Omni-Magician – Chapter 54, You Really are an Idiot

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


The water Swordsman that was condensed from thin air looked light. With its translucent body, and the obvious element it was made out of, the three could tell that this was going to be an uphill battle. Therefore, Ye Chui purposefully gave the opportunity of direct combat to Alfea and Debbie, while he stood in the corner of the isolated space to keenly observe.


A true man battles using his brain, not brute strength…


Instantly, Debbie and Alfea screamed out and charged towards the water Swordsman. Although the water Swordsman seemed to have similar combat capabilities as the stone Swordsman spawned outside the isolated space, it was clear that it was going to be more troublesome to deal with. With its non-fixed form and translucent body, it was practically impossible to detect the magic crystal and magic stone within its body. Perhaps the constitution of the water Swordsman varied largely with that of the stone Swordsman – any damage dealt to stone Swordsman could not be easily seen, but it might not even be possible to injure the water Swordsman.


During the exchange of blows, Alfea and Debbie were mostly parrying and evading the blows coming towards them.


“The water Swordsman’s source of magic power could be the magic array on the ground. Debbie, try to destroy it.” Ye Chui suddenly uttered while frowning.


Debbie followed his orders as soon as she could, while Alfea swung her long sword and temporarily forced the water swordsman to retreat. Debbie took this small time frame to jump high into the air, before starting to spin her body. Soon, her motion reached an explosive level of centrifugal force. Finally, when she was about to land, she released her attack to the ground. *BANG!*


This was the move that Debbie spent the past few months inventing and perfecting and it was referred to as <Oblique Giant Spinning Top…>

(Silavin: LOL… Skoll, can you help hype it up even more? I tried my best here…)


Sparks from the collision splattered everywhere, but the magic array on the ground seemed to be unharmed.


“Genius!” The child-like voice murmured, “You really are the smartest. I’m impressed that you actually managed to figure out that these Swordsmen were formed by the magic array on the ground; and that you have to destroy the magic array on the ground in order to defeat these Swordsmen. But it’s a pity that this magic array was carved by a specialist level Magician. Even after a thousand years, it’s still not within the means of you low-level Swordsmen to destroy it.”


Ye Chui tilted his head upwards and looked at the golden yellow wall of air that isolated them from the world, and asked, “Since you consider this as your game, then I believe that these Battle Guards are not invincible.”


“You’re right.” The child-like voice joyously replied. “It’s indeed more satisfying talking to intelligent people. Then tell me, how can you actually manage to solve the problem of these Battle Guards?”


“I’m guessing that their weakness is either their supply of magic power or time.” Ye Chui explained, revealing that he is not that smart a person actually. In actual fact, it was the experience in his previous life, whereby he had played numerous games and could roughly guess the intent the creators had with each game they made.


The child-like voice did not respond this time.


It was obvious that his silence meant a lot of things.


“Alfea and Debbie, each of you stand on one side of water Swordsman and take turns to attack it!” Ye Chui ordered immediately.


“Why must we each stand on one side of the water Swordsman?” Alfea asked, while trying to catch her breath.


“The professional term for this tactic is called ‘drawing aggro’.” Ye Chui answered. The water Swordsman only had basic fighting capabilities. It would attack whoever attacks it and ignore other parties around. This tactic was commonly used in boss fights, which proved even more effective here since the water Swordsman did not have the attack flexibility of a boss character.

(Skoll: For those of you that don’t play a lot of online games/read novels pertaining to them, “aggro” stands for “Aggression”. It’s a term used to describe what a Non-player-character unit will attack)


However, such a term, ‘drawing aggro’ was obviously unfamiliar to Alfea. But after considering his performance at the stone-paved road, she hastily did as he had requested. With a leap, she swung her sword across the back of the water Swordsman, and as Ye Chui had anticipated, the water Swordsman immediately turned around to face Alfea. It too swung its water-made long sword towards her.


But Debbie dived forward and struck its head before the attack could land. With Debbie’s attack, all attacking functions simply ceased as it turned around to face Debbie this time; completely ignoring Alfea’s existence.


Alfea seemed to have understood something, as she carried out her attack once more and shifting the target of the water Swordsman to her once again.


If these two girls were able to coordinate their attacks well enough, the water Swordsman could only turn left and right without a chance to attack.


“So that’s your plan.” Alfea muttered out as she completely realised Ye Chui’s intent but could not help but look at him in bewilderment. “We can’t defeat it, even if we continue doing this.”


“We only need to drain all its energy or time.” Ye Chui answered with a tone filled with self-confidence, “Keep the tempo going; it will disappear soon.” He then looked towards the other adventurers and shouted. “Don’t bother trying to look out for the Battle Guard’s weaknesses. It’s the magic array on the ground, which you cannot destroy. So, the only way to make them disappear is to drain them of all their time and energy!”


