Omni-Magician – Chapter 50, My Giant Spinning Top is Required at the Critical Moment

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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The magic crystal which Ye Chui found was an ordinary low-grade magic crystal. If Ye Chui were to use his vision to view inside the magic crystal, there would be about 10 metres of space available. This magic crystal was a lot worse than the magic crystal which the Magic Guild ‘gave to him generously’, but the interior of the magic crystal was filled with all kinds of magic arrays and these magic arrays were arranged categorically just like files.


The magic arrays were mainly divided into three categories.


The magic arrays belonging to the first category were meant for dealing with any provocation from outside. They triggered the magic matrixes within the magic crystal or kept them dormant; hence they acted as master switches.


The magic arrays belonging to the second category dealt with the regulation of the movement of the Swordsman statues, including how the statues moved and the sequence of their actions. The battle efficiency of the Swordsman statues could be portrayed here, hence it could be said that the battle experience of a level two Swordsman was part of the magic matrix.


Lastly, the third category of magic arrays was related to the earth element array which helped to regenerate the Swordsman statues. These types of magic arrays determined the looks of the statues. The exterior image, height and looks of the Swordsman could be altered by these magic arrays… These magic arrays seemed a little high-end.


The advanced applications of the earth element were probably the most abstruse things in the magic crystal.


As Ye Chui entered the ‘Father of Studies’ mode, he pondered for a moment, before trying to understand the second classification, which were the magic matrixes which controlled the actions of the statues. This portion was the most important to Ye Chui, as the study of it was probably helpful in the manufacturing of his Iron Man warrior suit.


“These magic crystals were manufactured by the Doria Family. To preserve these magic crystals, a special imprint method was used. The things on the interior of an ordinary magic crystal can be eliminated and reused. However, the magic arrays in these magic crystals are fixed, thus rendering them useless and worthless.” Alfea’s voice could be heard near Ye Chui. She stood before Ye Chui and pointed at the magic crystal in Ye Chui’s hands, while explaining.


After the destruction of the seven Swordsman statues, most of the magic stones within them also perished. On the other hand, no one seemed to care about the magic crystals and the reason was simple – they were worthless and dangerous. Once these magic crystals got into contact with any magic stone, a Swordsman statue would be regenerated.


“I’m interested, so I’ll research a little.” Ye Chui laughed.


“Don’t place this thing together with a magic stone.” Alfea reminded Ye Chui. He noticed that Alfea’s mood had turned for the better and she was much calmer now.


“I know. Thanks for the reminder.” Ye Chui laughingly said.


Although he thanked Alfea, Ye Chui was not going to heed her advice. Magic stones and magic crystals could be placed together because the activation system within the magic crystal would automatically meet the magic stone and activate the magic matrix in the magic crystal. Ordinary people would definitely separate these two items, but Ye Chui was the Father of Studies, so how could he be like the ordinary people?


In the viewpoint of the Father of Studies, deleting the activation system of the magic crystal would do the trick.


Therefore, Ye Chui permeated his consciousness into the magic crystal within to scout for a second. Unfortunately, his first entry into the crystal triggered a safety feature, which initiated the delete sequence magic matrix. Since the deleting magic matrix was activated, some of the mysterious records within the magic crystal were deleted; even the whole space of the magic crystal was shrinking – causing the storage memory space of the crystal to be permanently reduced. However, Ye Chui was not bothered with this. After all, he had only wished to enter the magic crystal to learn about the magic matrix responsible for the statue’s movements. After he was done with his task in the real world, he entered the crystal to study again.


Seeing that Alfea had already packed her stuff and was ready to set off, Ye Chui kept the magic crystal together with the other three magic stones in the space ring in an unhesitant manner.


“Everyone, get ready to set off!” Alfea shouted.


The other members in the adventure team stood up as they prepared to move off.


Alfea pointed at an iron door which leads to the inner hall and gave orders, “Athol, go and force the door open. The rest shall prepare for battle and anticipate for any danger that could be present behind the door!”


*Shng, shng*


Damon, Balmain and Guthem all took out their swords.


Debbie also brandished her great sword in the air to display her vigilance.


Ye Chui patted Debbie’s shoulder and proceeded to the back of the squad. Magicians needed to have their own self-consciousness at this time.


Oberth stood beside Ye Chui with an indifferent expression.


“When the adventure is over, I will have a good talk with you.” Oberth whispered into Ye Chui’s ear.


*Hehe* Ye Chui laughed, “I will too.”


