Omni-Magician – Chapter 52, The Game has Started

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Dozens of iron doors surrounded the perimeter of the inner hall, some of which were already broken. Before their adventure team had arrived, there were already a few batches of adventurers that had been there. And it seemed like all of them had perished here.


The skeletons, which were scattered all around the inner hall, indicated many problems. Judging from the severity of the damage of the armour and clothes of the skeletons, they were at least dead for 100 years. The skeletal frames beneath the armour had all disintegrated into sand; even the armours had spots of rust on them. On the other hand, there were other skeletal corpses that were only dead for several decades, just that… Why were the skeletons scattered all over, when it seemed like they were from the same adventure team?


[There’s a few skeletons that are placed together, while the rest are scattered all over.]


[How did they get scattered; and how did they die?]


[The most important point was that the scattering of these skeletons had a certain fixed pattern to it…]


Ye Chui pondered over these issues.


At that moment, Ye Chui suddenly heard Oberth’s voice, “I see it! This is a space transmitting magic array, which seems to be linked to somewhere else!”


“Oberth, can you figure out where it’s linked to?” Guthem hurried asked.


Oberth tried to appear as an expert and replied, “I currently don’t know where, but I can try activating a small portion of the magic array to test it out…”


From Oberth’s arrogant demeanour, Ye Chui already knew that it was just an act he put forth.


Despite the worried looks of Alfea and the rest, Oberth confidently reassured, “You don’t have to worry. I will soon be a disciple of a level nine Magician, who specialises in space magic! He saw the great talent that resided within me and is fully prepared to take me as his apprentice.” Oberth spoke nothing but nonsense. However, since he knew that those who were listening had no knowledge of the real truth, he continued on in glee. “Although I don’t know the purpose of this huge magic array, please trust that I will be able to lead you all to the final chamber of this tomb!”


After saying his piece, Oberth felt a sense of heroic aura descend upon him, before initiating the magic array on the ground.


Just as Oberth was bragging and convincing the adventure team, Ye Chui’s focus returned from the skeletons on the ground. As Oberth was about to make contact with the magic symbols on the ground, Ye Chui’s heart  skipped a beat. He then screamed, “Stop! That’s not your normal teleportation space array! It is an array that is going to teleport and split us into different locations!”


It could only be described as forlorn, as Ye Chui’s words did not prevent Oberth’s hand from making contact with the magic array.


Immediately, the dimly lit hall became bright. It was as though Oberth had flipped a switch and turned on the lights. However, this light was not caused by the magic spell <Light Drop>. The light, which were golden yellow, covered the entire walls and floor of the tomb chamber in characters. Obviously, Oberth had triggered the countless concentrated magic arrays within this hall.


“What’s going on?” Oberth spoke in shock. He had only planned to activate a small array; and according to his knowledge, the effects should not have been so huge. So, what exactly did he do wrong?


Here, we can learn that this is the result of an amateur mimicking the actions of the Father of Studies…


“Retreat!” Alfea was quick to respond,as she shouted at the top of her lungs, running towards the stone-paved road.


However, it was too late.


A yellow wall made out of air came down, blocking the path to the stone paved road. In attempt to break through, Alfea brandished her long sword and activated <Wind Blade>, but it was all in vain. As the air waves collided with the air wall, a *Puff* sound was produced. It was as though the air wave produced by Alfea had landed on cotton; to produce such a soft sound but leaving no a single scratch on the yellow wall of air.


“My god! It’s <Space Isolation>! A type of space imprisonment magic spell that can only be used by advanced Magicians!” Balmain recognised the yellow wall of air and said in pure shock as his face paled in fright. Turning to Alfea, he hurriedly said, “Young Lady, I believe our adventure is beyond our expectations. I think it is time we quickly withdraw!”


“…” Alfea hesitated for several seconds but once again looked at the yellow wall of air around her. Finally, she took out a worked-out linen cloth – similar to the key required for the entrance of the ancient tomb, this was the key for exiting the place. Once activated, the entire team will be teleported out using space magic.


Unfortunately, even after placing the cloth on the ground and piercing it with her long sword, nothing happened.


