Omni-Magician – Chapter 55, Calling You an Idiot Doesn’t Seem to be an Insult Now

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


“If your precious level nine Magician was present right now, he might not even be able to decipher this magic array made by a specialist realm Magician. So, on what basis do you think you can do it?” Ye Chui’s ice cold words shook the inner halls.


His words had made Oberth stare back blankly, as he had no confidence in deciphering any space magic related problems. He had previously taken many days to figure out the space magic array left on the mirror but to no avail. Therefore, what hopes did he have of understanding and unravelling the mystique of this large scale magic array <Space Isolation>?


In reality, he had absolutely no confidence. The comments which he made earlier was just a show to disguise his hidden fears. However, the performance he put on was all in vain, as his pale complexion had shown that he too had feared the worst.


Then, he saw the Ye Chui which entered the ‘Father of Studies’ mode – he sat at the side of the isolated chamber, studying the golden yellow wall made of air, as though he had the same plans as Oberth… Rage, or maybe a weird sense of dignity was once again expressed on his face. [It could indeed be the case that the level nine Magician can’t even decipher this magic array, but what capabilities does Ye Chui have to pull it off?]


[At the very least, he should have better talent at space magic than Ye Chui, right?]


Unable to contain himself, Oberth roared, “Hammer! What are you doing? Are you still thinking of deciphering this magic array? Hahahaha… You’ve said it yourself. Even a level nine Magician can’t decipher this magic array made by a Specialist Realm Magician. If he and I can’t decipher it, then who do you think you are to do it?”


In response, Ye Chui simply covered his ears and thought. [Talking to this idiot is simply wasting my breath…]


However, Oberth’s ridicule continued on for a period of time. It was only till he noticed that no one was listening to his rants that he stopped. After all, the three who labelled him as shameless, Athol, Balmain and Damon, as well as the man bootlicked him, were all in complete concentration in their battle with the Battle Guards currently. This implicitly made him feel like an idiot, ignored by everyone.


After receiving Ye Chui’s tips, they were now clear on what they needed to do. In order to defeat the Battle Guards, they must endure for a period of time and consume its energy. Therefore, there was no need for them to further exhaust themselves by using their sword aura. All they needed to do was dodge the attacks made by the Battle Guards.


With this method, the pressure all of them faced was immediately lessened by a few degrees.


Oberth’s whole face became pale as a sheet, after recalling the fact that he could be able to stand safely at the corner of this isolated space was thanks to his magic puppet stalling the lightning Swordsman. However, this puppet could only last for a few more hours. When the magic stone it used was completely depleted, he would have to fend against the lightning swordsman on his own. Thus, there was not a lot of time left for him to study and uncover the secrets of <Space Isolation>.


He quickly took deep breaths, diligently trying to calm himself down. From birth, Oberth had demonstrated excellent talent in magic, but with regards to the comprehension of magic, each breakthrough that he had was under his father’s inspection and pressure. As long as he was pressured, he could release extraordinary abilities. He had always believed this trait that he had from young. Now that it was a matter of life and death, so long as he was focused, unravelling the secrets of this magic array would not be a problem at all…


“Ayy. You’ve finally stopped shouting?” Ye Chui said with a smile plastered on his face, “During the time when you were supposed to make use of every second, you actually had the spirits to leisurely scream and shout out to vent your own anger. Calling you an idiot doesn’t seem an insult now, does it?”


“You!” The calm mood which Oberth had worked so hard to create had utterly been thrown into chaos.


However, his words were met with silence as Ye Chui returned back to his ‘Father of Studies’ mode to study the magic array.


Time gradually passed by, as Ye Chui continued sitting on the ground, while staring at the golden yellow wall of air. With his brows slightly pressed, he appeared as though he was in deep thought.


To unravel all of the secrets from a magic array created by a Specialist Magician was literally impossible for Ye Chui. Therefore, he did not attempt to undermine the magic array. Instead, he sought another method.


Although the magic array left by the Specialist Magician was powerful, it had been left unattended to for a thousand years. When they just entered the hall, it faults were apparent, as it was not activated immediately. If Oberth did not supply magic power to the array, it would definitely not have been activated. This indicated that the magic array was damaged to a certain extent.


From this aspect, it was possible to decipher how the magic array operated.


Meanwhile, Debbie and Alfea still encircled the water Swordsman and took turns to attack, as Ye Chui suggested. They had already coordinated with each other on the timing to attack. However, even with such an easy fight, it was still draining – they could not rest. Being incapable of putting an end to it, all their hopes were pinned on Ye Chui, and as they saw his facial expression, they were expecting something worthwhile to occur.


When Debbie could not help but yawn, the Battle Guards in each isolated space suddenly stopped moving and dissipated into thin air.


