Omni-Magician – Chapter 51, This Ancient Tomb is a Little Unusual

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


<Dust Removal> is no doubt the simplest magic spell. Magicians would be trained and skilled in this magic spell when they first acquire the title of a ‘Magician’. However, it is no easy feat to be able to command all the floating sand particles to suddenly fall to the ground – Ye Chui was definitely the only one who was able to pull it off easily. From a certain perspective, Ye Chui’s release of this magic spell was even more astonishing compared to Debbie’s breaking of the iron door using her strange move.


But… no one would be jealous of his skills.


A same thought flashed through everyone’s mind. [Who, in their right mind, would go and master such a life skill? Of what use is it?]


After the moment of astonishment, Alfea immediately became alert and dashed in front of Debbie, who was squatting and panting on the ground after she released her exhausting move. This was to anticipate for any unforeseen danger that could appear from the inner hall.


Athol, Balmain, Damon and Guthem all followed closely behind, as they surveyed the dark inner hall in a vigilant manner.


On the other hand, Ye Chui rushed to Debbie at lightning speed and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”


Debbie nodded her head, “I’m just a little dizzy…”




After Ye Chui held Debbie up, his eyes glanced at the inner hall. The inner hall was pitch-black and no one was able to see what was hidden inside. Hence, he looked towards Oberth, trying to imply something. [Release <Light Drop> quickly. Don’t just stand there in a daze and be self-conscious about your responsibility as a human torch.]


Oberth obviously knew what he had to do.


But after having eye contact with Ye Chui, Oberth felt dissatisfied, as he felt that Ye Chui was teaching him what to do.


“Oberth!” Alfea yelled impatiently, “Light!”


“…” Oberth gave a cold snort and stood at the back of the Swordsmen in the adventure team. He then waved his magic wand in the air and cast the <Light Drop> magic spell in the inner hall.


Light descended upon the inner hall and the team was now able to see the situation within the inner hall.


Alfea held her long sword in her hand as she led the pack into the inner hall. As she entered the inner hall in a vigilant manner, the others followed behind her.


Under the light emitted from the star splendours, everything in the inner hall was clearly visible at one glance.


However, after surveying the situation in the inner hall, Alfea’s facial expression became somewhat strange, “This… inner hall seems a little different from the ones I’ve seen during the ancient tomb adventures that I’ve participated in… Even the Doria’s Adventure Guide doesn’t seem to have records of this type of ancient tomb.”


“It’s indeed a little strange…” Balmain concurred in a serious tone, as he held his sword with both his hands and scrutinised the surroundings.


He and Alfea were the only ones in the adventure team who had participated in ancient tomb adventures.


While Ye Chui helped Debbie get up, he heard the conversation and immediately became curious. Holding Debbie’s hand, they approached the entrance and saw the interior of the inner halls. It was big, about the size of a palace. Even Oberth’s <Light Drop>, which affected a wide area, could not even cover half of the whole place. But even if the other half was still shrouded in darkness, with the half that was lit, it was sufficient to guess the construct of this inner hall. It was an open, circular space, with a stage in the middle – most likely what all adventures were seeking for was on top. Meanwhile, the circular walls covering this place were abundantly decorated with iron doors.


There were dozens of iron doors, which were identical to the one Debbie broke open.


The origins of the paths leading to the iron doors are unknown, but all of them lead to the inner hall eventually.


“What’s the matter with these iron doors? Why are there some more iron doors here? Doria’s Adventure Guide didn’t record this design of the ancient tomb within it…” Alfea felt a little anxious at that instant. As she recalled that Athol was unable to break open the iron door using brute force, she felt that something was amiss.


“I guess there might be many keys that lead to this ancient tomb. I believe that each key will lead one to a single channel behind the iron door.” Ye Chui made a guess after he took a good look at the surroundings.


“How do you know?” Oberth questioned Ye Chui in an indifferent tone.


“The route from we came from moments ago was in accordance to the Doria Tomb Adventure Guide. There were surprises along the way but there wasn’t really much harm dealt as per those recorded inside the guide. In other words, this place is still linked to the records inside of the Adventure Guide. Along the way, there are many branches of routes that we could have taken but chose not to because we assumed that they would lead to a dead end. So, we took the route that we took and ended up here, in front of that iron door. But if the other irons doors within this inner hall are not ornaments, it’s highly possible that they will lead to the other routes that we have avoided. Thus, everything is linked here, and ends here.” Ye Chui narrated calmly, with one eye looking at Oberth hinting of ridicule.