“Space is completely isolated in here. Any form of spatial teleportation is impossible!” Ye Chui explained in a dignified tone while he recalled the information he had learnt from the magic crystal. Arriving at a side of the yellow wall, he gently placed his hand on it. He could feel a soft sensation wrapped around his palm. If he were to apply some force, his fingers would be slightly indented into the wall, although to a certain limit. It was as though the steel wall was wrapped in a layer of cotton. “This is an extremely advanced level of space magic. I’m afraid, as long as you are below the rank of an advanced Swordsman, you won’t be able to break through it.”


“What does a level two Magician know? Stop spouting nonsense!” Oberth roared as he took glaring glances around all corner of the yellow walls of air to fall stupefied.


Ye Chui released a deep breath, trying to calm down. He looked at Oberth and reprimanded, “Idiot! If not for you, would we be in such a state?”


“Yo-You!” Oberth moved towards Ye Chui as though he planned on making a move.


Of course, Ye Chui was not afraid… Even so, he stood by Debbie as he continued to casually accuse Oberth, “The magic array, which we saw previously, was meant to trap us. It was probably due to the old age of the magic array that it lost its effectiveness and wasn’t activated the moment we entered. But you! You’re such an idiot, yet you acted like you were the professional. If not for the accidental activation of the entire magic array, which was due to the activation of the small portion you did just now, we wouldn’t be trapped in here right now!”


After hearing Ye Chui’s words, everyone else in the team could not help but stare at Oberth in anger.


Indeed, it was Oberth’s adamant desire to activate a small portion of the magic array that led to all the magic arrays here being activated. Therefore, everyone, including Guthem, had a furious expression on their faces.


“I-I, It was an accident!” Oberth came up with the excuse frantically.


Alfea, on the other hand, felt her head in pain. Having known Oberth for a long time, she knew that Oberth was a little arrogant, as he was the son of the Magician Guild Master, but it was not to the extent of of being overboard. However, Alfea now felt that Oberth was such an imbecile and blamed herself for choosing such a person to be on the team. She then looked towards Ye Chui with subconscious anticipation, “So, what should we do now?”


The rest of the team also looked towards Ye Chui.


It is undeniable that, under such circumstances, all of them pinned their hopes on him to to unravel or deactivate this magic array. Since it was a fact that Ye Chui and Oberth were the only magicians in this group and that Oberth was an horary idiot, all their expectations could only fall on Ye Chui’s shoulders.


“This magic array should perform its next move soon…” Ye Chui voiced out his thoughts. Having thought of something suddenly, he grasped Debbie’s hand.


Debbie, who was caught by surprise, muttered out, “Hammer?”, as she held a strange expression on her face, unable to understand what Ye Chui was planning at all.


Ye Chui did not respond nor bother to explain. Instead, he tucked his magic wand back to his waist in a hurry and held Alfea’s hand.


The rest, unable to verify what Ye Chui had in mind, just stood there dumbfounded.


“This magic array will soon teleport us out of here individually! So try to keep as close as possible to each other!” Ye Chui yelled.


Everyone continued to look at the boy in bewilderment, as their brain could not even begin to process what was going on.


Without any time for Ye Chui to speak another word, dazzling light began to accumulate below their feet suddenly.


This scene was the beginning of the space teleportation due to the activation of the space magic array!


Although the ultimate purpose of the ancient tomb master was unclear, the sight of the scattered skeletons indicated that the magic array in the tomb chamber will teleport and split the adventurers into different small boxes of the hall, which were created by the magic array.


It could be noticed that some skeletons were placed in pairs, meaning that if they were close enough to each other, they will be teleported together to the same location.


Ye Chui did not wish for Debbie to leave his side so he quickly held onto her hand. Meanwhile, he chose Alfea to get teleported along with him due to her strength being the strongest out of all the members of the group.

(Silavin: Hm… I don’t believe his bullshit for some reason… maybe it’s due to that poster under his bed…)


No matter what happened after the teleportation, they held a higher chance of survival with the strongest person at their side.


Engulfed by the light, all eight members teleported without a trace. In the next instant, all eight of them were split into smaller groups and isolated within the inner halls by the golden yellow wall of air. Everyone else was isolated alone,  except for Ye Chui’s group which consisted of Debbie, Alfea and himself.


“Dear Adventurers, the game has just started! Yay!”


A somewhat child-like voice suddenly reverberated through the entire hall.

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