“Time’s up!” the child-like voice said. “Congratulations on being able to live past the Battle Guards. You can now decide to remain in your isolated space to rest, or continue on to the next check. If you decide to proceed, you can choose to move northwards, southwards, eastwards or westwards into the next check. But do note that once you enter the next check, you will be facing a brand new Battle Guard. Just a gentle reminder that your ultimate objective is to reach the middle of the hall. Now, you can make your choices.”


Athol and Damon were both slightly wounded, while Guthem and Balmain were unscathed. Of course, they couldn’t hope to be in the same condition as Ye Chui’s group. The two girls were not even heavily breathing, and Ye Chui himself, he did not even partake in the battle! For the entire time, he sat at a corner.


Oberth, on the other hand, was frightened and apprehensive. He feared for his puppet’s expiration, leaving him to deal with the lightning Swordsman. But now, at this point in time, he could finally relax and completely put his mind into researching space magic.


All the members of the team chose not to move to the next check immediately, instead they chose to rest in their respective isolated spaces.


“Hammer, how is it so far?” Debbie’s small face contained traces of depression as she sat by Ye Chui’s side; leaning her body against his.


“I have some ideas but I’m unsure if it works… It all depends on fate!” Ye Chui replied.


“Haiz… To think that we actually ended up in such a situation in our first ever adventure… It’s such a pity…” Debbie sighed.


Ye Chui immediately smiled back at Debbie, whose complexion grew darker by a few tones. “What’s so pitiful?”

(Silavin: Obviously, because there’s no treasure!)


Seeing that small little girl sigh, Ye Chui felt as though she was upset about the fact that she has not tasted the feeling of love, when she is about to be trapped and murdered in this isolated space. If that is the case, Ye Chui did not mind putting in more hard work for Debbie to feel the love, despite the terrible environment…


Then Ye Chui heard Debbie’s murmur, “It’s such a pity that we haven’t gotten the chance to spend all of the gold coins we got from Busca…”


Ye Chui was completely speechless.


It seemed like he was overthinking it.


“I got it!” Oberth suddenly yelled out, catching the attention of everyone around. When Oberth finally continued on to explain, Guthem’s eyes lit up in hope. “I’ve researched on the arrangement of these magic symbols! It’s actually an intermediate space spell called <Earth Cage>! I only need one spell to unravel <Space Isolation> created by space magic!”


After yelling out in high spirits, Oberth fished out his wand and aimed it at the golden yellow wall of air. At this very moment, Ye Chui stared with much curiosity as he saw Oberth’s face flushed with excitement and self-confidence. Forming up a magic matrix in his heart, Oberth gently raised his magic wand and a white light shot out to hit the golden yellow wall of air.




Nothing happened.


“How can this be?!” Oberth stared in bewilderment. Unable to accept the outcome, he hastily placed his hand on the golden yellow wall of air to examine.


Just as his hand made contact with the wall, *BANG!* a huge opposite force was produced, directly hitting Oberth. It was strong enough to make him fly back a few feet, leaving him only capable of groaning.


“Hahahahaha!” The child-like voice laughed. “You really are an idiot. Since you manage to tell that you are trapped within a spell called <Earth Cage>, then you should very well realize how rare it is to get a chance to encounter this spell. Most advanced level Magicians can’t unravel this spell, let alone someone who is only an elementary level Magician! Laughable! This is truly laughable! You this huge idiot!”


Hearing such ridicule, Oberth’s face turned pale, and incomparably depressed.


It was at this moment that Ye Chui stood up and decided to test something he had thought of just now.


“The genius!” The child-like voice immediately called out, “Are you looking for trouble as well?”


Ye Chui supinely looked towards the top of the inner hall and stared directly into the darkness. He understood that somewhere there, the ‘artificial intelligence’ was watching him. Therefore, he continued to look up and speak, “How about we make a bet? If I manage to destroy the space magic trapping us here, you will open the door to allow us to escape. Doesn’t this sound interesting?”


Silavin: 2/2 Regular Chapter & 2/2 Bonus Chapter. Once again, thanks to Thierry for donating!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    About your note though:
    (Silavin: Obviously, because there’s no treasure!)

    You made a grave mistake.
    There IS treasure!

    Ye Chui obtained that space crystal in the magic guild left behind by the level 9 space mage.
    That magic crystal contains a huge amount of storage space and information about magic.
    Due to that it is tremendously expensive.

    But right now they are talking to a magic A.I. whose knowledge, information, abilities and all else is stored within a magic crystal, too.
    So just how much would that magic crystal be worth?
    Would you not call that magic crystal of all things a REAL treasure?

    Furthermore to everyone else it would probably be pretty worthless as they cannot use the magic crystal snce it is filled with the magic A.I. .
    But to Ye Chui who was a hacker and has the ability to delete and overwrite parts of the magic stored inside a magic crystal it is unimaginably valuable.

    He just needs to study a bit more and then he will be able to modify the A.I. inside the crystal or simply delete it to use the storage space for himself.

    Therefore that magic crystal with the magic A.I. is the most perfect treasure Ye Chui could hope to obtain.

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