Omni-Magician – Chapter 56, The First Transformation of the New Iron Swordsman

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


“Let’s make a bet. If I’m able to destroy the space magic array keeping us here, you have to open an exit for us to leave.” Ye Chui raised his head towards the elevated position and smiled. He sounded as though he was cracking a joke.


Meanwhile, everyone else stared at Ye Chui in curiosity, as his words had made everyone feel his self-confidence.


Athol, Balmain and Damon were all preparing to face death. Since the moment when they were trapped, they all prepared themselves mentally for the fate that was forthcoming.


Guthem, on the other hand, cherished his own life, but knew in his heart that it was unlikely for him to escape this isolated space. Therefore, when Oberth said that he could deliver a life-saving chance to Guthem, the latter knew the chances were slim, but that was enough to make him accept turning sides, and play the villain. Due to this, the darkness within his heart had been completely exposed.


The flame of hope within everybody’s heart was now reignited with Ye Chui’s confident words.


Oberth stared at Ye Chui with red eyes filled with disdain and loathing. He hated Ye Chui so much, to the point that it was driving him insane. But currently, Ye Chui was his only hope of survival, so he had to control his emotions.


Meanwhile, Debbie and Alfea stared at Ye Chui in anticipation.


The child-like voice did not respond for a long time…


“Coward.” Ye Chui shook his head in disapproval.


“I’m not a coward!” The child-like voice suddenly screamed in an angry tone, “I’m just… not sure what does betting means.”


“…” Ye Chui was speechless.


“But I can now sort of guess how the bet works.” The child-like voice continued in an interesting tone, “Try and destroy the space magic array. If you manage to succeed, there’s no harm giving you some advantages in escaping.”


“Heheh. Mark your words.” Ye Chui placed his hand on the golden yellow wall made of air; and within an instant, the wall suddenly vanished from sight. This was not Ye Chui’s doing but rather a natural function made for the game. When a player of the game managed to survive a round of battle with the Battle Guards, the player was allowed to enter into another check to prepare for the next battle. Thus, when Ye Chui placed his hand on the wall, the system registered him as moving toward the next check and unlocked the wall.


As Ye Chui made eye contact with Alfea and Debbie, they hastily followed him and entered the next check.


Once they entered, the air seemed to turn stiff for a second before conjugating towards a single point. In just a mere instant, a wooden puppet was formed. It seemed to be the same wooden Swordsman that Balmain formerly fought with, but this time; it had sickles in its hands rather than a sword. It looked like a ferocious evil ghost, which had fast movements and quick injury recovery.

(Silavin: The author wrote this opponent as wooden puppet, so I’ll just stick to it. It’s not using a sword so I guess swordsman don’t count?)


The wooden puppet immediately attacked Ye Chui once it appeared.


Alfea and Debbie both rushed in front of Ye Chui and parried the wooden puppet’s attack. Following through their former defensive maneuver, they got into position and took turns attacking the wooden puppet; confusing it just like they did with the water Swordsman.


In the meantime, Ye Chui continued towards the golden yellow wall made of air in front of him and placed his hand on it.


At this point in time, everyone, including the ‘artificial intelligence’, had no clue on what Ye Chui was planning to do.


A few moments later, everyone was shocked.


After Ye Chui placed his hand on the wall and did something, the wall and the wooden puppet disappeared into thin air.


“It seems like my method works!”

Ye Chui had a grin on his face as he turned his head to refocus on Debbie and Aflea. Watching their stiff expressions, Ye Chui kindly reminded, “What are you two staring at? Come on, we’ve got to carry on to the next check.”


When they finally regained their senses, they hurriedly moved on to the next check with Ye Chui.


A stone Swordsman appeared this time.

(Silavin: why swordsman this time? Author! Why!?)


Debbie and Alfea went to intercept the swordsman, while Ye Chui moved to one of the golden yellow walls made of air and placed his hand on it. Once again, the wall and the stone Swordsman vanished.


The exact same scene happened in the next check.


And the next check…


Althol, Guthem, Damon, Balmain and Oberth were all dumbfounded. They stared blankly at Ye Chui, who was like a tsunami, rampaging through these checks along with the two ladies by his side. These walls seemed to be even weaker when in confrontation with him. With a gentle placement of his hand, Ye Chui easily broke open the wall.


<Space Isolation> was not considered a spell. It was rather, a classification of spells made by space magic, which was used to imprison people in it. All spells that could be classified under <Space Isolation> tended to be an insurmountable challenge to destroy by using physical force. The only small possibility of destroying such of spells with pure force, was if the one attacking the walls was in the Advanced Domain of Swordsmen. Therefore, how could it be that Ye Chui could simply destroy a whole entire wall by just placing his hand on it?!

(Silavin: It’s called a pimp hand. Read up about it. Educational. Truly.)


In actuality, Ye Chui was not doing anything that impressive. All he did was simulate the signal that was used to unlock/open the golden-yellow wall.


This so-called signal was, in fact, programmed into the magic array through magic symbols. When the water Swordsman disappeared, this signal was spread throughout the walls. When this signal came, Ye Chui, who was staring intently at the walls, noticed it and could understand it. With his own knowledge of space magic, he was able to re-form the same signal and use it as a key to unlock the walls.


In reality, it was almost impossible for a level two Magician to notice such a signal. This standard also applied to Ye Chui of course. However, it was only thanks to the number of years that the magic array had to withstand, that numerous bugs had occurred, which resembled a hardware turning slow due to its years catching up to it, that gave Ye Chui a chance to catch a glimpse of this signal.


Since this signal was composed from magic symbols, re-creating it was not that hard for Ye Chui. Therefore, using this trick, Ye Chui passed through multiple layers of walls.


