a shaky voice, trying to cast the magic spell.


Then, a ball of light emerged from the tip of his magic wand, before darkness resumed almost immediately – the magic spell has failed!


Due to his eagerness to show off to Ye Chui previously, most of Oberth’s magic power and spiritual power had been depleted. Thus, he was now unable to cast this intermediate light magic spell.


At that instant, a *zi!* sound was heard.


It was the sound of a stone dagger piercing through human flesh.


Accompanying that sound was Bill’s pitiful cries.


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