Omni-Magician – Chapter 53, Rules of the Airplane Chess

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


The yellow wall of air created by <Space Isolation> made the inner hall of the ancient tomb seem as though it was extremely grand. The entire space had been split into countless individual checkered rooms, each with a floor area of about 20 square feet. Each and every adventurer was teleported individually into a checkered room of their own, with the exception of Ye Chui, Alfea and Debbie, who teleported together into a single checkered room thanks to the sufficient preparation done by Ye Chui, who foresaw this happening.


Although the three of them were isolated together in one room, they were still able to see the other team members through the translucent yellow wall. Of course, they were visible to the others as well.


The sudden and drastic change of environment inevitably caused everyone to be in a state of panic. Making matters worse by fueling the fear within their hearts was the child-like voice which said, “Dear Adventurers, the game has started.”


“Wait a minute. Who is the one speaking? Is there anyone else present in this ancient tomb beside us?” Debbie said in a trembling voice as her arm wrapped around Ye Chui.


Despite Alfea being the strongest, as well as the leader of the team, she understood that the dangers of the unknown in this adventure was far beyond her expectations and were not what her ability was able to handle. She then subconsciously also took a few steps closer to Ye Chui’s side. Grabbing her long sword as tightly as possible, she tried to explain, “The voice that we heard is probably not of a human, but of a conscience stored within a magic crystal…”


“Conscience?” Debbie stared at Alfea in a daze, completely exposing her lack of understanding, “What is that?”


“A magic crystal can serve several purposes. One of them is to store a person’s spirit inside as an imprint. When the magic crystal has sufficient storage space and the imprint is clear enough, the imprint can gradually evolve with its own intelligence.” Ye Chui explained. He thought of the magic crystal which he had just obtained from the Magic Guild Hall, which contained 32 magic symbols. Each and every one of these magic symbols, as well as the comprehension of the Magician manufacturer towards these magic symbols,  were considered as spirit imprints. If Ye Chui had any doubts, he could always seek clarification from these imprints.

(Silavin: No idea that was what happened inside the magic crystal. I think the author just thought of this point and added it in :/)


At that moment, Ye Chui had a faint hunch. [If the Magic Crystal had a storage space big enough, I might be able to create an artificial intelligence…] With this child-like voice currently speaking, it was literally a confirmation that his hunch was right.


After hearing his explanation, Alfea gave Ye Chui a surprised gaze. Magic crystal intelligence was considered expensive, to the extent that many advanced Magicians do not even have this in their possession. Likewise, a book or record about such an object is rare. So, it begs the question, how did Ye Chui know so much about magic crystals?


Of course, there were more pressing matters to address at the moment and she had no time to entertain such thoughts.


The child-like voice continued. “I know all of you are curious as to the reason why you have been trapped here. In reality, the reason is very simple to understand. This is my tomb and I had tasked the Doria family to help me construct it when I was reaching the end of my life. This is because I knew very well, that after hundreds or thousands of years after my death, there would be people who would find their way here. I never once believed that there would be an ancient tomb that would deter adventurers from entering, as I was too an adventurer who took part in exploring the ancient tomb of the founder of magic.  If even the great founder of magic had his tomb ransacked, then I don’t have to explain about my pathetic tomb of a small time swordsman.”


[The magic founder he is referring to must be the genius who awoke the innate talent of magic in humans 13,000 year ago. He was recognised as the man who took magic to the furthest level. But I believe many of us have never heard that his tomb had been ransacked by others before!]


The Child’s voice continued, “I believe that the ancient tomb created by the Doria Family can never be perfect, and one day, it would be intruded upon by others. Therefore, from the beginning till now, I have been waiting for you adventurers to arrive. So far, you are the fifth batch to enter my tomb. Of the four batches before yours, there were two which never got the opportunity to reach this part of the tomb. Meanwhile, the other two that entered are dead, with their corpses over there. Well, now that you are here, I will be frank. I am somewhat disappointed. Out of all the groups that have entered my tomb, yours is by far the weakest. So, I don’t expect much before your life force extinguishes.”