Earlier on, everyone heard the conversation Ye Chui had with the child-like voice. However, only Guthem and Balmain managed comprehend Ye Chui’s words that the Battle Guard’s weaknesses were its energy and time. Now, after Ye Chui clarified his words, it became a lot clearer to the team.


Out of everyone, Oberth was the most pitiful.


He was a magician, but was facing the most powerful lightning Swordsman. Due to its human form being condensed from lightning, it held a terrifying appeal. In mere seconds after they both exchanged moves, Oberth was already filled with distress, as his body was already burnt. Quickly, he took out his magic puppet from his space ring, which was made of iron. It had decent battling capabilities and could temporarily fend off the lightning Swordsman. Since he was the son of the Magician Guild Master, he definitely had some treasures with him. This gave him some time to recuperate.


Struck by lightning, Oberth’s entire body felt numb. His left arm seemed to no longer hold any feeling and his whole body was riddled with wounds. Feeling that his life was under threat, he did not hesitate to take out a Light Heal magic scroll to use. Once activated, a white light wrapped around him, causing his injuries to heal gradually.


Meanwhile, Guthem, Athol, Balmain and Damon were facing off with their own individual opponents. It was not too difficult for them as they were Swordsmen as well. Although their opponents were not as formidable as the lightning Swordsman, they still received some light wounds from their exchange. However, when they noticed that Oberth pulled out a magic puppet, and used a Light Heal magic scroll, their boiled with rage.


“You had a Light Heal Scroll this entire time!” Damon was the first that roared out, “Why didn’t you take it out earlier?! Bill would not have died if we used it on him!”


“You selfish BASTARD!” Athol, the Beastman roared, “It’s an utter disgrace to have you on my team!”


Balmain spoke out, “Shameless! You have completely disgraced your father!”


It was a basic principle that team members on an adventure should help each other in need. Firstly, they only fell into such a conundrum due to Oberth triggering the magic array. Now, after discovering that he had the opportunity to save Bill’s life, their boiling rage had reached its peak. This act was simply unlawful, and even Guthem expressed his anger.


However, Guthem’s expression completely changed in just a mere second.


“How can the worthless lives of you Swordsmen compare to that of mine? I am the Magician Guild Master’s son and I have exceptional talent that you all can only hope for. So why would I even care about your petty values! Those values are worthless in my eyes!” The white light shrouding Oberth had completely dispersed and the wound on his body was completely gone. Standing beside the wall of air, he calmly spoke as he took a breather. “All of you will end up dead anyways. After studying space magic for these past few days, the only one with any chance of leaving this place is me! Hahahaha! I will certainly not envy your demise!”


“Oberth! Please, you must take me with you!” The man who had previously made accusations towards Oberth, immediately pleaded with all his might. “As long as you can allow bring me out of this place safely, I’m willing to become your servant and bodyguard for life!”


“What Hammer said was right. You really are a coward!” Damon breathlessly shouted.


“So what if I’m a coward?! It’s better than being dead!” Guthem managed to parry the stone Swordsman’s strike and retreated back by a few steps. In that small time frame, he spoke without a hint of humiliation on his face.


“Well said! After I manage to unravel the space magic that is trapping us here, I will definitely bring Guthem along!” Oberth laughed. Due to Guthem’s sudden dependence on him, Oberth’s level of confidence (or arrogance) rose through the roof. He turned his attention towards Ye Chui, who was sitting down on the ground in deep thoughts as Debbie and Alfea took turns attacking the water swordsman. With a sudden burst of hatred laugher, Oberth yelled, “Hammer! Didn’t you call me an idiot just now? I’ll give you an opportunity, right here, right now, as long as you acknowledge your idiocy, I will rescue your pathetic life.”


Ye Chui turned his head around and squinted his eyes. Staring at Oberth with a gaze of derision, he spoke, “I didn’t say anything wrong. You really are an idiot!”


“What did you say?!” Oberth clenched his teeth after roaring.


“This magic array was made by a specialist realm Magician. Even if your precious level nine Magician comes to the scene, he might not even be able to unravel this space magic. So, in what aspect do you think you can pull it off?” Ye Chui mocked and allowed himself to cool down.


Without bothering to respond to Oberth provocations any further, Ye Chui fully dedicated himself to studying <Space Isolation> – the spell that created the golden yellow wall of air. Ye Chui concluded that unravelling this spell’s mystic would not be too difficult of a task. After all, he had the magic crystal that he had obtained from the Magician Guild, and could read through information about space magic.


Being able to sense an epiphany coming, Ye Chui entered ‘Father of Studies’ mode!

Silavin: 2/2 Regular Chapter & 1/2 Bonus Chapter

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