As the most muscular of the team, Athol kept his sword back at his waist and stood at a distance of five metres away from the iron door. With a loud *arghh!*, he charged towards the door just like a bull – Beastmen talent skill <Barbaric Charge>.


All kinds of talent abilities were hidden in the bloodlines of different races. For example, the Dwarves were geniuses at enchanting; the Elves were talented in archery, while Beastmen specialised in <Barbaric Charge>.


Of course, these kinds of talent skills could only be stimulated when they trained.


What was worth mentioning was that there was an ability named <Battle Cry> among the Beastmen. It worked through a loud roar, which stimulated their instinctive desire to fight. Athol, who was previously engaged in battle with the statues, let out the <Battle Cry>. However, that was instinctual. He has still not mastered the art of activating <Battle Cry>.




Athol, the Beastman, charged and collided with the iron door using his shoulder. The powerful charge had left the whole tomb shaking fiercely. The rest who were watching could feel the strength of the charge and was left speechless from shock.


However, it was even more shocking that after that forceful blow, the iron door did not even budge an inch!


After the charge, Athol was thrown back by several meters. He fell onto the ground and rubbed his cheeks with doubt, “My <Barbaric Charge> could not even make the door move?”


“Athol, are you alright?” Alfea asked in a dignified tone of voice.


“Yeah. I’m fine.” Athol rubbed his sore left shoulder while trying hard to stand up. Unable to accept the results, he asked permission again, “Miss Alfea, please stand aside. I want to try it again.”






The iron door was struck by Athol’s charges repeatedly. Finally, after a few attacks, it showed signs of loosening. Unfortunately, the door could not be opened completely and seemed like it would not budge even if they attempted another 10 times.


Athol was already panting from exhaustion. <Barbaric Charge> required sword aura, as well as a strong body to maintain, thus Athol could not last for long.


Members of the adventure team displayed surprised looks on their faces.


[This is weird. The door to the inner door is actually that hard to break open?] Alfea thought to herself. [Athol is the strongest amongst us. If he can’t make the door budge…]


“Why not let me try?” A young girl’s voice could be heard suddenly.


It was Debbie’s voice.


Everyone looked at Debbie.


[Even our strongest man, Athol can’t break the door open, on what basis does this smallest girl in the team, Debbie, think she can do it?] Guthem immediately thought of what he could insult and mock Debbie with, but he managed to shut his mouth before it is too late, after he recalled something.


The others were also sceptical, but after thinking Debbie as a young Great Swordsman, Alfea eventually let her give it a try, “All right…”


“Please make way for my ultimate move. I’m afraid someone might get hurt, as I myself am scared of it as well.” Debbie told the team in a responsible manner.


Feeling doubtful, everyone in the adventure team moved a few steps back. Ye Chui stood the furthest from Debbie, as he recalled what happened to the southern wall in Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


Guthem, on the other hand, did not think highly of Debbie’s skills as his brother was also a level two Swordsman. He thought that he had completely understood the attacking level of a level two Swordsman, thus he stood nearest to Debbie. He also had a smirk plastered on his face, as though he was prepared to watch a joke happen before his eyes… Then he broke out in sweat.


The young Great Swordsman took one deep breath and started to spin crazily. The spinning got faster and faster… to the extent that one would not know if that was a spinning top or a human. The friction between the air and Debbie’s’ spinning body created a constant *woong, woong* sound, as the people on the ground trembled with fear. The sandy soil on the ground started spinning in the air as well, just like a tornado had swept past this tiny and cramped corridor.



A moment later





The great sword flew like an artillery shell, taking some sandy soil along with it. It was as though a great dragon had circled in the air, before ramming into the tightly-shut iron door fiercely.




A loud slam could be heard.


The ground shook.


The iron sword clashed against the iron door and produced blinding sparks.


Sand particles started to spread in all directions.


A foggy scene appeared in front of everyone.


“Dust Removal!” Ye Chui raised up his magic wand and shouted.


Basic Life Spell <Dust Removal>.


The sand particles floating in the air immediately fell to the ground and tranquillity was resumed.


Although Debbie, who was covered in dust, squatted on the ground and panted heavily, her face was red with excitement.


The iron door right in front of her had opened. Her force was so impactful to the extent that the door became distorted and her great sword had pierced through right iron door and penetrated it…


“…” Everyone was speechless.


Everyone looked at Debbie and then looked at Ye Chui, who cast the <Dust Removal> life spell, before being deep in thought. [The abilities these two have are extraordinary…]


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