Omni-Magician – Chapter 48, Intermediate Auxiliary Spell

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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The revolution magic array core within the Swordsman statues acts as a magic stone which provides magic power, as well as a magic crystal which provides magic matrixes.


Alfea had contributed to the destruction of two Swordsman statues – she first crushed the magic stone of a Swordsman statue, before ruining the magic array of another one. On the other hand, Ye Chui had used magic scrolls to blast the left thigh of three Swordsman statues and used the <Breeze> magic spell to keep the magic stones of the statues into the space ring, while Balmain destroyed the magic stone of one Swordsman statue, using his nimble and deft movements.


The magic stone of the last Swordsman statue was hit by Athol’s sword, but it did not get destroyed. Instead, it was hidden in the thick layer of sand on the ground.


The magic crystal core of the Swordsman statue was not damaged. When the magic stone makes contact with the magic crystal in hidden within the sand, a new Swordsman statue would be generated.


Bill’s pitiful cries seemed to become increasingly grating in the darkness.


Alfea was originally charging towards the newly-formed Swordsman statue, but the darkness forced her to stop in her tracks. She was afraid that the statue would hurt Bill out of the blue.


Everyone in the adventure team was filled with terror and fear.


“I… I don’t have sufficient magic power…” Due to his panic and helplessness, Oberth stumbled in a shaky voice.


Just as he finished his sentence, light engulfed the cave once again.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Light Drop>.


The situation in the corridor suddenly became clear for all to see. A stone dagger was pierced through Bill’s chest, as the newly-formed Swordsman statue stood behind him. With streaks of blood flowing down his pale face, Bill was constantly gasping for breath – his vital signs were diminishing rapidly.


Guthem and Oberth, who were formerly standing at Bill’s side, had already shunned the statue at a distance and were posing in a vigilant manner.


Just as Damon was about to retrieve an illuminating magic item from his chest pocket, the tomb chamber was suddenly illuminated. He then proceeded to return the magic item back to his pocket, while looking at the Swordsman statue in anger.


Athol’s angry roar echoed through the tomb chamber.


Alfea had already dashed to the side of the Swordsman statue at that time. She squat down, before sweeping her long sword and accurately dealt a fatal blow to the left thigh of the statue. After the blue magic stone was revealed, her long sword chopped it into pieces instantly. After the discovery of their weakness, the level two Swordsman statue was not Alfea’s match.


The Swordsman statue disintegrated into sand.


Bill’s limp body collapsed to the ground.


Damon was an experienced Mercenary. Although his social ranking was not high, he had the most abundant first-hand experience among the adventure team. He quickly dashed towards Bill and took out some medicine from his pocket in an attempt to save his life.


Oberth looked at the suffocating Bill and subconsciously touched the space ring on his finger. He had a healing magic scroll within his space ring – the healing magic scroll was light magic scroll that was painstakingly carved by Basgen. The healing magic scroll was much more valuable compared to other types of magic scrolls. This healing scroll was supposed to be for him to protect his life; it was impossible for Alfea to even have it. If he was willing to use it on Bill… It could save his life.


But he started to hesitate.


[This tomb chamber is full of danger; what if I get seriously injured… My life is definitely more valuable than that Mercenary. I can’t take this risk to use my life-saving item on him…]


These thoughts kept circulating in his head.


Before Oberth managed to make up his mind, Alfea’s sorrowful voice could be heard, “He’s dead…”


Bill was the first sacrificial victim in the adventure team.


As it was Debbie’s first encounter with death, her complexion turned pale all of a sudden. She pursed her lips tightly and subconsciously sought comfort in Ye Chui’s embrace. However, as she looked at Ye Chui, she realised that his face was even paler and his body was swaying, as though he was about to faint.


“Hammer, are you ok?” Debbie hurriedly supported him. She then wondered. [Does Hammer has the fear of witnessing death?]


Debbie’s words made heads turn towards Ye Chui.