Unless one was an idiot, anyone would be able to understand this concept easily.


Recalling that Ye Chui had called him an idiot previously, Oberth face reddened with fury, “Perhaps this type of ancient tomb has a novel structure that no one has ever seen.”


“Since the start of our adventure, we have followed the Adventure Guide and easily avoided all the traps in the area. This proves that the outside path we took that leads to this ancient tomb had been experienced by another group before us. Therefore, the path we took isn’t new. This ancient tomb is probably made up of the designs and structures of different tombs combined.” Speaking in a cool and calm voice, Ye Chui points to somewhere close by and further explained, “The biggest proof is over there!”


The object he was pointing to was a skeleton clad in a suit of armour!


It was obvious that this deceased corpse was an adventurer that came to this tomb a long time ago. Defeated and left to die, the skeleton laid far away from the opened iron door, and was at a dimly-lit area. Therefore, not everyone managed to notice the skeleton. It was only while Ye Chui was talking to Oberth that Balmain noticed and alerted the rest.


“There were other adventurers that came here before!” Balmain spoke with a sinking voice, “It seems like what Hammer said is true. There’s more than one key that leads to this ancient tomb… This ancient tomb is a little unusual!”


“There’s another skeleton at the other side!” Athol exclaimed his discovery, “There as well!”


Under Alfea’s request, Oberth released a few <Light Drop> magic spells in the depths of the inner hall. Very soon, the adventure team discovered dozens of skeletons, which were scattered over the surroundings of the inner hall just like stars in the sky.


“Everyone, please do not act rashly. There’s something amiss here!” Alfea ordered, as she acted responsibly as the team leader of the adventure team.


At that point in time, everyone was standing at the entrance of the inner hall. Due to their cautious attitude, no one made a step into the inner hall. After hearing Alfea’s order, the team became even more alert and vigilant.


“The ground is a little strange!” Damon said in a deep voice.


After hearing his words, everyone unanimously stared at the ground within the inner hall.


The ground seemed to be made up of rocks and stones, and there were several strange patterns across the ground. Everyone had already noticed the patterns on the ground, but after Damon’s words, everyone scrutinised the ground even more carefully. Oberth was the first one to shout, “Those strange patterns on the grounds are carvings of magic arrays… Oh my, the entire ground of the inner hall is filled with magic arrays.”


“The scale of the magic arrays is unbelievable…” Alfea looked wide-eyed at the seemingly huge inner hall, as she could not believe her eyes, “Is the owner of this ancient tomb a level nine Swordsman?”


Magic arrays were even more advanced than magic matrixes.


Magic scrolls were basically carved by recording magic spells onto parchment using magic ink, while enchantment was basically done by engraving magic spells onto armours or weapons using Mithril and magic arrays were made by carving magic spells onto other objects using the foundation of magic. Although the use of magic arrays was not as intricate as enchanting, it still requires abstruse magic ability to pull it off.


Typically, magic arrays come in the size of a space ring, or at its largest, the magic mirror kept in the Magic Guild Hall that was used to store the magic crystal.

(Silavin: The magic crystal is the one that store information about space magic)


The dense carving of magic arrays on the ground of the inner hall was not a feat that any ordinary Magician would be able to pull off easily.


A lot of effort had been put into the construction of this ancient tomb.


The entire adventure team broke into cold sweat simultaneously. Debbie suddenly thought of something and walked over to the iron door at the side, before she pierced her great sword through the door and removing it. After sensing danger, she went back to Ye Chui’s side to protect him… or maybe it was Debbie who required the protection of Ye Chui.


On the other hand, Ye Chui was examining the dense carving of magic symbols on the ground.


Oberth was doing likewise.


“These are space magic arrays!” After observing for tens of seconds, Oberth shouted in excitement, while forcefully rubbing his hands. Since he had been studying space element magic, Oberth felt that it was his time to shine.


Ye Chui looked at Oberth indifferently, as he already knew that these were space magic arrays the moment he saw them.


However, his humility refrained him from speaking up.


As Ye Chui looked at the skeletons from afar, he could not help but frown, “Adventures are rarely done alone. But… why are these skeletons lying alone? Don’t they have adventure partners?”


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