“What do you want from us?!” Guthem let out a roar, but due to the <Space Isolation>, his voice was muffled.


“What I want is something simple… Since you guys are the intruders, which disturbed my tomb, I would naturally want to annihilate you. But of course, like I have mentioned earlier, this is just a game. I love playing games, so if you guys are willing to play this game with me, you might have a slim chance of survival.”


“What kind of game do you want us to play with you?” Balmain asked.


“During my era, there was a game called Airplane Chess. I’m not sure if this game still exists in this day and age, so let me explain the rules. The rules of Airplane Chess is very simple – within a disc-shaped chess board, participants will start from the perimeter. Once you enter a check, you have to battle the warrior within it.  After emerging victorious, you can choose whether to move eastwards, westwards, northwards or southwards into another check. The first person to get into the check in the centre of the chess board wins the game, but of course, the warriors that you will face closer the middle of the board will be stronger. In addition, you won’t be able to enter the check which others have already cleared. There are only four checks leading to the middle check, so once others clear these four checks the game will end and the remaining players will be eliminated from the game.” The child-like voice explained, “Elimination would mean getting destroyed by the chess board. This magic array within the inner hall was created and designed by a Specialist Realm Magician for a month. So, you small Swordsmen have the slimmest chance of escaping the fate of getting destroyed by the chess board.”


“In other words, only four people can live?” Balmain calmly asked.


“No.” The child-like voice replied in a sharp tone. “This is only the first stage; and it is in this stage that four people gets to pass. But in the nest stage, it is uncertain how many of you will get through safely… Oh, of course, there’s this member within you all that is really intelligent – before the space teleportation array was activated he grabbed the two girls who had the best destructive power and the strongest combat ability of the team respectively. I expect much from this team of three people, even if they die, the boy would be able to die in the embrace of these two girls, isn’t it a nice image?”

(Silavin: WTF kind of logic is that?)


Upon hearing his words, the other team members were either filled with amazement or rage as they stared at Ye Chui.


Clearly, the intelligent person which the child-like voice was speaking about was Ye Chui.

(Silavin: Ahem…)


“Do you have any more questions?” The child-like voice asked.


“Is there a time limit?” Ye Chui asked.


“Of course, there isn’t. As long as you defeat the guards through battle, you can forever keep your position for safety precautions, and there will be no penalty for you decision. If you manage to reach the middle with four members, then you win. The child-like voice showed obvious interest in Ye Chui and directly asked him, “smart person, do you have any other questions?”


“No.” Ye Chui thought for a second, before shaking his head.


“Very good. Although I can’t say much to interfere in this game, I still wish all of you the best of luck.” The child-like voice continued to speak, “Oh, there’s something I’ve to inform you – in order to construct this tomb, I have squandered all my savings. So this adventure of yours will never yield any form of harvest. However, you can still hope that you will receive the rights to leave this place alive… So, let the games begin!”


After the voice stopped speaking, Ye Chui, Debbie and Alfea all noticed an energy-filled aura appear within the space they were in. In the blink of an eye, the stream broke off into different branches, tapping into the different isolated space, and gradually condensed to form up many human-like bodies; each made of different elements, each holding onto a sword.


There was a different type of opponent to deal with in each person’s space. Athol had to face a swordsman made of fire; Damon and Guthem had to each face a swordsman made of stone; and Balmain had to face a swordsman made of wood. Each of their opponents had a facial expression that looked grim and menacing. However, the one with the worse luck of the draw had to be Oberth, who received a swordsman that was made of lightning, which seemed the most menacing of them all.


The fight commenced, as both Debbie and Alfea stared vigilantly at the swordsman made of water.


“Time for you girls to shine.”


Ye Chui patted Alfea and Debbie’s shoulders with his hand, before tactfully retreating to the corner of the isolated space…


Silavin: 2/2 Regular Chapter & 0/2 Bonus Chapter

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