Everyone dully stared at Ye Chui. From his original check, he had completely decimated all the walls in front of him, and stampeded over the numerous checks to finally reach the last check – the center of the chessboard.


Ye Chui was able to clear everything so effortlessly, to the extent that everyone was dumbfounded.


Finally, Guthem regained his senses and yelled, “Hammer! Hammer! Please save me! I will pledge to be your eternal servant! I will even give you all of my valuables and wealth! All that I ask is that you save my life!”


After landing himself in the most important check with Debbie and Alfea, and hearing Guthem’s cry of help, Ye Chui could not help but smile as he faced Guthem with a taunting expression, “You’ve said these words to Oberth just now. Oberth will be very embarrassed if you repeat these words to someone else…”


Oberth turned mute.


At this crucial junction, feeling embarrassed was the least on his mind. Right now, the most important thing was for him to preserve his own life! Therefore, he screamed, “Hammer, save me! I am the Magician Guild Master’s son. My life is more important than the average person’s. As long as you save me I pledge that my father would be grateful and bestow upon you anything!”


“Don’t think that you can use your status as the Magician Guild Master’s son to persuade him! You idiot, if he were to face any danger afterwards, won’t it be a wiser choice to have a capable Swordsman at his side?!” Guthem screamed, “Hammer! Oberth, the idiot, will only hinder your progress!”


“You coward!” Oberth reprimanded Guthem immediately, “There are many magic items in my space ring, which my father gave to me; and these items are definitely more useful than a level four Swordsman!”





(Silavin: My fucking head….)


Listening to the constant bickering between Oberth and Guthem, everyone in the team was speechless. Previously, Ye Chui had accused them of being a coward and an idiot respectively; now they both were furiously using these two words against each other, in attempt to win the favour of Ye Chui.


Alfea tapped on Ye Chui’s arm and reminded “Hammer. Although I don’t know what you did, but since you are able to decipher the magic array here, why don’t you save Athol, Damon and Balmain first, before considering Oberth and Guthem?”


“All right. I’ll try.” Ye Chui nodded, “We’ll leave from here and pick up Athol and the others on the way out, before leaving through the iron door we came from. As long as <Space Isolation> is not in effect, we should be able to leave this place with the ancient tomb key.”


“It is not that simple.” The child-like voice suddenly made a sound. In his voice, which contained a sound of frustration, he explained, “Smart one, I never expected you to decipher the space magic array. Your attainment in space magic is indeed fierce. But since you all have managed to reach so far, you have attained the qualification to enter the second level of the game. Well, doesn’t it sound interesting?”


“Exciting? My foot!” Ye Chui tilted his head up to stare at the darkness above hi, “We give up our qualifications to move on to the next level of this game, so stop pestering us!”


“Don’t you want to know the rewards of completing the next level?” The child-like voice asked.






“Didn’t you say it yourself? Since constructing this entire ancient tomb took up all of your wealth, the reward would definitely not be anything valuable. So, why would I be interested?” Ye Chui replied indifferently. In actual fact, he was not completely disinterested. According to the novels which he read in the other world, the rewards of clearing an ancient tomb would definitely come with some form of prize. It could be a good magic weapon or a powerful spell, long lost by the passage of time. However, right now, his current priority was to leave this place. [Staying here for any longer would just create complications, so we should just leave while we are ahead.]


Unfortunately, even after Ye Chui’s refusal, the child-like voice had no plans on releasing the group, “Sorry, but since you are the first to have accomplished so much in a thousand years, I can’t just let you leave.”


“WTF?!” Ye Chui frowned.


In the next second, a bright light started to accumulate under Ye Chui, Alfea and Debbie’s feet. It was a sign that they were about to get space teleported.


Alfea and Debbie both quickly stood by Ye Chui’s side and held onto his arm.


Finally, with a bright flash, the three disappeared from the center platform.


When Ye Chui finally woke up, he found himself lying on an ice-cold ground, with both Alfea and Debbie lying beside him. He quickly jumped up from his position and scanned the area to find that they were all teleported to a stone chamber; with numerous magic lamps placed around the walls transmitting out a spooky light.


“I do not know where we are, nor do I know why we were teleported here…” Ye Chui looked around and determined that both Alfea and Debbie were knocked out. Since the greatest obstructions were gone, he felt a great sense of relief and sneered, “This is the perfect opportunity to TRANSFORM!”

(Silavin: Go go power rangers. Du Du Dut Du…)


After careful deliberation and his own discretion, Ye Chui had no intent to expose that he was the Iron Swordsman. Before they entered the Inner Halls, Ye Chui felt that the suit was unnecessary. However, the current situation called for an increased level of vigilance; and thus the need for the Iron Swordsman suit. With a high level of excitement, Ye Chui took out the armor suit from his space ring.


At this point in time, he imagined he was inside an anime series, undergoing a transformation sequence. With music blasting and a cool background which made him seem much cooler than he originally was, he shouted [Iron Swordsman! Transform!]. Of course, his voice did not travel out of his vocal cords, but still, the shout made him feel a sense of power and prestige.

(Rose: this guy is really a nerd)

(Skoll: This… was painful to proofread, not because of bad grammar, but because of chuuni people. I hate chuuni.)

(Silavi: Hahaha! No hate man.)


But in reality, the situation was not as such.


Ye Chui had to manually put on parts of his armour suit, piece by piece. When it came to his boots, he had to sit down. Instead of a cool background sequence, he tried his best to not look clumsy…


“Damn it! I’ll definitely research on the technology on auto-equipping this suit just like in the movie, Iron Man!”  

(Skoll: So chuuni.)


Silavin: 1/2 Regular Chapter. Haha…. the comments. If you don’t get what a chuuni is, please google it. It’s not easy to explain.


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