Guthem was somewhat in a bad mood and he wanted to mock at Ye Chui habitually, but he was suddenly dumbfounded.


Most of the others were dumbfounded too.


Debbie was also shocked.


“Hammer… Did you cast that <Light Drop> magic spell?”


Light suddenly overwhelmed the former darkness of the tomb chamber. Although Oberth declared that he had insufficient magic power to cast the spell, most of the people still subconsciously thought that he was the one who cast it.


However, they now discovered that Ye Chui’s magic wand left behind traces of star splendours after the spell was released. His pale complexion and lethargic condition confirmed one fact – Ye Chui was the one who cast the <Light Drop> magic spell.


“I’m not very skilled in this magic spell… This magic spell has almost drained all of my magic power and spiritual power…” Ye Chui leaned against Debbie’s petite figure, as he said lifelessly. At that moment, Ye Chui finally understood the disparity in magic talent – the talent of a Magician is distinguished by the magic power and spiritual power of the Magician. Ye Chui just happened to have slightly poorer talent compared to others and was only able to just make it as a Magician. While Oberth seemed to be able to cast this spell continuously without feeling exhausted, the release of the Intermediate Auxiliary Spell almost drained all of his magic power and spiritual power,. Other than the difference in Magician level, the disparity in their talents played a big part as well.


Debbie held Ye Chui and made him sit on the ground against a stone wall. She then stretched out her hand to wipe off the sweat on his face with a concerned look on her face. She was so worried about Ye Chui to that extent that she did not think about the reason why he was able to cast the Intermediate Auxiliary Spell.


But the others had many questions in their heads.


Ye Chui was a Magician with ordinary talent. Alfea only let him join the adventure team because he is also an Enchanting Master. In the eyes of Guthem and Oberth, Ye Chui was merely a burden who needed protection. However, in reality, the adventure team only managed to destroy the Swordsman statues due to Ye Chui’s quick discovery of their weakness. And without Ye Chui’s <Light Drop>, the Swordsman statue, which did not require the use of its vision, would have a huge advantage over the adventure team in the darkness. The entire adventure team could have fallen at that point in time.


It was not the adventure team who protected Ye Chui, but it was the other way around.


Choosing Ye Chui to join the adventure team was a wise decision.


This Magician… was really extraordinary.


Oberth stared at Ye Chui with a complex gaze. When he met Ye Chui for the first time today, he was misled by Guthem to think that he was a trash Magician. However, even without Guthem’s badmouthing, Oberth would not have regarded Ye Chui as a decent Magician.


Oberth was the son of the Magician Guild Master; and he was the only boy in Stan City who was the son of the Advanced Magician. He had great talent and could possibly become the disciple of a level nine Magician – he could easily disregard Ye Chui based on his social standing.


When Ye Chui had used magic scrolls to attack the Swordsman statues, Oberth did not think much of it. He only felt that it was some gimmicky technique that the weak Magicians would use to battle.


And now, Oberth finally realised that Ye Chui’s standard had far surpassed his – the <Light Drop> magic spell was not something he could release when he was a level two Magician. Even as a level three Magician, he could not do it until he sought the guidance of Basgen, who specialised in light magic…


The gaze Guthem had towards Ye Chui revealed his astonishment, as he realised that he was mistaken about this young boy. Ye Chui was actually unordinary. As Guthem thought of something he said to mock Ye Chui when they just entered the ancient tomb, ‘do you plan on casting a light magic spell?’, his face suddenly became hot.


If Guthem were to read Ye Chui’s mind at that instant, his face would become hotter.


Ye Chui thought in his heart. [The last minute construction of this light spell seems to have some problems. The amount of magic power drained when releasing the magic spell is too much and it isn’t as stable as Oberth’s. There’s still room for improvement…]


The <Light Drop> magic spell, which Ye Chui released just now, was actually constructed from nothing. He only spent half an hour doing it after watching Oberth cast it once!


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